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Civet Symbolism & Meaning

Do you need to establish your boundaries? Want to make the most of your time? Civet, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Civet teaches you how to protect your sacred space while showing you how to make the most out of your energy reserves! Delve deeply in Civet symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can awaken, enlighten, and empower you.

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Civet Symbolism & Meaning

Civet lives in the lush tropical forests of Asia and Africa. A term applied to about a dozen mammals, the most famous Civet is from Africa and is distinguishable by its unique scent. Civet’s musk tells a story, something unique, marking the Civet as being individualistic, which is why they prefer a solitary path.

Civets make their homes in diverse locations. Some take to the trees, others to land, and then there’s the rare Congo Civet, who is semi-aquatic. Hence, Civet gains associations with the Elements of Air, Earth, and Water. Remember the latter correspondences when you experience Civet Spirit Animal’s entrance in your life; it’s helpful to know what species comes to you, if possible, so you can draw greater insight into the creature’s symbolism.

Preferring the shadow of night, Civets provide an excellent service by catching Rats, which would otherwise spread disease. Civet does its hunting with enough discretion to it allows for greater protection. Living and interacting in the harsh jungle requires cunning. Civet is, therefore, symbolic of discrimination and self-preservation.

For food, the Civet has a distinct sweet tooth. While being omnivores, they love pulpy fruits and berries, and palm flower sap is a heavenly find. If the sap ferments, it becomes a natural liquor and inebriates the Civet consuming it, which earns the Palm Civet the alternative title of “Toddy Cat.” Its penchant for sweets and its inadvertent inebriation gives Civet ties to pleasurable pursuits, euphoria, and ecstatic experiences.

Another desire for which the Civet became famous is coffee berries. While they eat them, they don’t break down the beans in their stomachs. Some clever individuals gathered these undigested beans and made them into an espresso, believing Civet’s digestive tract improves the coffee’s flavor. While you might scoff at the practice, Civet Coffee has become an indulgence in certain social circles with a price tag of up to $600 per pound. Because of the rare value of the digested Coffee beans, you can associate Civet with prosperity and luxurious living (and potentially energy–whew, all those coffee beans!).

Looking like a Cat with a long muzzle, the Civet weighs between three and ten pounds. When something threatens the creature, Civet uses its strong-smelling musk as a defense. The discovery of the Musk aroma began a terrible history of harvesting the animals. Because of overhunting, Civet came into the focus of World Animal Protection, which is an organization that considers them vulnerable to endangered depending on the species. The organization’s focus helped change some practices with perfume manufacturers moving to a synthetic alternative. Here, Civet becomes an emblem of living in harmony with nature and using mindfulness in how we treat all living creatures.

Humans used Civet Oil throughout history for increasing libido, inventiveness, elevated moods, primal urges, and for attracting love. According to legend, the Queen of Sheba gave Civet Oil to Solomon. The oil was among the treasured items carried by caravan through the Niger Valley, and eventually, an Arab Historian entered it into a 10th-century tome. The Arabs were fond of anything with mystical value for barter and trade. Today, synthetic, cruelty-free fragrances very close to the original scent exist. Among energized aromatic oils, synthetic Civet suits magic focused on love, romance, and passion.

Civet Spirit Animal

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Civet Spirit Animal’s initial message is potent and unmistakable. It announces itself without apology, reminding you of your value as a unique individual. It is time to embrace your whole Being and come to terms with your soul’s contract in this lifetime. You can leave a mark in the world, something lasting and meaningful, and Civet Spirit Animal is here to help you.

Because of the Civet’s use of pheromones as a means of expression, Civet may be here to help you mark your territory for one of two reasons. Either the markings are for attracting a partner, or they’re to keep away unwanted company. There are various ways of signaling your intent; Some people use energized crystals. Others make an aromatic blend and dab it around their personal space. Civet Spirit Animal will help find just the right formula for your intent.

If energy spirals downward at night, the Civet’s presence will be a welcome blessing. The creatures thrive in the darkness. When sunset comes, they have fully recharged and are ready for whatever life hands them. So, if you have a special event on the horizon in the evening hours, you have a Civet Spirit Animal chaperon!

Civet Totem Animal

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People with a Civet Totem Animal prefer isolation. They’ll seek a house in rural districts, far from prying eyes, noises, and clusters of people. While others may feel Civet Totem people are off-putting, they only require peaceful atmospheres to unwind from their day. One or two people around are fine, but an office full takes anxiety to a new level.

If your Birth Totem is a Civet, you’re used to going it alone and love doing things in the night. You might even find a job on a later shift where you have more privacy and can focus. No matter the setting, however, you come across as an uncommon person-a little quirky and one who has an air of mystery.

For all your desire to be alone, you naturally attract all kinds of people. As a result, you may experience relationship issues with those who imagine you have certain feelings or those who are not on your wavelength. You struggle with putting such individuals in their place and keeping them there. Because of this figurative fatal attraction, it is important for you to indicate your boundaries in every relationship, even the casual ones.

In your world, walking with a Civet Totem means discretion is the better part of valor. You don’t like gossip, folly, carelessness, or neglect in any form. Negative tendencies are something for which you watch. If you study your surroundings and circumstances, things often work out in your favor.

Civet Power Animal

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Your Civet Power Animal proves helpful when you know you require some alone time, but everyone around you appears unaware or insensitive about it. Reach down and invoke your Civet Ally, put down your foot, and learn to say, “No.” Once you get your message across, find a quiet space, meditate, and hit your reset button.

Another reason for calling on your Civet Power Animal is when there’s a chance you’ll misjudge signals, or you’ll put out signals of your own, which others might misinterpret. Invoke Civet Power Animal to help you in creating an atmosphere with vibrations conducive for true seeing and clear intent. From within your sphere of power, psychic insights improve, and you can sort things out.

Civet Dreams

Seeing a Civet walking away from you in a dream represents a friend who is not as they seem. There is some trickery or falsehood afoot. By comparison, a Civet moving toward you portends a windfall. If the Civet approaches you in a friendly manner, expect a good profit from your efforts and a chance for gaining more skill, which drives your business or job forward. When the aroma of the Civet is strong in your dream, it shows you are creating a sacred space for yourself-something personal and meaningful.

If you are watching a Civet from a distance without it noticing you, it symbolizes having your eye on someone who you have not approached yet. Your dream of Civet is encouraging you to take the leap! It results in appreciation and affection. Many Civet dreams have something to do with your passions and matters of the heart. Consider who the Civet represents, what the creature is doing, and the backdrop of the dream for greater insights.

Civet Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Boundaries
  • Discretion
  • Expression
  • Individualism
  • Intent
  • Life’s Sweetness
  • Personal Space
  • Prosperity
  • Solitary Practice
  • Solitude

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