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Kangaroo Symbolism & Meaning

Do you want to try something new? Are you decisive rather than procrastinating? Kangaroo as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Kangaroo teaches you when to leap headlong into your future or take the “wait and see” approach. Delve deeply in Kangaroo symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can enlighten, soothe, and support you!

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Kangaroo Symbolism & Meaning

If you never saw a Kangaroo before, you might mistake it for an overgrow rabbit that happens to stand upright. For people outside of Australia, that’s a natural association because Kangaroos are only found on this continent (except for zoos, of course). That means we draw a lot of Kangaroos symbolism and meaning from its natural attributes, Australian folklore, and Australian Astrology. Here, those born under the Sign of Aries are Kangaroos! This sign represents leadership, strength, ambition, generosity, humor, independence and an abundance of energy.

One of the obvious traits of Kangaroo is leaping. Be it going toward something new or away from a bad situation, Kangaroo leaps. It also does so to protect their young. In this manner, Kangaroo represents adaptation and stamina as well as making wise choices.

An interesting feature in Kangaroos is that their hind feet each have four toes. In Numerology four is the number of foundations, self-control, structure, practicality, and decisiveness. Is it time for a leap of faith or time to wait, watch and build? Ask Kangaroo!

Kangaroo feet also provide firm connections with the Earth Element and provide them with balance; this is a beautiful connection that makes perfect sense spiritually. When we connect with Earth, we maintain our equilibrium which improves our ability to manifest.

When Kangaroo is frightened or in danger, they are very fast creatures. For a short stint, Kangaroos can leap at 40 miles an hour. Sustained speeds of 25 miles an hour over two kilometers likewise happen. On an average jaunt, Kangaroo goes about 15 miles an hour. So, at what speed do you need to be moving in different situations?

In another life, Kangaroo may have well been a boxer. These animals are tough as nails. The words “lazy” or “weak” really don’t exist in Kangaroo’s lifestyle. The only time that they are not really on the move is when they sleep. Humans could not keep up with Kangaroo’s stamina, yet somehow, they always have enough energy left over for whatever situation arises; This speaks to us deeply about how we expend our energy and attention, and what we reserve just in case.

Kangaroos generally travel in groups of 10 that exhibit complex social interaction. Greeting a new member comes by sniffing their nose – literally sniffing them out! This serves a more important purpose, however, the ability to recognize their group by the aroma; this improves continuity in their group and provides greater safety. With this in mind, we can tie Kangaroo symbolism and meaning to extending our senses, awareness, and community bonds.

Adaptation is built into Kangaroo’s genes. During droughts males often stop producing sperm and females freeze the development of their embryo. Conception only returns after vegetation improves adequately.

The Kangaroo is Australia’s symbol, appearing on currency and its coat of arms. Images of Kangaroo appear on many impressive organizations including the Royal Australian Air Force. By the way, if you drive in Australia, you will see Kangaroo crossing signs.

Some of the key characteristics of Kangaroo include adaptability, abundance, family ties, kindness, thankfulness, taking “leaps,” movement, nurturing, safety toughness, stamina, and quickness.

Kangaroo Spirit Animal

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Kangaroo is attracted to social, friendly people. Those who hold their own in conversation may find themselves aided even further by Kangaroo Spirit Animal. This magnificent creature also teaches the art of hospitality.

One of the messages from Kangaroo Spirit has to do with grounding. It’s fine to have hopes and dreams, but those need to have some ties to reality. Kangaroo reminds you to build strong foundations so that you have a firm ground from which to reach those goals.

If you are facing a big choice, Kangaroo Animal Spirit says, LEAP. Those things that you think are hindrances or barriers mean nothing to Kangaroo. Get your momentum, move forward with assurance and when that leap of faith comes, take it joyfully with a heart filled with gratitude.

Also, people who feel they’re in a difficult situation may find Kangaroo appearing to help. There is a time to stick it out and a time to GET OUT. Run like the wind with Kangaroo energy and don’t look back. Your instincts know where to take you. Once you make this transition your entire situation becomes secure and healthy again.

Speaking of transitions, Kangaroo Spirit also speaks heavily of adaptation. Change is inevitable. When you try running from it, you end up running smack dab into it. Change makes us uncomfortable, but Kangaroo smooths the path of transformation a little.

Finally, but most importantly, Kangaroo reminds us of the importance of thankfulness and appreciation. We overlook a lot in life, and that often robs us of lessons or opportunities. Walk in prayerfulness; live appreciatively.

Kangaroo Totem Animal

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Those born with a Kangaroo Totem have unending stamina and strength. Your general tendency is to always hop forward in life. You are not one to cling to the past. You are also very creative in the way you approach tasks both big and strong.

If this is your birth totem, you are not prone to flights of fancy. You always have one Kangaroo foot on the ground. Determination is your middle name, and if you have to make changes along the way to success and joy, you do.

Some people live fearfully. That is not the Kangaroo Totem Animal. You know when to move swiftly away from predators be they proverbial or real. Having said that, you aren’t afraid of a fight either. It doesn’t matter the foe; you will most certainly get a few good licks in. Kangaroo understands the natural fight or flight instinct intimately.

The Kangaroo Totem Animal has a very soft heart toward children, baby animals and generally anything regarded as fragile and vulnerable. You gather in these souls and do what you can to protect them. Nurturing and mothering come naturally. The only caution here is knowing when to release that “child” back into the real world. They cannot live in your pouch forever.

In relationships, the Kangaroo person is deeply passionate and innovative. When you fall in love it will be “at first sight” (or shortly after that) and intense. Afterward, you work tirelessly for that relationship’s success. Just be careful that it’s truly a connection that leads to happily ever after.

Some cautions for those with Kangaroo totems include getting overly focused. You don’t appreciate being interrupted or feeling that someone stands between you and your goal even if it’s someone you love. Don’t automatically go into boxing mode. Breath and reassess. If a person on your team comes with cautionary information, you will do well to consider it.

Kangaroo Power Animal

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Call on Kangaroo Power Animal when:

  • You need strength and stamina for a cause close to your heart.
  • You want to release yourself from bad memories or past mistakes.
  • You begin indeed following your passions.
  • You’ve over-extended yourself in a situation and had to step back to recuperate.
  • You doubt your instincts.
  • In situations where trust is lacking.
  • It’s time for an adventure! Hop along!

Kangaroo as an Australian Animal Symbol

Kangaroo is as important to Australia as the Buffalo to Native Americans. They have long been involved in Aboriginal stories, especially about the Dream Time. Kangaroo has powerful Medicine.

A story tells us one of the reasons why Kangaroo has such an important place among the Aborigine. It’s said, one day, Kangaroo happened upon a small group of Koori in the southern part of Australia. The Kori were performing a sacred dance. Kangaroo hid behind a tree watching but could not resist the sound of drums and the dancers’ movements. So, he came out and joined them, hopping merrily. Usually, the Koori would kill someone for being present at a ritual that was beyond their initiation level. But they decided instead to welcome into their membership. Now people wear images of the Kangaroo when reenacting this event.

Here is the story of The First Kangaroo: It is said there was a time when Australia had no Kangaroos. Then one day there came a great wind carrying a Kangaroo with it. The wind crossed the plains, the ranges and eventually settled out at sea. Kangaroo could not land. He was being tossed up and down and up and down again. At one point he tried for a foothold stretching out his legs out as far as possible. As he did, they grew even longer for safety.

Meanwhile, a Chief was starting to look for a new country as the food was becoming scarce among the tribespeople. So, he sailed out having painted himself for good fortune. For a long while, nothing seemed promising until something caught his attention. It was a bee who became his guide for a while. The Bee flew up, left and right. Finally, something distracted the Chief, and he forgot Bee altogether.

It was about this time that darkness fell over the Chief. It seemed menacing until a bright bolt of light with rainbow colors appears reaching from pole to pole. The Chief was in awe of this sight. Then the winds started once more. They blew all night and well into the morning. Somewhere in that commotion, a creature with long legs crawled out, fell and then bounded swiftly away.

The Chief followed in that direction discovering abundant birds, roots, ferns, and grasses. He went and moved the tribe there right away feeling blessed by the Great Spirit for Kangaroo’s appearance and all the gifts it provided to the people.

The Story of How the Kangaroo got Her Pouch: One day a Kangaroo and her Joey were grooming on the bank of a crystal brook. As they stood, they saw an old wombat, looking none too well, heading their way. Kangaroo knew this wombat must be very old. She heard him say again and again, “worthless and useless” and it made her sad.

Kangaroo asked wombat what was wrong. He was a bit startled being blind but responded that no one wanted him around. Everyone had abandoned him as a burden. Kangaroo would have none of that. She told him she would be his friend, showing him to food and water; this made the wombat feel better.

While taking care of the wombat, the Joey wandered off like most distracted children. It didn’t take long to find him fast asleep in a gum tree. Knowing he was safe Kangaroo returned to the wombat. To her horror, a hunter was stalking him. She was terrified but could not let the wombat suffer. So, she started stomping the branches, pounding the earth as a distraction to the hunter. When he turned to look Kangaroo told wombat to run.

The hunter’s attention was now entirely on Kangaroo. She ran and ran even leaving her Joey asleep. She felt as if she’d run forever until she found a cave and fell asleep on the dirt floor. Somehow when the hunter approached the cave, he just walked in front of it two times. When he moved away, she returned to her Joey who was awake and ready to play, but wombat was nowhere to be found.

Unbeknown to Kangaroo the wombat was really the God Byamee in disguise. He came to earth searching for kind-hearted creatures. Kangaroo won his attention and his heart. He decided to give her a gift. The sky spirits were instructed to make her an apron of eucalyptus bark and tell her to tie it to her waist. They did so and magically it became Kangaroo fur and a part of her. Now she had a place for her baby, Joey, to sleep whenever he wished.

As happy as Kangaroo was she prayed that all marsupials could be so blessed. Byamee was moved again by Kangaroo’s generosity and made pouches for all of them. Since this time their babies rarely get lost.

Kangaroo Dreams

A Kangaroo appearing in your dreams often represents motherhood. Perhaps you are thinking of having a child or pregnant. Symbolically you may also be giving birth to a project or idea. Kangaroo is a positive sign for all of these situations.

If the Kangaroo in your dream seems to be hopping haphazardly, this means that your attention is divided. You go from one thing to the next without finishing either. You need to focus.

A Kangaroo hopping quickly through your property acts as a warning of some type of danger nearby. Be careful about a few days.

Kangaroos feeding near your home in a dream represent your family comforts and a sense of happiness.

A red Kangaroo is Masculine and speaks of the Sacred Male. Tap into that side of yourself for authority and strength.

A grey Kangaroo represents justice as well as those that somehow lose their way.

Kangaroo Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptation
  • Ambition
  • Energetic
  • Generosity
  • Humor
  • Independence
  • Leadership
  • Nurturing
  • Protector
  • Strength

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