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Praying Mantis Symbolism & Meaning
(Walking Stick)

Curious about the power of prayer? Need to fine tune your psychic abilities? Praying Mantis & Walking Stick as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Praying Mantis & Walking Stick teaches how to connect with the Divine and altered states of awareness, while simultaneously connecting us to our external environment. Delve deeply in Praying Mantis & Walking Stick symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can connect, guide, and inspire you.

Praying Mantis & Walking Stick Table of Contents

Praying Mantis Symbolism & Meaning

The word Mantis comes from the Greek, mantid which means prophet. The Praying Mantis’ common name is perfectly descriptive due to this insect’s interesting physical make up in which its front legs fold in such a way that Mantis appears to be praying. Nearly everywhere in the world seeing a Praying Mantis represents good luck. Seeing one or having one land on your hand is a blessing from above.

This creature has an elegant dance meant to entice a mate. It’s energetic and endearing. Once they prove themselves worthy to a female, they begin to mate. Sadly, for the male, this moment may end in death, being eaten by their new partner; this gives new meaning to the idea of “to death do us part.”

While this behavior seems hideous at first glance, it’s part of the reason that the Praying Mantis represents survival. Studies show that females who eat their sex partners create more eggs, which are healthier too. About ¼ of all mating rituals among the Mantids results in cannibalism, but for the female that represents over half of her needed food for the mating season. They are eating to survive and give birth. Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary responses.

Some of the symbolism and meaning for Praying Mantis comes from its visual capacities. They are different from other insects in that they have two big eyes that face forward along with three smaller ones in the middle of their head; this gives them a unique sense of depth. Mantis stays focused on things close up, which is where food resides. Moreover, even though their vision is blurrier that way, they process images quickly (like a high-speed camera) so they can react. In human terms, this could equate to clairvoyance and clairsentience. As a side note, the number five (the number of their eyes) from an esoteric standpoint vibrates with mysticism and a craving for higher awareness.

Praying Mantis doesn’t really have ears either. They “hear” through their belly. The only tones that Mantis picks up are high-pitched sounds. Why might that be? Because one of the main predators for Mantids are bats, which use echolocation for flying. So, having this unique sense of hearing protects this creature by simply falling to the ground hoping it confuses the bat.

This behavior isn’t the only means by which some Praying Mantises safeguard themselves, and some are masters of disguise. The pink and white mantis is not only beautiful but when still it looks very much like an Orchid. Others of the green, brown or grey variety easily hide in grassy areas; this provides them with camouflage from predators, but it also gives them a nifty hiding spot from which to capture prey. Mantis can be quite an effective hunter this way. You can see here where Praying Mantis represents cunning, awareness, and even perhaps shapeshifting by extension.

Mantids are also bold and brave. When it faces a threat, it does not run. Instead, it calmly and purposefully raises its wings and arms, looking as big as possible. The goal would seem to be one of intimidation, and it often works since animals expect their prey to run for safety. Those that don’t are often poisonous or have other forms of attack, so the predator reconsiders its meal.

Key characteristics that relate to Praying Mantis meaning and symbolism include patience, direction, mindfulness, awareness, intuition, personal power, spiritual stillness, and balance.

Praying Mantis & Walking Stick Spirit Animal

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In a relatively pure sense, Praying Mantis may be calling you to prayerful living; this doesn’t mean being on our knees per se. Rather it’s an outlook that keeps us connected to the Divine in word and deed.

Another reason Praying Mantis comes to people is to teach you the power of stillness. We often move through life far too quickly and miss much. When Mantids stop, they stay incredibly still. They observe. They access. They wait until what they desire comes to them (food); this is akin to a meditation where we still the busy brain for a while. Until we learn the power of silence and stillness, it’s hard for God or our Spirit Guides to get our attention.

If you have an important matter at hand and seem to be losing focus, Mantis comes to remind you of the power of will and intent. Your thoughts make and change reality. Hone them. Narrow your concentration and prioritize your ideas. When you achieve this, you will not miss opportunities.

Another message from Praying Mantis spirit may be one of personal fulfillment. Are you doing what’s necessary to achieve satisfaction mentally and spiritually? Mantis comes with the lesson of mindfulness (i.e. what do we FILL our MIND with?). Each person has a calling. The way to find that destiny is by looking inward and upward. Fill your mind with the Medicine of contentment.

Praying Mantis Totem Animal

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Those born with a Praying Mantis totem cannot be rushed in anything. They have learned the value of pacing their life and thinking carefully about each move they make. This person seems wholly calm even in the middle of a chaotic emotional storm.

People walking with Praying Mantis are typically spiritual in some way. They may be interested in mysticism, meditation, ghosts, and geomancy. Mantis born also has prophetic abilities if they learn how to tap them.

If this is your Totem Animal, the Mantis in you knows how to concentrate. You will fall into a world all your own when reading a book or article and really absorb it. Those around you might think you’re rude, but that’s really not the case. You are wholly engrossed in your point of attention. Think of it this way, if a Mantis strikes too soon, it will not capture its dinner. You are like that with mental and spiritual food. You want to make sure you can internalize the information.

Praying Mantis people have a bit of luck in their DNA. They also seem to simply know what truth is and what can manifest in peace; this is truly a gift and one you can share with people feeling wholly discordant.

As a totem, Mantis tends to encourage a gentle, quiet lifestyle. A lot of fussing and flurrying is not for you. You need a welcoming, warm environment that’s trustfully a chaos-free zone to thrive.

Praying Mantis & Walking Stick Power Animal

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Call on Praying Mantis as a power animal when:

You need to cut old lovers or partners out of your life because they’re holding you back and draining you emotionally.

Seeking those one or two people whom you can count on as friends for a lifetime.

When you find yourself lagging in pursuit of a life’s dream due to lack of focus.

In situations where you feel your vision or truth is sim-construed.

During times when you want to strengthen your bond to the Divine.

When learning new divinatory methods.

African Praying Mantis Symbolic Meanings

Among Bushman, the Praying Mantis is the oldest image of God. He is the small body with infinite power and a messenger. When a diviner saw Praying Mantis, they tried to interpret his message. Alternatively, Mantis may have “god’s eyes” and share what he sees with the Divine.

Among the Khosian of Africa, the Mantis was the first creature on the earth. It was his job to create all other things including humans. These animals are fed red, yellow or brown honey, giving them their colors. He also makes the moon so that animals can find their way at night and see hunters more clearly.

Namibian Story: Mr. Mantis loves having family around him. He has a rock hurax for a wife, another Mantis for a son, a blue crane for a sister and a porcupine for a daughter.

Porcupine is the wife of a rainbow being. With him, she has two sons, one of whom is like his father and the other is a mongoose. Now that we know our family let’s learn about the Mantis, Ostrich and the Gift of Fire.

Mantis is an observant man. He noticed when Ostrich ate, his food smelled delicious and different from his own. So, one day he came close to the Ostrich, sitting still and silent and watched.

Ostrich too fire from beneath his wing, moving his food through it. Afterward, the precious fire went neatly back under wing. Mantis wanted that fire but knew well Ostrich would not give it to him, so he meditated on a plan.

One day he called to Ostrich to come and see a tree with lovely yellow plums to eat. He followed and began eating the plums from the bottom upward. Mantis egged him on to move higher and higher into the tree. When he got to a small top branch, Ostrich spread his wings for balance; this released the fire, which Mantis took quickly and gifted it to the Bushmen.

Praying Mantis & Walking Stick Dreams

When a Praying Mantis appears still in your dreams, it means that you too need to still yourself, be patient and remain aware. Don’t waste your energy on lost causes.

An ornate Mantis in your dreamscape warns of a situation in which you are overexposed to someone of a predatory nature. You need to step back and blend in until the danger passes.
A mantis that endeavors to attack a pray can mean that either you feel like you are being “stalked” in some manner or that you are facing a task that feels impossible. In either case, you can’t simply submit to fear and negativity. It’s time to reassess and figure out your next step.

If Praying Mantis bits you in your dream, you’ve probably taken on too much responsibility. Learn the art of delegation. That will give you a chance to think about the best way to proceed.

Far Eastern Praying Mantis & Walking Stick Symbolic Meanings

In China, Praying Mantis represents good luck. There is a form of martial arts in Kung Fu named after this creature. The Mantis is an emblem of courage and ferocity – of striking without hesitation.

From a Zen perspective, Mantis means patience, mindful movement, and balance as well as the warrior spirit.

In Japan, Mantis is associated with the season of fall and is mentioned in Haiku alluding to autumn and the circle of life.

Praying Mantis & Walking Stick Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Awareness
  • Boldness
  • Camouflage
  • Clairsentience
  • Clairvoyance
  • Cunning
  • Disguise
  • Mysticism
  • Prophecy
  • Survival

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