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Spider Symbolism & Meaning

In a creative rut? Feeling trapped? Are you in a delicate situation and need help finding firm footing on that tightrope? Spider as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Spider teaches you how to masterfully communicate your needs all while showing you how to weave a solution to challenges. Delve deeply in Spider symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can support, assist, and inspire you.

Spider energy can help!

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Spider Symbolism & Meaning

Because you’re here seeking the wisdom of Spider energy, magic, and medicine, it’s a sign your higher self is guiding you toward a deep understanding of your place and purpose in this life.

Spiders are among the most patient and longsuffering of all animal spirit guides. They carefully weave a web then wait for their prey to come to them. Each strand of Spider’s web connects to another, creating a whole, safe space in which you can feed your spirit. Spider knows, however, that anything worth doing is worth doing correctly. You cannot rush enlightenment. Reawakening your soul’s knowledge of the Great Mysteries can truly become a life-time’s pilgrimage.

Spider bears a message about light, darkness and the delicate balance between the two. We as humans sometimes forget there is a special beauty and power to the shadow self. By understanding that side of our being we come to embrace the light all the more fervently.

No one is perfect. Spider lets you examine your imperfections from a different perspective – one focused on creating transformation from within.

Among ancient Egyptians Spider was sacred to Goddess, Neith – a mother figure. Similarly Native Americans see Spider as a creator and a symbol of the divine Feminine aspect. This creative energy is central to Spider’s lessons.

Planning and taking your time with a heartfelt project is the key to success. Spider says, “Haste makes waste. Go slow and wait for the right time.” As you do, you’ll achieve greater understanding of all your aptitudes and traits and pull them together as a cohesive whole.

Spider as a spiritual guide and mentor encourages you to try looking at a problem from different angles. Follow one strand – where does it take you? Try another – where are you then? Stay flexible and don’t be afraid to test out a new Path. This is particularly true of relationships and other close ties. Where do you want to build your web/network so that it’s strong?

Spider Spirit Animal

Spider as a Spirit Animal comes into our lives to kick start our creativity. If you’ve stalled out, now is the time to breathe life into your ideas and dreams! It’s time to begin weaving a strong, well-considered web and overcoming challenges. Spider as a Spirit Animal may also appear as a messenger from the Goddess calling on you to reconnect with sacred feminine energy, not only in the Universe but also within yourself.

Remember, to a Spider, its web is its ‘world’. When Spider appears to you, maybe the time has come for you to see yourself as the center of your own world. Like Spiders, we create our own world. We are the makers of our own destiny. Once we understand ourselves, we can truly begin manifesting our own reality.

Most webs are round-ish spirals which unite at a central point. In this, Spider webs are mandalas that you can use to meditate on the core themes and situations of your life. As the center of your own world, are you focused on what you truly want or are you spending time concentrating on negative energy?

Learn more about Spider Spirit by reading Spider Dreams: What They Mean on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

Ask your Spider Spirit Animal Guide to help you design and create the very world you want!

Spider Totem Animal

People born with a Spider totem have very symmetrical souls. You understand and maintain the delicate balance between the physical realm and spirit, between the old and new, between yin and yang.

Spider people have a keen understanding of the medicine wheel and all its workings. You have a knack for unraveling even the most difficult of patterns and re-working it into something useful and positive.

Finally Spider is a communicator – writers very often have a Spider totem.

Spider Power Animal

Spiders are very delicate creatures. But nature gifted them with incredible powers of agility. When you feel as though you’re walking on a very thin rope which is sure to break, call on Spider as a Power Animal. Its energy and medicine can help you see how to better navigate the frayed threads of life and find your way back to a position of strength.

Invoke Spider as your Power Animal when you want to regain the reigns of control over your fate. Destiny awaits and Spider offers creative solutions for achieving your goals. Weave an energetic web that supports your soul. With Spider at your side you can create your reality and capture the magic of the moment!

Native American Spider Symbolic Meanings

Spider appears in a wide variety of Native American stories. Perhaps the most prevalent is Grandmother Spider who spins the web of time and knows all aspects of the future and the past.

In Shamanism the Spider is an inventor. The creature’s 8 legs represent the medicine wheel, and Spider spirit was the sacred keeper of Native American history.

Spider as a Celtic Animal Symbol

In Celtic tradition Spider has strong associations with the Druids. This nature-based religion sees the Spider as having three distinct characteristics – the Bard, the Ovate and the Druid. The bard is the artist and weaver of webs. The Ovate is a seer that provides perspective, and the Druid is the teacher of Spider medicine.
We are told that Spider created the Ogham, an early Irish alphabet that is often seen on sacred stones in Ireland.

Spider Dreams

When Spider comes into your dreams it’s very often acting as a messenger from the Goddess who endeavors to put your life on the right track. Pay attention to your feelings about the Spider, and also see what it is doing in the dream. That will give you greater perspective.

Far Eastern Spider Symbolic Meanings

In China Spider is an auspicious creature. The ideogram for Spider begins with a character that has the same intonation as the word “happy.” The symbol of Spider on jewelry acts as a fertility charm, particularly for a family wanting a son.

In Japan a golden orbed Spider dwells in Joren Falls and acts as a guardian who saves swimmers from drowning.

My love to you as you dance on the gossamer threads of your life!

30 thoughts on “Spider Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Shayne says:

    Spiders keep appearing in my dreams/nightmares. It always ends the same, the spiders are running at me and I am filled with absolute terror and Then wake up screaming.
    Is the spider my totem animal? If so, then why am I so afraid of it?

  2. Ashley Nelson says:

    I’m afraid of spiders… N yet they are always in my life around particular parts of my life. Why am I so frightened by them if they are my spirit animal?

  3. Ole Tersløse Jensen says:

    Hi Shayne
    I don’t think the spider is your totem animal, because you seem afraid of them in your dreams.

    Many people are scared of spiders, and I think you’ll benifit from thinking of the spider as a psychological element. Try to find out why you are afraid of them, what happens in your life, when you dream of them etc.

    When you meet a kind of spiritual advice you’ll often get af feeling that you are on the right track. Fear will not be the major response/feeling.

    If the spiders don’t help you, they aren’t spiritual guides for you, I think. And you shouldn’t give them a role in your life that they don’t deserve

  4. Jasmin Blackwell-Griffin says:

    I believe as nothing is truly good or bad, only our perception tells us so, Spider is simply a guide, like all things. In that case of meeting with fear through spiders guidance, she is introducing you to your shadow self. These subconscious limitations, vibrations etc can serve to hold back our full authentic expression. How does your fear limit your personal power in life ? Are you at the driving wheel of your life ? Where do you give your power away out of fear ? What past fears no longer serve your current situation ? The fear you feel originates in the subconscious and or inheritance. We can be raised to fear spiders. Was someone around you as a child afraid of them ? Or indeed is the fear something deeper ? Either way fear can be an inherent part of who we are, a survival response. It is up to us to expand our conscious awareness of our self beyond the fear or bring understanding to what the fear means and represents to us individually.

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