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Llama Symbolism & Meaning

Are you the consummate diplomat, always biting your tongue? Want to know when to take action and when to hold back? Llama & Alpaca as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Llama & Alpaca teaches to say what you mean and mean what you say! Delve deeply in Llama & Alpaca symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can support, help, and empower you!

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Llama & Alpaca Symbolism & Meaning

“There is nothing like a llama… well maybe an alpaca. But they’re kinda like trademarks of llamas…”
― Llama Queen

Llamas are among the first domesticated animals typically used for pack animals. These interesting creatures show love and sociability, preferring the company of herds to a solitary life. The females seem to keep the herd in line, and members of the herd have been observed as caring for each other. Among the list of animals whose name affords numerous puns, there is much we can learn from Llama Spirit.

The Llama *& Alpaca is a cousin to camels, but some early records indicate they were sometimes mistaken for sheep. Llamas were native to North America, but we see most of the symbolism and meaning for them in Peru, in Incan history, and in the Andes. Llamas were around to watch the end of the Ice Age, which makes them conduits for historical history.

Among our ancestors, the Llama was a practical animal but also one that was a bit temperamental. Llamas endure harsh environments very well, giving them the symbolism of perseverance. Additionally, Llama & Alpaca seems to adapt well to changing climate conditions, making them hardy. Llama Spirit can truly roll with life’s punches and shake them off afterward.

One symbol that the Llama carries is that of communication, particularly when trouble arises. If they notice something or hear an unrecognized noise, they will bray and alert the whole herd. Between each other, they hum to convey intent. If a Llama spits in a rather ill-mannered way, you know they’re annoyed. The more the spit, the greater the level of aggravation. In human terms, this represents not swallowing our words in important matters. Take the Llama’s advice: Just spit it out!

You can train a Llama for simple tasks fairly quickly. Their curiosity about humans easily engages their attention. The only problem here is bringing up young Llamas. Once they see you as part of their herd, they will treat you accordingly. From an adult Llama weighing around 350 pounds, that’s probably worth avoiding.

There is a folk tale that may or may not be true about the Llama. When the Spanish came into Incan territory, they wondered about this odd creature. They repeated the question, “como se llama” again and again. The Incans thought that the Spaniards were identifying this animal as a Llama and the name remains.

Keywords and characteristics associated with Llama Spirit include action, adaptability, balance, community, diligence, duty, fortitude, intrigue, movement, patience, rugged, stamina, and tenacity.

One of the most interesting and educational aspects of the Llama is that, while they are strong, they will not move if they are overloaded. They simply stand there, stubbornly, until the load is adjusted. How many of us need to learn that lesson? How much is on your plate right now? Is it time to get rid of some of those burdens or tasks?

Llama Spirit Animal

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When Llama Spirit Animal comes your way, it’s time to ask yourself if you are taking on way too much. When that happens, you can’t function efficiency. There is a difference between hard work and burning out. Discovering your limits is part of the Llama’s lesson in survival. Take it to heart.

The second lesson from your Llama Animal Guide is about self-image and pride. Humility has its place, but that doesn’t mean letting yourself be treated like a floor mat. Do not let others treat you like an inconsequential accessory. Let Llama help you bolster confidence and dignity.

Sometimes Llama Medicine has to do with endurance. If you are facing what seems to be an overwhelming task, pause for a minute. Think of the best ways of tackling this without wasting your energy or relinquishing personal power. Llama provides focus and durability for the long haul ahead.

Certain cultures regard Llama as a Spirit of protection. Having Llama’s support when danger persists makes for a great ally. In particular, if you feel haunted by an unhappy spirit, Llama can assist in finding a means to give that soul rest.

Alternatively, Llama may be speaking to you about a lost dream or goal that you put on a shelf feeling utterly discouraged. Guess what? It’s time to dust that off. You have grown since that time and Llama encourages you to follow your heart. You don’t need to rush, but standing still isn’t working.

Llama Totem Animal

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Those born with a Llama Totem Animal are the worker-bees of the Animal Guides and Teachers. They are always ready to lend a hand, which endears them to many. They’re aware of shifts and changes and how to maneuver through any task. Just be aware that the Llama is a willful soul and sometimes stubborn. If they are unhappy with progress or other matters you will know about it.

If you were born with a Llama Totem you’re pretty easy going but for one thing. You will not let other people use you. Once you see abuses of your good nature, there is no second-guessing. That relationship is over. This characteristic is why you seek out friends with great care. You also have little tolerance for those who undervalue your talents and time. Exactly how you handle this depends on how grievous the offense.

One of the gifts that come with Llama is charisma. You can get anyone up and moving with very little complaint. Your never-ending determination and confidence make for a natural born leader who knows what they want, and how they want to get there.

Unlike some other Animal Totems, Llama is rather diversified in their focus. One may choose finances, another health and another still hearth and home. No matter what choice you can be sure they’ll overcome nearly any challenge that gets in the way. Note that this determination isn’t grumpy or peevish. Rather it comes from total optimism and self-trust. Llamas are achievers.

In social circles, the Llama is friendly and truly likes gatherings of any size. They will seek out people with interesting ideas and views, or those with stories of adventure. People in the Llama’s inner circle find a protective spirit who is kind and caring.

Overall if your Totem Animal is the Llama your attributes include being responsible, preserving and strong. It’s really not in your nature to focus on failures and past mistakes. And when life starts tossing all manner of negativity your way, you spit in the face of it and keep going steadily forward.

Llama Power Animal

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Call on Llama & Alpaca Power Animal when:

  • There’s a calling to pursue your dream with confidence.
  • The current situation calls for endurance that seems lacking
  • You’ve taken on too many things at once and find yourself frozen.
  • One of your personal goals is improving self-confidence.
  • Family or community ties need strengthening.
  • Learning a new skill and you need to do so swiftly.
  • Reclaiming a dream you’d previously given up.

Native American Llama Symbolic Meanings

Among Native American Tribes, Llama represents work and protection on both a spiritual and physical level.

Lama in Incan Tradition: Among the Incas, the Llama was an animal of royalty. While it’s true that the Incas had a long tradition of Llama herding and using them for carrying things, religiously there was a higher calling. A Llama might be buried with nobility to protect them after death.

The Incas had a Llama God named Uruchillay. This Deity had fur of every color, and his dominion was watching over all creatures. Herders in particular worshipped this Being, which makes sense. Uruchillay’s pleasure meant the health and growth of their cattle. Incan tradition also speaks of the constellation of the Llama. It includes Alpha and Beta Centauri as the eyes of the adult male Llama who is accompanied by mother and child.

One story among the Incas tells us why the Llama lives on the mountains. There was a time long ago when humans started ignoring the Gods: Of course, there would be a punishment for being so uppity. The only place on earth that was not corrupt lay high in the Andes mountains.

In this region, two brothers observed the behavior of the Llamas. They kept looking at the sky and just staring. The brothers had no idea why the Llamas would act this way, so they went to the Llamas and outright asked them. The Llamas told the brothers that the stars held a bad omen. A flood was coming that would destroy the world.

The brothers, being wise, gathered their family and sought out shelter in the mountains. Once settled they watched with awe. As the Llamas told them great waters began to rise, washing everything away. Each time the water neared their cave, however, the mountain grew higher.

Eventually, the rains stopped, and the Sun god smiled once more. The world dried and was safe once more. The brothers returned to the valley and began repopulating the earth.

Meanwhile, the Llamas decided to stay right where they were. After all, one could never know when such a flood might occur again.

Peruvian Tradition: has a similar story in which a Llama warned a man of the coming sea. He advised the man to go to the mountaintop with food for five days. Upon reaching the summit, they found other animals gathered there. At one point the sea rose so high as to wash over the tip of the fox’s tail, coloring it black. True to the Llama’s words, the water receded after five days. It is this one man who became the father of all people.

Llama Dreams

A Llama appearing in your dream as it walks down a road signifies you trust in your path, and are ready to “keep on keepin’ on.”

If the Llama in your dream looks as if it’s piled under a load, then you too are probably carrying too much, including baggage from the past. Worry stems from this also. Release what isn’t important right NOW.

Should the Llama in your dream spit in your direction, someone in your life is displeased with you. Reach out and try to heal this situation.

Llamas walking together in a caravan symbolize working cooperatively toward something that truly matters to you. Your faith matters.

When the Llama in your dream is dressed in silly clothing or bright bags, it means that either you or someone you know is behaving ridiculously.

A Llama lying down in your dream portends bad luck, a setback or missing some type of performance requirements.

White Llamas may portend prosperity, companionship or the start of a new real or proverbial journey. Black ones imply coming comforts, increase enthusiasm or passion.

When the Llama appears as accompanying a wise person or elder, it symbolizes illumination and spiritual growth.

Llama & Alpaca Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Action
  • Adaptability
  • Balance
  • Community
  • Diligence
  • Duty
  • Fortitude
  • Movement
  • Patience
  • Stamina

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