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Jackal Symbolism & Meaning

Want to develop a strategy for success? Need to dig in to find out the truth in a relationship? Jackal, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Jackal teaches you how to be more productive while showing you the art if scrutiny and in-depth investigation. Delve deeply into Jackal symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can awaken, educate, and guide you!

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Jackal Symbolism & Meaning

Jackals inhabit three regions, Africa, Asia, and Southeastern Europe. They look somewhat like a cross between a Fox and a Shepherd, or Coyotes with a pointy nose, thick tail, and large ears. Coyote’s symbolic values apply to Jackal, particularly the Trickster archetype, and as a creature focused on opportunity, eating anything they find in their travels.

There are three species of Jackal. The Golden Jackal lives in Southern Asia. The Black-Backed Jackal is native to Africa, and the Side-Striped Jackal lives in Southern and Eastern Africa. All three are about the size of an average Dog. Each has distinguishing markings and preferred habitats, each providing greater spiritual meaning.

The Black-Backed Jackal has jet-black hair streaking down their back to their tails. Otherwise, their coats are ginger-colored, offset by a white chest. Black-backed Jackals find contentment in woodlands and savanna regions. If you consider the pattern on their coats, the black gives Jackal a visual sense of being on the move, embodying focus and taking a direct route to a goal.

Side-Striped Jackals have their strip going from their elbows to the hip region, intermingled with black stripes. For habitat, the Side-Striped Jackal picks watery regions like tropical bushlands and marshes. So, now you have water and earth mixing and mingling energies-emotion and rationality in balance.

The Golden Jackal lives up to its name. It bears an tawny coat tipped with hints of brown. Wandering dry deserts and grasslands, the Golden Jackal inherits solar aspects.

Jackals can be social creatures when they wish. Many live together in small packs of about six members. The group will do everything as a unit from sunup to sundown. There is a sense of teamwork among them, and a communal purpose. More impressive still is Jackals having a specific yipping sound recognized (and responded to) only by other family members. It’s like a code kept for important comrades.

The concept of community and family expresses itself in the way Jackals care for their young. Both parents attend to the pups for over two months. During this time, the family moves to a new den about every two weeks, safeguarding the pups from would-be predators. Both Mother and Father Jackal will not leave the little ones until they are confident on their own, around eleven months of age.

Some ideas about Jackal symbolism and meaning come from the societies living near the regions the creatures inhabit. The Greeks had a God named Hermanubis who had a Jackal visage. Hermanubis reached His popularity when the Romans dominated Egypt. His primary duty was revealing the truth of matters, investigating them until satisfied with the discoveries. Meanwhile, in Senegal, Jackal is the first Animal created by God, and in Pakistan, the Jackal represents solitude and courage.

Jackal Spirit Animal

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The Jackal Spirit Animal arrives in your awareness when you need to be cunning and enterprising. Jackals are both smart and cunning. They know how to outsmart challengers for their next meal. So, ask yourself, “Who or what is between you, and what sustains you?

Jackal sometimes comes to people who struggle with productivity. You may either procrastinate too much or have little organization. Jackal is here as an efficiency manager of sorts. It’s time to get your loose ends tied up, clean off the desk, and get down to business.

If you have been looking for a partner or are in a relationship and wondered if said person might be the “one,” then the Jackal Spirit Animal brings good news. For single individuals, Jackal leads you to an excellent match, but you must get out and socialize to meet them. For two souls already in accord, Jackal assures you of loyalty.

Jackal Totem Animal

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People with a Jackal Totem Animal seem surrounded by mystery. There is always a twinkle in their eyes, as if they know something important. Such individuals are shrewd and streetwise.

If your Birth Totem is a Jackal, you pride yourself in being self-reliant. You know where to find what you need when you need it most. Ingenuity is the name of the game in your life, as is creativity. Everything in your world has an impressive dynamic.

Walking with the Jackal means striving toward a fantastic, intimate relationship filled with passion and trust. You want a quick-witted and venturesome mate. Your wood-be suitors better be ready to keep up! The goal of a long-term commitment doesn’t overcome your sense of reservation, however. You are meticulous while taking time to get to know people in friendship and love.

In any space, you dislike clutter. Good organization, in your mind, leads to greater efficiency and success. Chaos and messes make you antsy and disagreeable.

Jackal Medicine is positive, joyful, and honest. People like you and trust you, and for a good reason. They know, however, there is a little of yourself you never give away. It’s your special secret.

Jackal Power Animal

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There are many reasons to invoke your inner Jackal Power Animal. One is when you feel your backbone weakening from the constant onslaughts of contrary ideas regarding your life direction. Jackal energy helps you block confusing thoughts and then focus on your inner voice.

You rustle up your Jackal Power Animal when times are tight. Jackal is full of solutions. With Jackal’s focus, you can become more productive and ingenious in your approach to the current situation.

African Jackal Symbolic Meanings

In African folktales, Jackal is a Trickster Spirit. Jackals are swift at adapting to unexpected changes, relying on their stealth and cunning to make it through unsettling conditions. They can dodge traps, avoid hunters, appear as if they are dead, and elude any form of capture. Farmers don’t think so highly of Jackal, seeing it as a pirate. It is important to remember that Jackal never uses its talents out of malice. The Animal’s actions are a simple matter of survival.

One of the most famous depictions of Jackal comes from ancient Egypt. Here, people worshiped a Jackal-headed god named Anubis. Anubis oversaw all elements of the afterlife, guarding the dead and determining their soul’s fate. Historians feel the Jackal garnered associations with various funerary Gods because of their scavenging. They appear in prominent tombs all over the region.

Jackal Dreams

A Jackal in your dream may represent the understanding your unconscious mind and its impact on your daily actions. Pay attention and weigh your actions against what you know to be honorable.

If the Jackal in your dream appears to be hiding or sneaking around, beware-trickery is afoot. Someone you know may ride on the coattails of your reputation and talent. If you don’t catch it, it will lead to difficult relationships and even separations.

When you feel the Jackal in your dreams is you, then step back and take a long look at how you integrate people into your life. Avoid manipulation and using others to benefit yourself.

Should the Jackal in your dream sound out, it’s a warning. Check on your family and friends. Protect them if in danger or help them if they are ailing.

Jackal in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

In Egyptian Astrology, the periods of May 8-27 and June 29-July 13 come under the Sign of Anubis’s influence, and thus the Jackal. People born under the Jackal sign are inventive, working best alone so they can focus. They are rather unpredictable with intense authoritarian energies in their aura.

If Anubis is your Egyptian sign, you won’t hesitate to say what’s on your mind. It doesn’t matter-peasant or Pope; you are direct when speaking your truth. There are few filters in your communications.

Overall, the sign of Anubis/Jackal represents an astute, observant approach to life. It’s easy to see the patterns in the world around you, even from other realms. Good career choices include being an educator or therapist.

Jackal Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Direct Movement
  • Productivity
  • Loyalty
  • Mystery
  • Ingenuity
  • Orderliness
  • The Afterlife
  • Investigation
  • Truth
  • Water & Earth Elements

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