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Gorilla Symbolism & Meaning

Having trouble with emotional expression? Experiencing discomfort with your own vulnerability? Gorilla as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Gorilla teaches you gentility and compassion. Delve deeply in Gorilla symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can soften, encourage, and protect you!

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Gorilla Symbolism & Meaning

While the Gorilla’s size and stature make them seem dangerous, the reality is that they are not aggressive. In fact, they are very peaceful creatures who are social and sophisticated in the way they communicate with each other. Thus far, about twenty-five different vocalizations have been identified.

The Gorilla uses these vocalizations to communicate with their troupe particularly in regions with heavy vegetation. The sounds consist of barking, grunting, screams, roars and even belching. It is interesting to note that Gorilla typically resolves issues with specific behavioral displays rather than fighting. This makes sense. To survive, they cannot become their own enemy.

Gorillas work well in a group, and each member seems to know their role in that troop. Like humans, they enjoy being connected to a community. Troupes typically consist of an adult male, several adult females, and children. There are instances of all-male groups who play and groom each other, sometimes engaging in homosexual relationships; this behavior extends to females of the same troupe too, who rub against each other making joyful sounds. What’s interesting is that in BOTH settings the Gorillas show particular interest in one partner over another. In effect, Gorillas have strong bi-sexual tendencies without any signs of disparity.

Within the troupe, some obvious leaders are loyal and dignified in their roles. In this it appears that Gorilla has a global mindedness, at least within their element, focusing more on the responsibility for the whole rather than being selfish. By far, the Silverback Gorilla is the one who garners the most respect. The troupe looks to him for decision making, resolving problems, moving to new feeding grounds and generally keeping the troupe safe.

Care for both the young and old members of Gorilla’s troop is a shared effort. Where some humans in modern settings push aside either for various reasons, Gorilla seems quite the opposite. Here Gorilla represents honoring our elders and bringing up children in a cooperative and supportive atmosphere (no TV sets or computers required).

The Gorilla’s nest consists of ground level branches and leaves. Here their mother lives with their children up until they are three years of age, at which time they start spending time apart from her. It’s not until 6 years, however, that infants are wholly weaned. The infant Gorilla depends on the mother for basic survival. Dad generally takes part in the effort to socialize the child when they’re a little older.

Science reveals that the Human gene sequence only differs from that of a Gorilla by 1.6%. So, it’s not surprising to find out how intelligent these creatures are, and good students at that. Take the case of Koko who learned sign language. Troupes in different locations may have varied means of preparing their food.

There has also been documentation of Gorillas using rudimentary tools. There is an emotional element as well to Gorilla that cannot be overlooked in considering its symbolism and meaning. Gorillas laugh, cry, love and grieve. These very “human” feelings are not hidden like people often do for the sake of saving face. Gorilla teaches us to let our emotions speak.

Key characteristics and aptitudes associated with Gorilla Spirit include nurturing, connection, wisdom, leadership, loyalty, keen-mindedness, communication, dignity, compassion, gentility, and respectfulness.

Gorilla Spirit Animal

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When you start seeing Gorilla images over and over, the Gorilla Spirit Animal may be trying to get your attention. Why? Well, there are several potential reasons.

If you have felt embarrassed or bullied in some way, Gorilla is here bearing the energy of self -respect. You do not simply have to “take it,” but you don’t have to over-react either. Gorilla walks with purpose, knowing their own power. This sense of self need not be boastful. In fact, the impact is far greater with quiet realism. You are the proverbial shaman in your life. Reclaim that confidence and hold your head high.

The second gift from Gorilla is helping us find the healthiest circles in which to socialize. Let’s face it, we have all fell into the wrong group from time to time, and that usually left some scars. Gorilla challenges you to remain aware of your surroundings and use your observation skills when considering making new friends (or even going to a party). Don’t only use your eyes – listen. Gorillas have acute hearing. With Gorilla Medicine, you can tap into energies in people’s aura that gives you insights into true motivations.

Gorilla Spirit often comes to those who are about to move into leadership roles. This can be a frightening transition for some. Gorilla helps you engage in your new function with fairness, temperance, wisdom and a pinch of charisma for good measure. Gorilla also reminds you that a profoundly good leader is one who leads by example.

In nature, Gorillas care for their families with great attentiveness. With this in mind, ask yourself if you have stayed connected with loved ones in your tribe. Also, pay particular attention to the elderly or children in your extended spheres. Someone may need your aid. Compassion is one of Gorilla’s core values.

Gorilla Totem Animal

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Those with Gorilla as a Totem Animal are powerful leaders. They do not use that power unwisely. This person understands that listening and consistency are far more effective than aggressive commands. In fact, Gorilla people have little patience for despots and will do what they can to keep such influences away from their space.

If this is your Totem, you tackle life in a sensible, steady manner. You are charming, respected and loyal to people you choose as friends. People know that they can depend on you, particularly if you make a promise. Your Gorilla Medicine gives you the ability to encourage a community to pull together for important causes, and generally achieve success. Gorilla is an active spirit. Being passive really isn’t in your nature.

While normally peace-loving, woe to those who would try to take what you see as yours by hard work or merit. That is when Gorilla warrior comes out. Initially, you will confront the person or situation with powerful discussions where you stand your ground without compromise. If that doesn’t work, Gorilla can be fierce.

Some people find you intimidating, but you’re really an old softie. You seek out other kind, honest and trustworthy souls. You also can’t help but want to help those who are weak, scared or feeling lost. Gorilla is a nurturer at heart and has plenty of compassion to spread around.

One caution for Gorilla people – take care of yourself too. You are always looking for someone to help but forget to ask for assistance when you really need it. Compassion applies to self-love also.

Gorilla Power Animal

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Why might you seek out Gorilla as a Power Animal? There are several ways in which Gorilla can help you. First, if you have a situation in which you have to be strong but also humble, Gorilla makes a perfect companion and helper. Trust and respect are earned, and that takes time. Walking with Gorilla gives you the patience to see this through.

Second, Gorilla can support your efforts to understand your soul’s contract in this life. Gorilla knows his place in the world. Now it’s time for you to really etch out your purpose. Once found, this manifests with tremendous motivation and a greater sense of self-worth.

For those considering moving into a greener way of living, Gorilla is a marvelous teacher. He knows the art of conservation. When they harvest leaves, for example, they always leave some on the plant, so it grows new ones quickly. Let Gorilla help you find this balance and harmony with nature.

When seeking for attunement to the Sacred Masculine, Gorilla is most definitely the epitome of male energy. Gorilla has authority, strength, discernment. He is the “gentle giant” who balances the energies of the Mother.

European Gorilla Symbolism

The first perception of large apes in Europe was that they were mythic half human, half animal creatures. Some felt they might be ghosts whose job it was to frighten away colonizers. This creature was fierce and monstrous, attacking women and running off with them into the jungle. This alludes to some of the primal human behaviors, not all of which are healthy.

African Gorilla Symbolism

Gorilla has many bits of superstition and symbolism associated with it in the African jungles. For example, the Fang tribe believed that a pregnant woman seeing a Gorilla would give birth to a Gorilla! Women also refrained from eating Gorilla meat fearing that their husband would turn into a figurative brutal Gorilla.

Nonetheless, many Africans say Gorilla in an incredibly positive light. They represent safety, parenting, and family. Their group-oriented structure translated as a symbol for love and community bonds. The tranquility of Gorilla groups became an emblem for harmony. Generally speaking, Gorilla bears good luck.

In the Pangwe tribe, there was a cult that centered on the Gorilla. It was called Ngi, after a powerful Gorilla spirit. There were regular rituals and offerings to Ngi so that he would protect them. We know little more of this group as their traditions were kept as a highly guarded secret.

Gorilla Dreams

Seeing a Gorilla in your dreams is a call to action. Whatever is happening in your life, you can no longer remain on the sidelines. If you are seeking a reward, you have to get up, get out and really give it your all.

Another meaning for Gorilla in your night visions is that of strength. You may not trust your own and feel helpless. Gorilla symbolizes the need for you to tap into that inner core and reclaim your power and be at peace with it. Without this, you can never truly discover your path or understand your fate.

Wise people have said that Gorilla knows the secret of walking meditations. Seeing him in your dream may call you to a similar practice. Take time to quiet your soul and look within. Living mindfully is part of your spiritual evolution.

If the Gorilla seems to be making threatening or rude gestures (like tossing feces) it may mean that you have been giving in to your lower, primitive ideas and impulses. This is particularly true with sexuality. Consider what is truly healthy in this regard.

Attacking a Gorilla in your dream is a sign of conflict, often in a group. There is some type of ill-will that needs remedying. Don’t let this go for too long or things will get ugly.

Dreaming of a Gorilla in your home, friendly Gorillas or being approached by a curious Gorilla in your dreams are all omens of good luck, including possible love on the horizon.

Gorilla Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Connection
  • Dignity
  • Gentility
  • Keen-Mindedness
  • Leadership
  • Loyalty
  • Nurturing
  • Wisdom

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