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Chimpanzee Symbolism & Meaning

Wondering about your life’s purpose? Do you have trouble setting boundaries? Chimpanzee, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Chimpanzee teaches you how to clear your mind and protect yourself. Delve deeply in Chimpanzee symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can inspire, enlighten, and guide you.

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Chimpanzee Symbolism & Meaning

Somewhere in the Congo or sub-Saharan Africa, there is a Chimpanzee gaily moving through the jungle. He does not know he’s on the IUCN endangered species list. Rather he continues living his life to the fullest extent. A light-hearted nature is part of Chimpanzee symbolism and meaning.

Shamans tell us that Chimpanzee Medicine is quite impressive. It includes a keen mind, socialization, communication, balance, adroitness, and a strong connection with nature’s energies. In terms of evolution, Chimpanzees come very close to humankind. In some ways, they are like our inner child – playful, curious, expressive. Even so, Chimps as they grow become important to their community as a whole.

Chimpanzees are very creative. In nature, they devise tools that make tasks easier. The Chimp has discovered specific plants that help them when they are sick. Most interesting to us is the fact that their emotional displays are very complex, nearly mirroring human emotions point by point. Meditating on this makes us realize creation itself is intricate and not wholly predictable. While humans often feel superior to all other living things, in a different environment, we are not always the most adaptable or strong. If we stay aware of this, we can begin living in greater cooperation with nature, no matter our proverbial jungle.

There are actually two types of Chimpanzee, the common Chimpanzee, and the Bonobo. There are minor differences between the two in terms of diet and sexual approaches. Of the two, the Bonobo is a passivist. They have a matriarchal society. The common Chimpanzee is a more adept hunter who engages in complex interactions. So, if you feel the Chimpanzee calling to you, remember these subtle differences as both have positive attributes from which to learn.

Chimps are not solitary creatures. They live in communities with various males and females, each one of which as a “sub” community of sort. Each Chimp has a role to play. That role determines how much influence they have on the whole. Understanding our soul’s role in this incarnation is one of the symbols for Chimpanzee Spirit. Chimpanzee also reminds us that there are many levels of relationships and understanding those make our interactions more successful.

In terms of relating to each other, Chimpanzees use a lot of non-verbal cues, or what we would call body language. They also use a variety of hand gestures and facial expressions. All Chimps recognize the meanings in these subtle cues, whereas humans are still uncovering the meaning of physical stances, and vocal tones.

Keywords and attributes associated with Chimpanzee include: nurturing, intelligence, empathy, dexterity, compassion, connection to nature, adaptability, balance, boundaries, social interaction, sexuality, harmony, communication, expressiveness, and understanding the healing nature of plants.

Chimpanzee Spirit Animal

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Chimpanzee often appears as a Spirit Animal guide when you are struggling with getting your ideas or a point across. It’s like you’re talking a different language. Chimp Spirit reminds you that there are other ways of peeling the figurative banana. You need to find common ground and start there. Pay attention to other’s feelings in this matter. Use words they understand easily (this isn’t the time to get out your Thesaurus). Try the subtle approach and build from there.

The second lesson from Chimpanzee is getting a handle on your place in things. That old question of “why am I here” often comes to us at critical moments in life. But your answer doesn’t just lie with you. What is your role at home? At work? In your social circle? These different spaces and people all impact the answer to that question. Chimpanzee can walk you through the process of seeing things clearly.

Third, Chimpanzee may sense that people are exploiting you in some manner; this happens to kind-hearted souls who want nothing more than to help. Unfortunately, some people see this as a weakness and use it for personal gain. Chimpanzee Animal Spirit says: “Set your boundaries.” Mark a clear line in the sand. If it means backing off from a person or a situation, do so; you deserve better.

If you feel that the Bonobo has come to you, that signals a time to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine. Each of us has aspects of male and female energy within us. The Bonobo walks with women leaders, teachers, healers. If you are a woman, are you being called into a leadership role?

Chimpanzee Totem Animal

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Those born with a Chimpanzee Totem Animal are clever beyond compare. They have a keen mind and insatiable curiosity. Many people with this birth totem become mentors, problem solvers, or counselors of some type either professionally or within their social circle; this is the guy or gal everyone calls for advice.

If this is your birth totem, you are a gentle soul by nature but can become fierce when it comes to protecting what you love. You have a bit of the trickster spirit in you, but you never play any harmful pranks. Humor is a great coping mechanism in our life, as is trusting your instincts.

The Chimp Totem Animal is a watcher. You love sitting in malls or on a bench along a busy street and just observing. You learn from everything you see, especially the subtle signals others might overlook. People who are trying to pretend they’re “ok” do not fool you for one minute.

Working with your hands and making things from scratch often attracts those with the Chimp Birth Totem. The prospect is even better when they’re trying to make something wholly unique that solves a problem. It’s common for Chimp Totems to be inventors.

Walking with Chimpanzee Medicine means you generally have good relationships that have a committed foundation. You are great in a group, understanding the intense complexity of diverse social interactions. Additionally, you know how to reach a wide range of people with your words in verbal or written form; This makes people comfortable around you.

One of the cautions in the Chimpanzee Animal Spirit is watching when you think and when you act. Sometimes you just jump spontaneously rather than plan things out. So, pause and breathe for a moment!

Chimpanzee Power Animal

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Call on Chimpanzee as a Power Animal when you need to on your A-game mentally. The Chimp is highly intelligent and supports you when you need to have sharp cognitive skills or the ability to make fast decisions. It’s this same intellect that will support you when you want to take up studying herbal arts or learning how to work with Nature Spirits.

Invoke Chimpanzee when you want to have your communication skills at their best. As an Animal Ally, Chimpanzee uses body language and non-verbal cues to communicate, so you can find innovative ways of getting your point across if you’re having difficulty doing so. The same non-verbal cues Chimpanzee helps you hone can be used around friends and loved ones for developing more intense bonds and understanding how others feel.

Call on Chimpanzee as a Power Animal when you’re looking to get yourself out into the world. As a social creature, Chimpanzee serves a supportive Animal Ally when you’re looking to make friends and socialize. Helping you in strengthening your social skills also serves you well when you are entering a new job or relationship, and you want to understand how you fit into the big picture.

At the same time, to be social requires compassion and empathy, both of which are attributes of your Animal Spirit Guide. When you need compassion and forgiveness, Chimpanzee helps you cast aside angry feelings to allow healing to take place.

Chimpanzee Dreams

Chimpanzee appearing in your dreams suggests what you think is the truth is not actually the truth. Look at conditions in your waking life from a distance for perspective. If you dream of a Chimp family, it symbolizes needing to resolve something in your own inner circle to restore harmony.

A warning that your current behavior may have unintended, embarrassing consequences is another meaning behind the appearance of Chimpanzees in dreams. If the Chimp is aggressive, it can represent someone in your life seeking to undermine your efforts in a project or at work.

Feeding a Chimp in your dreams portends a friend’s betrayal. A Chimp swinging through the jungle means your troubles are coming to an end, so try not to worry so much. If Chimpanzees are picking leaves, it implies there is part of you very attuned to the natural world that you may be overlooking. Chimpanzees often symbolize sexual drive or your sensual nature. Look to see if the Chimps are behaving in affectionate or aggressive ways in the dream for additional insight.

Far Eastern Chimpanzee Symbolic Meanings

While often thought of as a Monkey, Chimpanzees are small apes. In Japan, the Chimpanzee was a common creature seen roaming through ancient villages. The urbanization of the country has since caused these occurrences to cease, but the Chimpanzee remains deeply symbolic. In the 8th century BCE, people considered Chimpanzees a mediator between humans and the Gods. But, five centuries later, people saw the same animal as a trouble-stirring trickster with mischievous qualities. In the 17th century, these same animals were thought to mimic creatures who copied the behavior of humans or other creatures. It was around the same time people began viewing Chimpanzees as creatures symbolizing the darker side of human nature and the bad habits or characteristics of humans.

Chimpanzee Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Clarity
  • Clever
  • Counselor
  • Curious
  • Establishing Boundaries
  • Fierce
  • Healer
  • Inventor
  • Protection
  • Teacher

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