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Moth Symbolism & Meaning

Feeling like others take advantage of you? Struggling with how you deal with significant changes in life? Moth as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Moth teaches how to hide your emotional vulnerabilities all while showing you how to embrace transformation with grace. Delve deeply into Moth symbolism and meaning to find out how this Spirit Animal Guide soothes, calms, and assures you!

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Moth Symbolism & Meaning

Moth struggles with being the figurative unattractive cousin to the Butterfly in the world of emblems. Moths held center stage long before Butterfly evolved, appearing some 190 million years ago. In this ancient time, they danced in the lovely company of blossoming plants.

In cultures like Bolivia and China, the Moth represents a visit from a deceased ancestor. Moth Spirit flitters in, landing hither and yon as if to listen in on an engaging conversation. Like an uninvited guest and family members who do not knock first, Moth is well within its element.

Where Butterflies are diurnal, Moths are a creature of the night. As other dark-loving animals and insects, this gives Moth associations with secrets, hidden knowledge, clairvoyance, and other dimensions of reality. Conducting their food gathering and mating by night, the Moth depends on perception for navigation and survival.

Something innate drives the Moth to the light, even though it’s often dangerous. Moth practices expectant faith each time the light calls to it. For humans, this represents vigilance and maintaining our intuitive antenna in good working order.

No one knows for sure why the Moth finds a flickering lamp or candle so attractive. Scientist conjecture when the moon is dark, the Moth seeks the comfort of the next best silvery beam. In this matter, the Moth’s faith is blind, with no foundations or knowledge. There is a danger in diving forward in this manner.

In relationships, the female moth has her own signature perfume reaches out over the winds, attracting potential mates. The female moth has powerful pheromones. Males notice the female moth’s scent some four miles away and zips in her direction. Many males will move toward her at the same time dancing as trying to get her undivided attention. Once she selects her Paramore, they move to a nearby branch. Some, however, Moths can mate in mid-air! In this and with love, it appears Moth Spirit suggests: “Follow your nose!”

Moths are diverse with many sizes and colors which attract our attention. Here are a few:

  • Atlas Moth: This Moth earns its name by being one of the largest Moth in the world measuring between ten to eleven inches; this Moth’s wings are brownish red with triangular lines of pink, purple and black. They live in South Asia and Southeast Asia in tropical forests, under the gaze of Mount Kinabalu. The name Atlas comes from a Titan of Greek myth who bore the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, giving this Moth association with strength and endurance.
  • Death Head Hawk Moth: Found in Europe and Asia, the markings on this insect look like a skull. When irritated this Moth chirps and expands its abdomen trying to seem bigger to predators. The chirp of the Death Head Hawk Moth portends an ill omen. It represents the supernatural, and parts of its scientific name atropos, lachesis and styx all stem from Greek mythology alluding to death.
  • Luna Moth: A large silk moth with green-colored wings, this insect travels in Canada and parts of the United States. When frightened the Luna Moths’ larvae emit a clicking warning; this creature bears the name of a Roman Moon Goddess, giving it lunar energies.
  • Madagascan Sunset Moth: One of the most beautiful Moths with iridescent wings who flies by day! In fact, entomologists argued over whether this pretty Moth was a Butterfly. The Madagascan Moth makes its abode in China but originates from Madagascar; it is in the latter, this Moth bears the propitious titles “King” and “Noble Spirit”; this insect resonates with the vibrations of the rainbow, majesty, and solar energy.
  • Peppered Moth: This Moth plays an integral role in studies on natural selection for over two hundred years. Their light-color wings provide a perfect camouflage. The Peppered Moth denotes evolution and natural protection.
  • White Witch Moth: This Moth boasts the longest wingspan of them all (12 inches). Going by other names like Ghost Moth and Great Owlet Moth in Mexico, this Moth represents magic, the supernatural, ghosts, hauntings, and mystical happenings.

Moths are experts at hiding and disguise. They have adaptive skills depending on their environment. Moths find ways to “fit in,” especially in a new setting.

Moth Spirit Animal


When Moth Spirit comes to you, it’s time to tuck your head down and hush. Moth knows you are over-exposed, showing the wrong people your weaknesses. Not everyone deserves our full trust. Moth Spirit Animal helps you determine who deserves your favor, and with whom you need to wear a proper disguise.

See, the Moth Spirit understands vulnerability and the reality; sometimes, it’s easy to have something distract you. A bright light calls to us. But it’s time for adjusting your course toward a safer haven.

The Moth Spirit Animal put you in deep contact with lunar vibrations. Your intuition, psychic insight, and overall perception tune to a higher level than before. You find yourself with a clearer head, particularly in matters of romance and love. Speaking of which, Moth Spirit helps you find an aromatic for yourself that lifts self-esteem, energizes your sensuality, and attracts the partner you desire.

Sometimes the Moth Spirit animal comes to warn us of things we hide from ourselves, in the shadow of darkness. Look inward with honesty is your best course of action. There is a deep journey ahead, but your heart knows the way with Moth as a guide.

Moth Totem Animal

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Those with a Moth Totem Animal are optimistic even when things seem darkest. They are the people you look to for a smile when the night seems to last forever. These individuals are detailed-oriented. They are active listeners and see the little things other folks overlook.

If Moth is your Birth Totem, you are discriminating about everything from your wardrobe to your social circles. You know you can attract attention with little effort. So why fuss? The circumstances and people you want in life will land right at your feet. The Law of Attraction seems to abide in your DNA.

Many with the Moth Totem enjoy Sacred Dance. The patterns, the mode of expression fills your very soul; this gives you great joy and keeps you in touch with your inner child who still wonders at the glorious world. One little morning dewdrop enchants you; this is a perspective you can pass along to others-give them the gift of amazement.

Faith is important in your life too. You strive for “light” in yourself. The only caution is, like the Moth, something may lead you astray or to a painful emotional circumstance. Stay true. Dig deep. Don’t accept surface appearances.

Moth Totem Animal Medicine fills your inner self with will and determination. Nothing keeps you from getting what you want. You engage even the flame with boldness, setting aside fears. Again, this can be a dangerous trait. Learn how to balance it against sound decision-making skills.

Moth Power Animal

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Look to the Moth Power Animal shivering with anticipation within you when you have to come clean. Moth is all about honesty, particularly with your emotions. Let people know what you REALLY feel, not just what they want to hear.

The Moth Power Animal is also a facilitator. When you need motivation or inspiration, Moth takes to flight with a huge dose of hopefulness.

If you lose sight of your passion and it feels like all light has gone out of your life, Moth leads you to a new source of kindling; this may take work, but it’s worthwhile. Turn away from those things which no longer serve you or hold you back. Fly forward!

Trust in Moth Power Animal when celebrating the true you. We are all works in progress. No one is perfect. Enjoy your strengths and talents and work on the rest as you go.

Native American Moth Symbolic Meanings

In coastal California, Moth represents healing, transformation, and prayerful living. Any found Moth cocoons become elements in sacred rattles for specific rituals. Some tribes look to Moth when working with matters involving death (including divination) or ghostly messengers.

Among the Navajo, there is a story of a bisexual God, Begochidi who lead the Butterfly people; this God took care of the sexual needs of both male and female Butterflies. When Begochidi left this region of the world, the Butterfly people turned to their own families for pleasure. Over time, the Butterfly people went wild, turning into Moths and rushing toward the flames. On an ethnohistorical note, the tribes prohibited sex with a sibling, so this story served as a warning against lustful foolishness.

Hindu Moth Symbolism

Moths play a role in Hindu symbolism but to understand this role we first look to the role of Fire in Hinduism. Of all the Elements in nature, Fire is the most sacred. It can create or destroy with but a spark. Fire was an aspect of Agni, a powerful and wise God who united all the Gods together. Because Moths fly to the flame, it’s thought they can move between worlds and carry souls of the dead.

Moth Dreams

Just as when Moth appears in nature, it can portend a type of death (change) in your dream; this need not be a physical death, however. It’s one chapter in life ending and another beginning.
When Moth flies in front of your eyes in your dreams, you are missing something important. Pay attention to the direction in which the Moth flies afterward, or anything on which it lands for greater insight.

If the Moth lands on your stomach in the dream world, you have a secret deep within. There’s a choice to make about whether revealing it is the best course of action. Tread with care and trust your instincts. Likewise, a Moth landing on your forehead reminds you of the psychic abilities you have, but sometimes pass off as a coincidence. Listen to your inner wisdom.

Should Moth irritate you in the dream, it represents the unexpected appearance of someone who overstays their welcome and makes things very unhappy; this disrespect your sacred space of the home: Time to say goodbye.

A Moth flying toward a sunbeam, dodging many obstacles along the way means you should remain steadfast and determined. The mystery nagging at you is about to reveal its secrets.

Two Moths in your dream hint at subtle attraction and desires. Where are you sending your “signals?”

Sometimes the Moth in your dream is the spirit of a loved one or Ancestor wanting your attention.

Far Eastern Moth Symbolic Meanings

There is a Chinese holiday called Quing Ming, honoring the Ancestors in April. Quing Ming originates in Taoism and is the Tomb Sweeping Day when people take care of a family member’s final resting spot. They also leave little gifts like cups of wine near the tombstones; this event coincides with when Moths become active, allowing the souls of the Ancestors to fly freely and see their loved ones. One sign an Ancestor’s spirit is near is when Moth lands on the photograph of a deceased relative.

Moth Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Allure
  • Ancient Knowledge
  • Attraction
  • Concealment
  • Desire
  • Determination
  • Dreams
  • Faith
  • Hiding
  • Hope
  • Intuition
  • Light
  • Moon Energies
  • Navigation
  • Night’s Secrets
  • Perception
  • Sensuality
  • Spirits
  • Subtlety
  • Transformation
  • Vigilance

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