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Ferret Symbolism & Meaning

Are you in a real survival situation? Looking how to preserve your resources and persevere? Ferret as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Ferret teaches you how endure and thrive! Delve deeply in Ferret symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can support, inspire, and strengthen you!

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Ferret Symbolism & Meaning

“Do come back and draw the Ferrets, they are the most lovely noble darlings in the world.”
– D.H. Lawrence

Greek texts tell us that Ferrets have been skittering around since about 450 BCE. If Jesus Christ had ever gone hunting, he might have had a Ferret along for capturing rabbit. About 2500 years ago Ferrets became domesticated. Besides hunting, Ferrets were taken on Egyptian sailing ships to keep rodents at a minimum.

The symbolism and meaning of Ferrets have strong ties to their activities in nature. For example, Ferrets store food. This is a survival mechanism for when food is scarce. In the human realm, this teaches us about careful consumption and preserving not just food but our money “just in case.” All of us have goals and dreams, and that stash could come in handy when opportunity knocks as well.

In the English language, we have a phrase about “Ferreting something out.” This means sniffing things out, looking for hidden things and pulling them into our awareness or reality. Ferrets can slide into other animals’ tunnels quite easily, giving them the element of surprise. For us, that surprise manifests when we become aware of those secrets that we even hide from ourselves. That process isn’t easy so Ferret can be a very challenging Animal Guide and Teacher.

The endearing thing about Ferrets is their personality. They love to play, explore and also enjoy interacting with humans. Sometimes they are a little too smart for people. Don’t leave out something that rolls or dangly things. They will grab them and hide them somewhere with other treasures. Good luck finding that secret Ferret lair.

Physically the eyes of a Ferret look straightforward. They always see what is in front of their noses (literally). How many times have many of us said we couldn’t find something yet it was right under our nose? The downside of eye placement is that it could lead to blinders where you only see a small part of the bigger picture.

Ferrets also have a refined sense of smell. This helps them intuitively interact with the environment. So, we could say that Ferret’s motto is “follow your nose!”

Some of the keywords and characteristics of Ferret Spirit include slyness, secretiveness, cleverness, energetic, true-seeing, focus, illusion, playfulness, discernment, and wittiness.

Historical Aside: In 1390 the English created a law that kept commoners for using Ferrets for the hunt. Those that could use Ferrets had to own land worth forty shillings. Anyone else found hunting with Ferrets (or hounds) could serve a year in jail.

When Ferret hit the New World in the 1600s, no one knew the important role they would play in American history. During World War II Ferrets were used to protect grain stores. They kept rodents away.

Ferret Spirit Animal

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While Ferret Spirit Animal is sweet and ingenious, he is not a wuss. Ferret challenges you to discern your strengths and weaknesses in honesty. This brings you to a place of self-knowing. Everything that came before in your life created aspects of you today. However, you need not be tied to the past. Look down your nose toward the future.

One central message of Ferret as a Spirit Animal is remembering how to play. Adults often find themselves drowning in responsibility. You need a break for laughter and wonder. Find one little toy, one activity that engages your inner child even if it is only for five minutes. Promise yourself to do this – think of it as a daily vitamin for lifting your Spirit.

Ferret Medicine teaches us about attitude. The way you present yourself matters. Everything from facial signals to body language can change the outcome of important interactions. Get your spunk on!

In nature, Ferrets create a musk smell. This is a distinctive aroma. Maybe you need your own personal perfume or cologne that highlights your magical or Spiritual goals. You can also use that blend for marking your territory be it a bedroom, an office desk or whatever.

Ferret Totem Animal

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Those born with a Ferret Totem Animal always need a personal hidey-hole. When life becomes chaotic retreat and rest becomes vital for Ferret. Not having that time out makes for a very stressed-out guy or gal.

If Ferret is your birth Totem Animal, there is one thing you need to watch. You are very brave but sometimes to an ill-advised level. This energy inspires Ferret, but it can also cause you harm.

The Ferret Totem reflects the Earth Element in many ways. Staying grounded, decisive thinking, diplomacy, and mediation. Alongside this, you have a bit of a scamp inside you. Slyness is in your nature as is being secretive and elusive. Some people will adore this mysteriousness. Others wonder what you are up to next.

You know when and how to hold your ground in any fight. There is no detracting your focus. If there is anything hidden here you WILL find it.

When you walk with Ferret, it is very hard to disguise your feelings. When Ferret is sad, it is perhaps the most pitiful sight in the world. Thankfully you are usually the sunny-side of the street person.

This birth totem brings with it great intelligence and analytical ability. That means you can do well in business provided there is some way to let out your whimsical personality. When a job gets boring, you are gone.

Socially you are always up for a gathering, especially with fun-loving sorts. Ferret lives in the moment and soaks up all that yumminess. While some get jealous about this, your kind, generous Spirit cannot be challenged.

Relationship wise, Ferret does best with long-term commitments after the age of 25 since they mature a little slower in these matters. Don’t get discouraged. Do things on your own biological clock’s schedule. You know it and feel it when it’s right. There is no reason to rush when waiting for that certain someone.

Ferret Power Animal

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Ferret offers many unique characteristics that you can tap into. These include:

  • Being more flexible.
  • Taking time for yourself.
  • Honoring your inner child.
  • Breaking negative patterns and thought forms.
  • Heightening your power of observation and intuition.
  • Honing your focus.
  • Making effective fast moves or decisions.
  • Stirring up motivation or energy.
  • Lifting your Spirits.
  • Reducing fears or stress.
  • Inspiring growth in body, mind or Spirit.

Ferret Mongolian Symbolism

Our story begins with the great Genghis Khan who united the nomads of Northern Asia. At one point, Khan thought of increasing his influence into Russia. What Khan didn’t know was that a talented wizard stood in his way. His name was Volga Vseslavich who had an army of only 7,000.

Before engaging Genghis, Khan’s troops the Volga had an idea. He shapeshifted into a Ram and ran through the forest without notice. He then turned into a bird, flying into Khan’s bedchamber. Khan’s wife recognized this bird from her dream the night before. She cried and asked Khan not to move northward.

Khan, of course, laughed at such notions. While he was distracted the wizard became a Ferret. He moved quickly and stealthily to the armory. There the Ferret set to the task of chewing bowstrings and arrows, so the weapons were unusable. He moved into the stables, this time as a wolf, killing the horses.

Finally, he returned home and marched his army forward, turning them into ants… nothing to fear….nothing to which to pay attention. The sentries were quite startled when the soldiers returned to human form at the gate. Without their horses and weapons, Khan’s army met defeat.

Native American Ferret Symbolic Meanings

The Blackfoot Wild Ferret was used by Native Americans as a source of nourishment as well as in religious rituals. The Ferret was commonly used by Pawnee, Cheyenne, Sioux, Blackfoot, and Crow natives. The Native American weasel lore is a close association with the wild Ferret and, as such, both animals share similar symbolism and meaning.

Some tribes viewed the creature as a trickster in nature and in both a positive and negative light. The Plains tribes saw the weasel in a beneficial, linking it to Medicine. In a similar vein, the Anishinabe tribes would make Medicine bags out of weasel skins and associate the creature with the initiation in the midewiwin or Medicine society. The same creature is considered a charm for wealth and good luck, particularly its tail, when it comes to the Athabaskan tribes of Alaska.

The weasel’s coloring (black and white) was also seen by the Blackfoot tribes as signifying the life cycle. The Tlingit refuse to consume the wild Ferret, associating the animal with magic and sorcery. The Karuk and Cree associate the weasel with the gods and Spirits: Sihkooseu and Anixus.

Ferret Dreams

Ferret dreams can be somewhat ambiguous in that Ferret exhibits some duality. Sometimes playful and resourceful and other times fearful and distrusting. That’s why dream interpreters tell you to pay close attention to what the Ferret does in the dream.

If the Ferret in your dream runs here and there, stopping periodically, it represents searching. For what are you looking, and have you looked in unexpected places.

A Ferret appearing overly playful indicates you’ve become a bit of a class clown. You need to take things more seriously.

When the Ferret in your dream sits still it speaks of a lack of energy or inspiration in your life. It’s time for a break to refresh yourself.

Ferret Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Discovery
  • Energetic
  • Exploration
  • Illusion
  • Playfulness
  • Preservation
  • Secretive
  • Surprise
  • Survival
  • Trickster

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