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Ferret Symbolism & Meaning

Are you in a real survival situation? Looking to preserve your resources and persevere? Ferret, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Ferret teaches you how to endure and thrive! Delve deeply into Ferret’s symbolism and meaning to discover how your Animal Spirit Guide can support, inspire, and strengthen you!

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Ferret Symbolism & Meaning

“Do come back and draw the Ferrets; they are the most lovely noble darlings in the world.”
– D. H. Lawrence

Ancient Greek texts say Ferrets have been skittering around since about 450 BCE. Besides people adopting them as companions for hunting expeditions, Egyptians took Ferrets on sailing ships to keep rodents at a minimum. Much later, in the 1600s, Ferrets arrived in the New World. No one knew they would play a critical role in American history. During World War II, Ferrets were used to protect grain stores. Over time, Ferrets have developed symbolism and meaning concerning their ability to discover things and the role they often played as a constant, loyal, and protective companion.

The symbolism and meaning of Ferrets have strong ties to their activities in nature. For example, Ferrets store food as a survival mechanism for when nourishment is scarce. In the human realm, their behavior teaches you about careful consumption and preservation, not just regarding food but also concerning your money. Thoughts of “just in case” remain ever-present in your mind. You have goals and dreams, and your stash of extra resources can come in handy when opportunity knocks.

In the English language, there is a phrase about “ferreting something out.” The idiom means sniffing out information, looking for hidden things, and pulling them into your awareness. Ferrets are swift when sliding into other animals’ tunnels, giving them the element of surprise. For humans, wonderment manifests when secrets reveal themselves, even things you hide from yourself. The process isn’t easy, making Ferret a challenging Animal Guide and Teacher.

The endearing thing about Ferrets is their personality. They love to play, explore, and enjoy interacting with humans. Sometimes they are a little too smart for people. Don’t leave out rolling or dangling items when Ferret is around. They will grab the items that interest them and hide them somewhere with other treasures. Good luck finding the secret Ferret lair!

The eyes of a Ferret look straight forward. They always see what is in front of their noses. How many times you found you couldn’t find something, yet it was right under your nose? The downside of the Ferret’s eye placement is it connotes having potential blind spots where you only see a minor part of the bigger picture.
Ferrets have a surprising, refined sense of smell. Getting whiffs of plants and animals helps them interact with the environment. So, it’s clear one of Ferret’s favorite mottoes is, “Follow your nose!”

Some of Ferret Spirit’s keywords and characteristics include slyness, and cleverness. The secretive creature is both playful and witty. Other attributes of the cunning Ferret include high energy, intense focus, discernment, the ability to see through illusion and keen vision.

Ferret Spirit Animal

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While Ferret Spirit Animal has a sweet disposition, it is not a pushover. Ferret challenges you to discern your strengths and weaknesses in honesty. Such introspection brings you to a place of self-knowing. Everything experienced in your life created aspects of you today. However, Ferret arrives with the message you don’t want to chain yourself to the past. Learn from your experiences and use them to shape your future for the better.

One central message of Ferret as a Spirit Animal involves remembering how to play. Adults often drown in responsibility. You need a break for laughter and wonder. Find one little pleasure, one activity for engaging your inner child, even if it is only five minutes a day. Think of the practice as a daily vitamin for lifting your spirit.

Ferret Medicine teaches you about attitude. The way you present yourself matters. Everything from facial signals to body language can change the outcome of significant interactions. Ferret charges you to “get your spunk on!”

In nature, Ferrets create a musk smell. Musk is a distinctive aroma. Maybe you need a personalized, empowered perfume or incense highlighting your magical or Spiritual goals. You can use the resulting blend for establishing your boundaries, be it to protect yourself or what you value most in your life.

Ferret Totem Animal

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People born with a Ferret Totem Animal always need a personal hideaway. When life becomes chaotic, retreat and rest become vital for Ferret People. Not having time out away from the crowd makes for a very stressed-out individual.

If Ferret is your Birth Totem Animal, there is one thing you need to watch. Your bravery is admirable, but sometimes you are overconfident, making your courage dangerous. You’re bold and go where even Angels fear treading. Wise Ferret People think before acting in haste.

The Ferret Totem reflects the Earth Element. You stay grounded, decisive, diplomatic, and balanced. Alongside such attributes, you have a bit of a scamp inside you. Slyness is in your nature, as is harboring secrets and remaining elusive. Some people will adore your mysteriousness. Others wonder what you are up to next.
You know when and how to hold your ground in any fight. There is no detracting your focus. If there is anything hidden from you in an argument, you will find out and draw attention to it.

Walking with Ferret makes it tough to disguise your feelings. A sad Ferret is perhaps the most pitiful sight in the world. On the flip side, when you connect with your inner Ferret, happiness reigns. You’ll find yourself walking with a smile and a song while strolling down the sunny side of the street.

Your Birth Totem instills within you a high intelligence and an amazing analytical ability. You can excel in business if there is some way to let out your whimsical personality. When a job gets boring, your inner Ferret may stir within you a deep desire to renew your passions or find work offering a more creative outlet.

You love being social. You are always up for a gathering with fun-loving sorts. Ferret People live “in the moment.” So, you also soak up all the delicious moments wherever you go. While some people get jealous of you, they cannot sway your kind, generous spirit.

Relationship-wise, Ferret People thrive in long-term commitments after the age of 25 since they mature a little slower, especially when it comes to becoming romantically intimate with another. There’s no benefit from rushing emotional or psychological development. There is also no reason to hurry things along when waiting for a certain someone. You know and feel when the time is “just right” to open your heart to another.

Ferret Power Animal

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Ferret offers many unique characteristics you can tap as needs arise. Seek Ferret as a Power Animal when you’re looking to master the concept of flexibility without giving up your true self. Ferret Energy twists and turns while the creature uses instinct as a guide, which means when you tap into Ferret’s Power for support, you’ll do the same. Heightening your intuition helps every situation you face. You can make quick, positive choices fitting the needs of all.

Another excellent reason for calling upon your inner Ferret Power Animal is when you want to break negative patterns and ways of thinking. Because Ferrets are smart, playful, and have a keen insight, working with the creature as a Power Animal when moving toward your goal releases positive energy and improved motivation. Your efforts result in lower stress levels.

Ferret Mongolian Symbolism

The story begins with the great Genghis Khan, who united the nomads of Northern Asia. At one point, Khan thought of increasing his influence on Russia. Khan didn’t know a talented wizard stood in his way; it is this same wizard who had an army of seven thousand. The sorcerer’s name was none other than Volga Vseslavich or Volga the Seer.

Before engaging Genghis Khan’s troops, Volga had an idea. He shape-shifted into a Ram and ran through the forest without notice. He then turned into a Bird, flying into Khan’s bed chamber. Khan’s wife recognized the Bird from her dream the night before. She cried and asked Khan not to move northward.

Khan laughed at such silly notions. The wizard took advantage of Kahn’s distractions and turned into a Ferret. Using stealth, he moved into the armory. There, the Ferret set to chewing bowstrings and arrows, so the weapons were unusable. Having shape-shifted into a Wolf, he walked into the stables to deal with Khan’s horses.
At last, he returned home and marched his army forward, turning them into Ants – this made the army nothing to fear and something needing no attention. It quite startled the sentries when the soldiers returned to human form at the gate. Without their horses and weapons, Khan’s army met defeat.

Native American Ferret Symbolic Meanings

Native Americans used the Blackfoot Wild Ferret as a part of religious rituals. The creatures had a place of honor among the Pawnee, Cheyenne, Sioux, Blackfoot, and Crow Natives. Native American Weasel lore has close associations with the Wild Ferret, and both Animals share similar symbolism and meaning.

Some tribes viewed the creature as a Trickster in nature, who could be a negative or positive influence. Plains Tribes depicted Ferret as powerful and kind, linking it to Medicine. In a similar vein, the Anishinabe Tribes associated Ferret Spirit with the initiation in the “Midewiwin” or Medicine Society. The same Animal’s tail can become a charm for wealth and good luck for the Athabascan Tribes of Alaska.

Blackfoot Tribes interpreted the Weasel’s coloring (black and white) as signifying the life cycle. Tlingit People refuse to consume the Wild Ferret, associating the creature with magic and sorcery. The Karuk and Cree associate the Weasel with the Gods and Spirits: Anixus and Sihkooseu.

Ferret Dreams

Ferrets appearing in dreams can be ambiguous as its meaning exhibits some duality. They are sometimes playful and resourceful and other times fearful and distrusting. Observe what the Ferret does during the dream for greater clarity.

If the Ferret runs here and there and stops every so often in your dreamscape, the creature’s chaotic behavior represents searching. Your dream encourages you to consider a series of essential questions. First, what are you searching for, and are you looking in unexpected places? Are you scattering your efforts and resources and, in so doing, making what you search for even more challenging to discover? Your dream is urging you to streamline the process of discovery and to conserve your energetic resources.

Ferret appearing dramatic and playful in a dream narrative shows you’ve become a bit of a class clown or comic. If it’s the attention from others that you want, Ferret enters your dreams to let you know your actions aren’t necessary. The right people will recognize and acknowledge you for who you are, not for silly behavior.

When the Ferret sits still in your dreams, it connotes a lack of energy or inspiration. You’re running yourself down and may even be threatening your well-being. It’s time for a break to refresh yourself.

Ferret Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Discovery
  • Energetic
  • Exploration
  • Illusion
  • Playfulness
  • Preservation
  • Secretive
  • Surprise
  • Survival
  • Trickster

5 thoughts on “Ferret Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Tammy Ryan says:

    In my dream, i dreamed about of having two females and one male ferrets but allowing them to breed.

  2. Megan Taft-Porter says:

    I just had a dream that I heard noises in my coat closet and when I opened the door a white ferret came out. Scared me. I didn’t see a snake, but I have a distinct feeling that there was a snake on there and was trying to eat the ferret. I don’t recall ever having a dream with a ferret before.

  3. Jon Walker says:

    I had a dream with a lot of animals outside in nature, but the final one was a white ferret, stood watching me, so km going out into nature to get some energy 🙂

  4. Daniel yeoell says:

    Hi for the first time ever I had a dream with a ferret in it . It kept playing around me always wanting my attention wouldn’t leave me so I look it up amazly useful

  5. Chris says:

    I had a vivid dream packed with symbolism. The ferrets are confusing in the context.

    I was in the process of fixing up a large old house. The house was flooded with a beautiful golden light that showed the beauty and potential of the chaos. There was then what appeared to be a vision that appeared in a cold muted light. The vision appeared to be a large group celebrating around a large dining table in the house I was fixing. I interacted with the celebration and they were aware of my presence. On arriving back from the vision I left the old dusty dining room and entered the garden. The garden was tranquil and an old lady and a young girl tended to some beautiful colourful flowers. They were bonding and having a lovely time. In the dream I was discussing business ideas while fixing the house. Suddenly there was a large group of people who turned up. The atmosphere was warm and party like. But as I travelled upstairs to check on things I somehow ended up with 11 ferrets on leashes. The ferrets were pulling in equally in all directions while one remained in the middle of the circle. I felt a real duty of care for the ferrets and started to panic thinking someone might stand on one of them. As I went to pick one of them up it bit me on the right thumb. I felt it and woke up instantly. My thumb still feels a slight tingling sensation where the bite happened. Having owned and cared for ferrets in the past, the bite felt real and the sensation feels like the final stage of healing before the scab fall off if you get me?

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