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Armadillo Symbolism & Meaning

Need to shield yourself from the external world? Want to learn how to believe in your inner voice? Armadillo, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Armadillo teaches you how to protect and trust yourself! Delve deeply into Armadillo symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can shield, enlighten, and support you!

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Armadillo Symbolism & Meaning

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The unusual Armadillo has a variety of symbolism and meaning attached to it. There is no question it has an incredibly unique appearance thanks to an armored shell befitting a knight. The bone and cartilage of the Armadillo act like an effective shield. As a result, it is no wonder this creature has strong ties to magic for protection and safety. There are times in everyone’s life when they need greater security – a place to retreat from danger or chaos. Armadillo, as a spiritual energy, offers that lesson.

The Armadillo’s armor has a secondary meaning, that of creating boundaries for yourself. You know that guest that never leaves? Armadillo says, “Put your foot down and claim your territory.” While this is a simple example, knowing the limits you set for yourself and others is a very important spiritual awakening. It says YOU MATTER. Your feelings, your morals, your truth – they all matter and are worthy of respect.

Boundaries include the ability to say no; this is exceedingly difficult for a lot of people. You know them. They should wear a button that says, “Stop me before I volunteer again.” Armadillo Medicine teaches us that saying “No” often means saying “Yes” to our sacred self. Don’t let people misuse your kindness.

There are times when we all let our guard down. Armadillo does too when He feels safe. Here you must trust your inner voice. Move cautiously until you feel that wonderful, warm sense of haven. Likewise, be ready to put energetic shields firmly in place as needed.

Armadillo symbolism is wrapped up with other key vibrations, including those for peace, symmetry, kindness, hope, fairness, and empathy. Armadillo Medicine teaches us how to figuratively walk a mile in another’s shoes, so we better understand the reason for their actions/inactions and attitudes. This builds compassionate living.

In nature, the Armadillo is a digger. They burrow in the dirt, digging up roots; this speaks of a curious Spirit and the ability to search out information to help clarify situations and opportunities. Note that while the Armadillo’s exploration is external, human seekers can also use this lesson to look within. No matter your age, there are always new and interesting things to discover in yourself and in the world. Don’t settle for superficiality. Get out your proverbial shovel and excavate!

An interesting note on Armadillo’s talents is that its nose is sensitive enough to find life below the surface of the land; this Medicine is particularly important who feel they’ve lost their energy and joy in life – those who feel invisible and stymied. Breathe deeply. Reclaim the ember situated in your soul. Give it air, and watch the flicker grow. Combine this activity with meditation and visualization, and the results improve greatly.

When Armadillo Spirit is done with his work for the day, it’s time to rest. And when we say rest, we mean napping for upward of 18 hours! While a bit extreme, this behavior reminds us to, likewise, take time out for refilling our inner wells. If we don’t take care of ourselves, everything else we care about suffers. Take opportunities to find silent spaces where you can relax and be wholly yourself. Too much noise rattles our auras in negative ways, as sure as bad vibrations.

Armadillo Spirit Animal

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When Armadillo rolls into your life, it comes with a variety of messages. The name Armadillo means “armored one,” so the symbolism of self-defense and protection presides. Have you been put in an awkward or overly-exposed situation? Armadillo says, “Curl up under your psychic shell until the weather blows over.” Be ready to defend those things you hold sacred as well as your emotions.

While some people may think you’re distant, you can explain that you need this time. Those who love you will understand the Armadillo’s counsel, and may even apply it for themselves. The time for retreat is only temporary until peace returns.

Another lesson from the Armadillo Spirit Animal is that of getting to the root of matters. Something is happening just below the surface of your situation. It is vital to become a spiritual Sherlock Holmes and figure out the hidden matters as they will affect you directly and distinctly. On a mundane level, Armadillo is the “finder” of things. Perhaps you misplaced something, or have been looking forever for an item important to you. Meditate with Armadillo and see where he takes you.

For those who have over-extended themselves, this Spirit Animal hopes to stop you – right here, right now, and get you to slow down. Recovery requires relaxation. Don’t feel obligated to attend 101 events, reply to volunteer requests, etc. in abundance. Rather pick a few, focused ones and give your energy to them in a metered way.

Finally, Armadillo integrates the Element of Water into your life, which speaks of emotions. Have you been holding back? Swallowing your feelings? It’s time to let those feelings come to the surface for release. Follow where tears take you, riding gently on them. Reclaim joy.

Armadillo Totem Animal

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Those born with an Armadillo Totem are incredibly good at protecting themselves. You have keen insight and can sniff out your environment for both the good and bad. Don’t just shake off your perceptions. They are central to personal survival and growth.

With your keen acuity, you can find things that elude others; this includes lost items, job opportunities, historical facts and oddities, and shopping deals, just to name a few. Armadillo people have great contentment and a sense of pride in having such unique gifts. Others will be naturally drawn to you because you seem noticeably confident and secure.

An Armadillo Totem means that you know how to ground yourself naturally; this brings calm to your environment as well. On the other hand, you can be somewhat territorial. You don’t like strangers in places deemed “yours.”

Armadillo Power Animal

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There are a variety of reasons to call upon Armadillo Animal guide as a Power Animal. Let’s start with your boundaries. If you’re letting people walk all over you, it’s time to call on Armadillo and his armor. Once the threat is past, Armadillo indicates that all is clear, and you can unroll those tight defenses.

If you are uncertain about the areas in your life where you are most vulnerable, this is also a situation in which Armadillo helps greatly. Reach out to him and begin ferreting out where you are weak or exposed. This process can be quite enlightening and sometimes uncomfortable, but when you know your failings, your strengths become even more apparent.

Lightworkers tell us that Armadillo Energy corresponds to the Root Chakra. As such, he is a great teacher for grounding and centering; this deters reactive tendencies and moves you into a more proactive mindset.

Native American Armadillo Symbolic Meanings

Armadillo among Native Americans represents similar characteristics to the overall symbolic values herein described. He is a spiritual helper for creating boundaries, improving self-care, protection, and awareness. Armadillo stays happily in his armor as long as necessary.

Armadillo in Latin American Folklore

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There is a story called “Armadillo Song” in Bolivian oral tradition. It tells of an Armadillo who adored music above all else. During rainstorms, he would float on his shell to listen to singing frogs; this made Armadillo crave the ability to sing so beautifully. Thankfully he did not understand Frog-speak, as they were teasing poor Armadillo’s desire to join the song.
One day Armadillo happened upon crickets. He found their song equally enchanting. So much so he would listen by day and night. Like the Frogs, however, crickets felt that Armadillo had no place in the choir.

This situation repeated itself with songbirds, who likewise ridiculed him. At long last, Armadillo found a wizard and asked him to grant his deepest wish. The Wizard explained that to fulfill the wish; he would have to die. Armadillo did not hesitate and agreed.

The Wizard gave Armadillo a gentle death and then made a beautiful musical instrument, gifting it to a great bard. Wherever the bard went, the birds, the crickets, the frogs – all heard Armadillo singing.

The moral of the story: there is sacrifice for great art, but it is worth the beauty that remains.

Armadillo Dreams

When an Armadillo appears in your dreams, especially curled in a ball, it represents the need to take care of yourself. Be very, very cautious, and wary right now. Don’t let anyone push you into an undesired task or choice.

Alternatively, it may represent a tendency to be overprotective of yourself, another or something dear to you; this puts up walls between you and others that become very hard to take down. Additionally, this protective nature may lead to codependent outlooks and actions.

Armadillo Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Boundaries
  • Empathy
  • Peace
  • Protection
  • Retreat
  • Security
  • Self-Trust
  • Shielding
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Symmetry

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  1. Frankie L Wells-Pullins says:

    It was 2:30 am, I was taking my dog out, while I was waiting for her, I sat down, looked up at the sky, and asked for a sign , maybe just of some meaning , I am 75, what is next. I looked out, and here came a small armadillo, just walking up to the sidewalk. My dog smelled it, and walkd away, it looked around, and went back across the yard into th darkess. It must have some spcial meaning, just don’t know what. I once had a peacock come to our front door. we couldn’t find out where it cam from, had it for a year, it would com up on our dck, sperea it’s feathers and dance. W fed and gave it shelter, I flt sorry for it not having on of its own, we finally found some people 60 miles away who wer wanting a mal, they had 8 females, so even though it broke my heart, we gave them our Beauty. THe peopl said he seemd very happy, so guess we did the right thing for him. We nver found out where he could have possibly came from. I have always had animals come to our home, and we adopted them. Now bsides our dogs and cats, we have 5 racoona and 2 opossoms that come for dinner vry night, ansd several deer we feed, along with many bird feeders. I love animals, If I had the money, I would love to have a sanctuary for them. Would like to know what my purpose is for them. THank you

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks answered lots questions on my journey

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks answered lots questions on my journey and current situation

  4. Claire says:

    I have something I have been holding back telling my family for 22 years. Something terrible that happened when I was a child. I’ve been feeling the need to tell my parents after all these years because I feel like I’m at a breaking point with holding it in. I’ve been considering it a lot and it’s been on my mind constantly. An armadillo crossed my path the other day (I had never seen one in real life before) and I knew upon reading the words here that I need to come clean to my family. I’m so scared and I know it’s going to change my family forever….but it’s time to stand up for myself and put myself first for once.

    • Gabriela says:

      I saw one big Armadillo this early morning as I was taking my dog for a walk he just crossed in front of us.
      Good Luck!

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