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Wasp Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to gain greater control in your life? Tired of feeling held back? Wasp, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Wasp teaches how to protect yourself like a warrior while making your stand or getting your point across. Delve deeply in Wasp Symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can help, guide, and strengthen you.

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Wasp Symbolism & Meaning

Wasp Spirit has tremendous power, symbolism, and meaning around the world. Take the Old Testament as an example. Wasp, in giant form, is mentioned several times, representing God’s efforts to keep foes out of Canaan. Africans look to Wasp as representing evolution and our ability to take the reins of control in our lives. Ancient Europeans talk of how Wasp plays a role in pollination, so they symbolize fertility.

When a Wasp enters your home, he brings a warning. You will have a disagreeable guest who has nothing good in mind. They are tricky, so beware a sting; This type of predictive symbolism for Wasp isn’t unusual. Wasp seems to be a harbinger of danger in various forms. Additionally, folklore tells us that Wasp predicts the weather. Low hornets’ nest means a snowy, stormy winter. A high nest means a mild Winter with little precipitation.

Should Wasp enter a building, it tends to get terribly lost. They will fly up and meet a wall. They will circle around and try again. It appears that Wasp speaks to us of the Paths we take in life. Know what you are getting into and how to get out if need be.

Wasp Spirit experiences its greatest power in Spring. As the Wasp zips around it comes on the heels of new life and new opportunity. It would not be untoward to use Wasp energy in a Spring ritual, particularly for guarding the sacred circle.

Truth be told, Mr. Wasp likes to be alone. While he can certainly work with others, the female generally lives and breeds independent of all but her chosen mates. There are some social Wasps, but they are in the minority. Additionally, the Wasp plays an integral role in horticulture in that they can paralyze nearly every bothersome insects like whiteflies.

Wasps build their nests differently. Some start in wood, others in plant bundles, and others still among the rocks. The Mason Wasp is the most creative of the lot, forming his nest neatly out of mud, shaped a bit like a vase. It is this Wasp that became a South American folk hero, teaching the art of pottery to humans as well as strong house building methods. Mongolians feel that Shamans may house their soul in a Wasp (be nice to this one!).

Keynotes and characteristics for Wasp Spirit Animal include foundations, development, fertility, eye-opening, building, breakthroughs, advancement, articulation, productivity, planning, organization, judgment, introspection, honesty, group efforts, The Hermit (Tarot), warrior energy, surprises, productivity, progress, and structure.

There is a Goddess in Hindu tradition named Bhramari. She is an incarnation of Shakti. Her name means Goddess of black bees. Bees, hornets, and wasps are all sacred to her. Egyptians also had a Goddess with the body of a Hippo and the head of a Wasp. Her name is Ahti, but very little is known about her save for having quite a temper.

If you were to ask someone to give you one word describing Wasp, it might be troublesome or nuisances. Many times, we do not even know their nests are there… that is until we get stung. Even with that deterrent, Wasp protects spaces from all manner of unwanted bugs that otherwise would destroy some fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Did you know that Wasps help create wine? Scientists discovered that our prickly friend carries yeast cells in their belly thanks to nibbling on the sweet grapes available late in the season. That yeast experiences no harm in the winter. So, when the queen Wasp gives birth, she passes the yeast to her young. They then fly off, pollinating the new grape growth. Cheers!

Wasp Spirit Animal

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When Wasp comes buzzing along, you can usually expect the unexpected. Something is about to change. You have a chance at a new beginning – grab it!

Alternatively, Wasp may represent difficult communications. Your words come out harshly and have a distinct sting due to deep emotions. Take care to whom you direct this negativity. Try to find a healthier way to let it all out.

The Wasp Spirit Animal direct our attention to organizing our spaces. Clutter blocks good vibes. You are the architect of your life. You know your blueprint. Stay focused, and tidy.

Speaking of focus, if you have a dream or goal, recognize that you may not get instant gratification. Good work takes time, genius even more so. Make your plan, lay it out, and set a solid cornerstone. Stay passionate and persevere.

On the other hand, those of you who have simply stopped trying – what is in your way? You have a dream. Wasp encourages you to look at it in a new way. Buzz up, down and all around, and really look for that one bright bit of pollen that brings out your proverbial flower.

Sometimes Wasp comes to those struggling with change. You feel defeated, and you are tired of being told: “it’s for the best.” Wasp tells you that there is a reason for the season. Whatever you are going through actually advances you unwittingly.

Perhaps one of the most important attributes of Wasp Spirit Animal is igniting your inner Warrior; This doesn’t mean battle, per se, but rather that energy that’s ready to take on the world. You and Wasp fly into that adventure together.

Wasp Totem Animal

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Those born with a Wasp Totem Animal are very independent, particularly with their ideas. When people ask Wasp for an opinion, the results may sting, but they will be the truth you need to hear. Wasp people aren’t really romantic and aren’t in a hurry for long-term commitments.

If Wasp is your Birth Totem, you have two definitive natures. One side of you loves a little drama. Glitter? Bright colors? Dance Music? Bring it on! People are very attracted to you in this mode. You often become the life of the party, and it’s really fun.

The other side of your nature is more serious; This is the Warrior or Protector. You have no problem challenging relationships that you do not trust. In this mode, you do things YOUR way, and everybody else should get out of the way. There is no way you will be stung by anyone again.

In relationships, Walking with Wasp means moving very, very slowly. You have had a rough past and more than enough broken hearts; This makes it hard for you to open up. You are rightfully afraid of intimacy. The problem with that is if you never try, you will never discover love at all. Additionally, you need a partner who can roll with your transitions. Now your mantra becomes: I do what I wanna’. If someone stays or goes, you just keep moving.

Interestingly enough, you, like the Wasp, look for physical pleasure more often in summer months; This may be for a practical reason, like wanting a child, or just a fun tryst.

This personality trait comes out in spades with authority figures. People who are in positions of power make you down-right itchy. Generally, you avoid these folk unless absolutely necessary.

Within your own nest, everything has a place. You are very uncomfortable when someone handles and moves objects without some gesture first. That darn fray on the rug is driving you nuts. Your closet is color-coded and set up by item (e.g., all shirts in one place). Tidy thy name is Wasp.

When Wasp people get beyond the initial discomfort, they create in some people (no fault of their own), that’s when true potential really shines. Wasp always looks for that open door. Sometimes they need a little direction, but once there watch what happens!

Wasp Medicine may periodically seek out solitude. As much as you like people, they can really get on your last stinger. People will respect this space if you at least give them forewarning. Don’t go buzzing off in a huff.

Wasp Power Animal

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Call on Wasp as a Power Animal when you’re putting your life and space in order. Wasp is eusocial, and understands the importance of orderliness, and retaining organization within a structure or group. The creature is also an exceptional Animal Ally when you want to make the most of collaborative efforts, need help managing group projects, and in any endeavor involving cooperation.

Invoke Wasp as a Power Animal whenever something calls for your full concentration and focus. A Wasp’s sting is quite unexpected and surprising, but it certainly gets the attention of the one it stings. Like the narrow end of a Wasp’s stinger, this insect can help you direct all your attention to a single point of crystal-clear, pristine concentration.

Call on Wasp when you want to renew the vigor you once had for spiritual pursuits or whenever you need to get moving in your life. The creature gives you just the nudge you need whenever you spend too much time dreaming about what you can do instead of putting a plan into action so you can achieve your desires.

Petition the help of Wasp when you need help discovering your potential. When possibilities or hidden talents seem elusive to you, Wasp comes to support you in pinpointing what is ambiguous. As you find talents you didn’t realize you had, Wasp also helps you discover some of your best attributes and strengths.

Native American Wasp Symbolic Meanings

Wasp plays a role in Native American creation stories. Here Wasp is portrayed as productive, methodical, and regulated; this mythology parallels that of the Aboriginal tales. Choctaw beliefs say that the Wasp and Snake both got their venom from a magical plant.

Wasp Dreams

If your dream shows you killing a wasp, it represents strength and bravery. Whatever you face, your opponents will fail.

A Wasp biting you means that something you have done is coming back like a boomerang. Prepare.

Should the Wasp build a nest in your dream, it is an omen of rewarding efforts, particularly concerning a project of the heart.

Wasp merely flying around in your dream represents balance. It is time for embracing the light with the dark, the good with the bad; This acceptance improves inner peace.

When the Wasp flitters in a wobbly manner like a drunk it’s time to polish up your sense of humor and have some fun.

A vision of a Queen Wasp portends personal fertility or earthly profuseness.

When the Wasps in your dream are very loud, be forewarned. Don’t give in to your anger or negative temptations.

A Group of Wasps surrounding you is a very forthright symbol of assault.

An empty Wasp nest signifies personal emptiness and frustration. Don’t get lost in the slog.

Wasp stinging you in the head represents mental pain of some sort. What vexes you?

Seeing Wasps appear from your ears implies that you are about to announce some news (it can be bad or good). When coming from your mouth, gossip is stirring.

If the Wasp in your dream is not a normal color, consider symbolic color associations to clarify this image. All red Wasps can indicate anger, White – inner calmness, Green – secrets, and Black – difficulties or a “no” to a question on your mind.

Wasp Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Articulation
  • Breakthroughs
  • Development
  • Fertility
  • Foundations
  • Productivity
  • Progress
  • Structure
  • Surprises
  • Warrior Energy

10 thoughts on “Wasp Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Glorious Rose says:

    I recently awakened and I have started to see the beauty and benefits in spirit animals, insects, etc. Here lately I have been seeing the wasp everywhere. I’m positive this is my totem but how do I know for sure? Thank you so much. Blessings and love!

  2. Jack Collinson says:

    If you feel like you think it is then it is. Follow your intuition, if you feel a connection to it and its message speaks to you then you know its yours.

  3. Joshua Shaffer says:

    This totem actually chose me a long time ago . Along with a few others but this one stung me over and over . There was a nest of digger wasps in our yard and i would get stung every night when i awoke in the morning , because they came in through the air vent in my room to get warm from the night . It is a VERY hard totem to live with . I assure you.

  4. Belinda says:

    Spirit Rose I am facing very challenging times both financially and mentally. I have had a wasp in mt bedroom and now discoveted it started making a nest in my washbasket. What could this mean.

  5. Alex says:

    Hi! I’ve been having several yellow jacket dreams. These dreams are specific to yellow jackets and not wasps. Do you have any insights on this specifically? I don’t get stung they are just there. But I know someone who got stung recently who is close to me.

  6. Billy says:

    The wasp chose me. It has been there for months until I finally understood.

    • solay says:

      yeah… me too. See reply from Solay

  7. solay says:

    I finally figured out the WASPS were trying to give me a message… after capturing and releasing 8 of them from INSIDE my prayer/sun room over a couple of weeks… DUH…. so, thank you spirit for waking me up!!

  8. Fee says:

    I have a huge wasp nest in my hay shed… I have watched them build it from the beginning. They seem peaceful and have never become upset when I go into the shed to fill the horses hay nets or to stack more hay.
    I live in a caravan about 200 yards away. Most days a couple of them come into the van. I usually just ask them to go out and they do, although sometimes I have to open a window and guide them out.
    I seem to find them almost everywhere. At work I have to empty some bins and often there are loads of them. They have never got angry with me and I haven’t been stung.
    It occurred to me that maybe they have come to tell me something, which is how I ended up here…
    Things are particularly difficult current and the future is all but certain. I might have to find somewhere else to live for me and my four horses. I’m feeling particularly sad, old and alone… Thank you for writing this article about the wasps… it has made me feel better.

    • OA says:

      They seemed peaceful to me too. Found an old(?) Wasp nest today above our balcony we haven’t used in a while. But it was empty

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