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Lemur Symbolism & Meaning

Do you need to lighten up and take things less seriously? Are you looking for a little adventure? Lemur as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Lemur teaches you to enjoy every minute of your life! Delve deeply in Lemur symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can uplift, support, and animate you!

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Lemur Symbolism & Meaning

“My first time in Madagascar was awesome because lemurs are kind of funny; they throw fruit at the back of your head when you’re not looking and then point at one another when you turn around.”
― Kevin Hearne

Among the Lemurs, you have the smallest primate known. The little guy weighs just over one ounce, earning the name of Mouse Lemur. Unlike many other species, the male and female Lemur are very difficult to determine from a distance, having few differences in size or color.

The Malagasy people tell us that Lemurs have souls. One should always be kind to them, or they will exact some form of revenge. Some villages even claim the Lemur as an ancestor and a symbol of good luck.

One of the physical characteristics that most people comment on are the Lemur’s eyes. They’re big and engaging. Even so, the Lemur isn’t dependent on vision so much. They rely instead on pheromones and their sense of smell. In humans, this corresponds as learning how to use all our senses more effectively, including our psychic instincts. When there’s a problem, sniff it out!

Lemur are highly active, particularly at night. This has given them a reputation for being supernatural akin to ghosts but with positive qualities. These creatures have social groups with a dominant leader. These groups cuddle for social contact as well as warmth. Being reliant on aromas, the male Lemur marks his scent around the group. If he feels threatened, he will begin a stink fight with their challenger. Now, while humans don’t exactly mark their territory, we certainly respond to smells including personal perfumes and colognes. What does your scent reveal to others?

This primate is highly communicative; they have a variety of ways of using their voice, including for alarming others. Lemur is pretty clever too. They can select and use simple tools, put things into a specific order and even have a knack for basic math! All this with a relatively small brain – talk about exceeding expectations!

If you observe Lemurs in the wild, they have a cuteness factor to the “nth degree.” They love playing and being together. It appears that Lemur takes all the sunshine life offers them and enjoys it completely. Lemur appears to be brave as well, rarely getting skitterish when humans are close by.

Keywords and characteristics associated with Lemur Spirit include mysteries, secrets, skill, happiness, playfulness, travel, spiritual vision, socialization, community, family, courage, charm, engaging, luck, and sense of smell (the air element),

It was some forty million years ago that Lemurs somehow made it from their native African roots to Madagascar. That is where they remain to this day, where they have been living exclusively since that time in their own tropical paradise.

Lemur Spirit Animal

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Lemurs are naturally attracted to people who are whimsical (or those desperately in need of a sense of humor). If the former, Lemur Spirit Animal may just wish to enjoy your company and perhaps go on a spiritual adventure. If the latter, it’s time to stop being so serious and learn how to laugh again. It’s great soul food.

Another reason Lemur Spirit Animal shows up is as a guide to your awareness. You have abilities that have not been wholly unlocked. You need not see with your physical eyes to feel the energies around you. Open your mind to new levels of knowingness. Use all your senses.

Those about to set out on a new endeavor are fortunate to have Lemur at their side. He gives you an upbeat attitude and positivity. Additionally, Lemur helps navigate some of the tricky parts of this equation, so you reach your goals in perfect time.

Have you been struggling with your words? Lemur Spirit challenges you in finding better forms of communication. First, you need to be comfortable with yourself, then reach out socially. You don’t need to impress anyone, but having what you say and MEAN is essential. Add a little humor and cunning into the equation and watch what happens.

Lemur Spirit may also come to someone who is going to need a lot of energy in the near future. These are active creatures and smart with how they use their time. Whatever is happening right now think about impressions. Put your best foot forward while remaining true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to stand in the spotlight at least momentarily. Get in touch with that Lemur extroverted power.

Lemur Totem Animal

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Those born with a Lemur Totem Animal always want to be there best in everything they try. The only problem with that is having unrealistic expectations for oneself that leave you feeling down when you fall a little short. The concept of not being hard on oneself doesn’t come easily to the Lemur.

If this is your birth Totem, you have a natural air about you. People perceive you as cute, social and family oriented. You also love to travel anywhere beautiful and relaxing. Live joyfully could very well be your mantra.

Lemur people are creatures of the night. That’s when your energy really peeks. Those around you will come to understand this and not think you a total crank when woken early.

Positivity is part of the Lemur Totem Animal’s nature. You smile at people, are eager for fun and know how to communicate effectively. Lemurs aren’t overly loud, but when they have something to say it’s usually worth a listen.

Speaking of communication, your Lemur Birth Totem may well lead you into professional positions that require that skill: Writing for a journal or blog, public speaking, event coordination and negotiation come to mind. Your fascination with language truly becomes a cornerstone for obtaining your goals gracefully. It’s just natural.

One of the cautions for Lemur people is that this Spirit has a long memory. If someone slights them, lies to them, hurts them, etc. there is a tendency to want revenge. Usually, this comes out in the form of scathing words, but sometimes there’s also a plot afoot. Try to rein that in. Realize that people are people. They’re going to mess up. Just let that go and move on to bigger and better things.

Lemur Power Animal

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Call on Lemur Power Animal when:

  • You get off track in life and seek a new plan.
  • There’s a project in which you wish to excel.
  • You want to encourage the best in yourself generally.
  • Joy seems elusive.
  • You need guidance in a matter where something seems hidden.
  • Thing seem confusing and you need clarity.
  • Communications are askew.

Lemur Symbols in Madagascar

Because Lemur’s history has been isolated to Madagascar, that’s where we must travel to learn more. Lemur is the symbol of Madagascar National Parks. Western civilization didn’t even know about this curious primate until the early 1600s. The description came from a traveler named Samuel Purchase who said the Lemur was monkey-sized with a fox face and long ringed tail. Meanwhile, in their homeland, they are characterized as a sacred creature that you should not harm.

Tribal myths reveal much about Lemur symbolism and meaning. The stories from various tribes have been cherished from generation to generation through oral tradition. One of the most popular is the creation of the Lemur (Indri). It is said that two brothers lived together in the forest, but this grew tiresome. One left to cultivate the land and became the first human. The other remained becoming the Indri. The cry of the Lemur is one that mourns for his brother’s company.

Not all stories speak of the Lemur positively. Some consider the Indri an omen of evil. If one points its sharp middle finger at a person, they will become ill or die. This may have come about due to the Lemur’s night time activities and how their eyes look when hit by light.

Another folktale derived from true history begins with a Portuguese expedition in the forests of Madagascar. They woke up hearing frightening howls and thought them to be the voice of their dead companions. The next day they discovered it was the sound of a monkey. So, they dubbed them Lemurs, which comes from a Roman term for the spirits of the dead.

The Lemur God: This story begins with a man named Babakoto. He was a simple man. Sadly, he was accused to death for a crime he did not commit. No one would listen to him. While he awaited execution, he began planning to escape. He managed to get into the jungle dodging those that sought to recapture him.

Zanahary, a divine being, saw this and chose mercy. He transformed Babakoto into the first Lemur. When his previous captors saw this change, they knew they were wrong. On that day Lemurs became another tribe in Madagascar. It was taboo to harm them in any way. Babakoto took a human bride and gave birth to many Lemurs to populate the region.

Lemur Natural History: Lemur-like creatures roamed Africa some 70 million years ago. Somehow, they rafted to Madagascar using vegetation. There were giants among these first arrivals, but those went extinct long ago. Now there are over 100 species of Lemur, all living on this tropical island.

The Lemur’s presence is important to Madagascar’s forest. They eat fruit and leave seeds throughout their travels via droppings. These become the next generation of trees and food for all manner of creatures including geckos and snakes.

Lemur Symbols in Rome

The Romans depicted Lemurs in rather creepy ways as specters who wandered the night. They were purportedly lost souls who were criminals who received no proper last rights. Ovid called them voiceless spirits who sought their old homes. For one to protect themselves, they had to cleanse the house during Lemuria at midnight. The head of the household had to throw offerings of black beans over his shoulder while others banged pots together for a noise that scared away spirits.

Lemur Symbols in Sweden

Move forward to the mid-1700s, and you find Linnaeus classifying creatures into kingdoms, species, and genre. This was groundbreaking work. He recorded the Lemur officially in the Museum of King Adolf Frederick. It then appeared in a book (Systema Naturae) as the slow-moving Lemur, the cat Lemur, and the flying Lemur. Linnaeus relied on the Roman myths and legends in picking their name.

Lemur Dreams

A Lemur appearing in your dream means there is someone in your life who is not working for your best interests and many even seek to harm you. If the Lemur is hanging from a branch, this represents the inner child and playfulness. If the Lemur is screeching while doing this, however, it means some youth(s) in your life is very troublesome.

A Lemur with its eyes closed represents some sort of mystery in your past, perhaps a trick or a misdirection. This requires remedying. When a Lemur’s eyes are central to your dream, you are not seeing something that’s really important. Look around and get all your facts straight.

Recognizing a female Lemur in your dreamscape may symbolize fertility. Alternatively, it directs your attention toward the Sacred Feminine or the need to protect your young. Remain aware. By comparison, the male Lemur represents the order of things. Are you following the right channels in your efforts?

If the Lemur is sunbathing, it’s an emblem of repose and also a message to consider the symbolism of the Sun (or Fire Element) in your life. A Lemur glaring at you or leaping through the air towards you portends some type of on-coming fight for which you must prepare. Make your line in the sand and mark your territory clearly.

Should the Lemur be eating fruit, this is a positive sign of growth and providence. Lemurs huddling in a group direct your attention to your own Tribe and building relationships there.

Dreaming of a screeching Lemur is a warning. There are proverbial predators nearby.
Seeing a mother Lemur with a baby represents nurturing and love. Lemurs are basically matriarchal, so if there is a strong woman in your life look to her for help.

If the Lemur in your dream is on a raft of some nature in the water, it portends a trip that will change you in good ways.

Lemur Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Charm
  • Community
  • Courage
  • Family
  • Gut Instincts
  • Luck
  • Playfulness
  • Psychic Awareness
  • Spiritual Vision
  • Travel
  • Vocalization

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