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Moose & Elk Symbolism & Meaning

Are you feeling invisible? Want to let the world know you matter? Moose or Elk as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Moose & Elk teaches you how to make a magnificent and memorable impression. Delve deeply in Elk & Moose symbolism and meaning to find out how these animal spirit guides can support, encourage, and inspire you!

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Moose & Elk Symbolism & Meaning

“I’m a big brown moose,
I’m a slumberous moose,
I’m a moose with a warm, snuggly hide;
and I bask in the moon
as the coyotes croon,
with my moose-mama close by my side.”
– Joyce Sidman

Moose makes its home in the Northern parts of Canada and the United States. They are also known in Europe but by the name Elk. The two have minor differences, but generally, they’re lumped together when talking about symbolism and meaning. It’s also worthy to note that some of the ideas about Moose mingle with the stories of large deer.

If there is a word that sums up Moose energy, it would be imposing. Dignified and monumental Moose stands some six feet tall and weighs up to a half ton! Only the male of the species sprouts horns sometimes having a span of five feet wide. Certainly, this makes for quite the impressive entrance for Moose, but those horns have a specific purpose. They’re handy against predators, but more importantly, male Moose (the Bull) fight each other during mating season for rights to a female (a Cow). In human terms, this speaks of our presence and the way in which we engage others. Not everything has to be a battle, but having self-confidence certainly helps when you stand toe-to-toe with a foe.

Even without horns, the female Moose is pretty damn strong and intimidating. If their babies are in danger, she will protect those cubs. Like many other mammals, this symbolizes family and safety, particularly those we hold dear.

This comforting unit, however, is temporary. After about a year the children go out on their own. Some stay in nearby feeding areas, but for the most part, they remain blissfully uninterested in each other. This represents autonomy and spirited determination.

The main predator for Moose is Bear and interestingly enough the Killer Whale who grabs Moose while they swim in the waters of the Northwest Coast in America. Speaking of swimming, many people do not know that Moose swim quite adeptly (up to 6 mph.), giving them some associations with the Water Element.

As you might imagine Moose has to eat quite a lot to sustain that frame. As herbivores, they need not eat other animals in maintaining their health. These are the equivalents of vegetarians in the animal kingdom.

In nature, Moose is also faster than you might expect. They can run twice as fast as a human for short stints, 35 mph. Basically, don’t try and chase them. You will lose.

Keywords and characteristics associated with Moose Spirit include power, courage, speed, agility, grace, adaptation, energy, strength, movement, independence, self-esteem and wisdom.

Rocky and Bullwinkle

We know that symbolism and meaning can change with time. So, we can’t let an entry about Moose go by without mentioning the Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. The series premiered in November of 1959 and went through various title incarnations over the years.

Rocky is an anthropological flying squirrel whose humorous sidekick is Bullwinkle, the Moose. The other key characters include Boris and Natasha (the bad guys). Supporting this we find Dudley Do-Right (a VERY good guy) and Mr. Peabody a dog whose boy traveled through time. And who can forget Fractured Fairy Tales? (If you haven’t seen it, check it out!)

Focusing on our Moose friend, Bullwinkle is not the brightest flower in the forest, but he does bring a lot of laughter into the show, something very suited to Moose Spirit. His balance to the brainy Rocky was essential as it showed the wonders of a friendship built on good morals and optimism (along with a fair amount of moxie). Bullwinkle was immune to Goof Gas, pulled rabbits out of his hat, and he could remember everything he ever ate.

While not a perfect rendering of our Moose Spirit Animal, it is a peek into a timely depiction of the good-bad dichotomy and a little bit of magic (Hey, where’s that hat again)?

Moose & Elk Spirit Animal

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When Moose Spirit comes to call it’s impossible to ignore him. The power in this creature vibrates with intent. There are two potential reasons for this type of visit. Moose Spirit may be offering you courage for facing a difficult situation, even perhaps a fight that you’d rather avoid. Alternatively, Moose may be asking if you are using your physical nature as a threat, even unwittingly. If people shy away from you, this may be why.

Autonomy is another message from the Moose Animal Spirit. Are you overly concerned with those around you and what they may think? Time to turn down that dimmer switch. There are many moments in our lives when we must live for OURSELVES, our vision, our passions. Don’t give in to outside pressure when you know that advice is blatantly wrong.

Moose Medicine works with the sense of smell. Effectively Moose says when something doesn’t seem quite right – follow your nose! Smell ignites memories and thoughts that help you sort things out.

Moose also works with our eyes. Each eye on this creature moves independently, meaning they can literally keep an eye on the prize at all times. Pretty handy, huh? This type of awareness is vital to our daily life. Open up those eyes.

If you have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian, Moose may appear to help with that. For most people, it’s not like just turning off a switch. You need some good guidance to get all the right nutrients and the right amounts for staying healthy.

Finally, the appearance of large Moose antlers resembles a satellite dish. Interestingly enough the surface of the antlers is very sensitive. So, the Moose’s advice is to keep your inner satellite tuned to the right channel. Don’t ignore your gut instincts.

Moose & Elk Totem Animal

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Those born with a Moose Totem animal feel big no matter their actual stature. They value a sense of inner strength and offer protection to those in need. Generally, Moose is a joyful person, not to be the class clown but instead because they know that laughter truly heals.

If Moose is your birth Totem animal you have a headstrong nature but manage to balance that with a fair amount of wisdom. When it comes to goals, you show unique diligence. Moose also brings out a fair amount of feminine energies in you.

When Walking with Moose, you find that you learn how to navigate even big situations relatively unseen. Moose is a natural master of camouflage. With Moose, you can learn throughout your life when you wish to be seen, and when you need to get behind that proverbial curtain.

One of the odd dichotomies of Moose-born people is that they have charm and grace, but also tend to be clumsy. Moose sometimes feels like they have shoes on two sizes too big. Over time that eases, and your natural senses provide a lot of information that help keeps you standing up.

Speaking of senses, those born with the Moose Totem depend heavily on their hearing and smell, even as Moose does in nature. Certainly, other senses come into play but none so strong as these two. Trust what you gather from them.

With Moose comes balance between your power and your soft side. Moose people often move into extraordinary times. As your adult antlers grow, so does the information and talents you amass. And with those antennae on your head, you have a pretty smooth connection to the Universe. This means that a fair percentage of Moose people develop psychic abilities.

Moose & Elk Power Animal

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There are many reasons why you might choose to call on Moose as a Power Animal Aid. These include:

Getting yourself out of the spotlight. Whatever is happening you want to turn attention away from yourself and onto something else. You are out of your depth here. Let Moose bring you back into the shallow waters.

Needing to see things from different angles. Remember that Moose’s eyes move independently from each other. Look through them and see what you previously missed.

Taking a breather alone. Moose generally likes solitude, and there are faces in everyone’s life when we desperately need it but may feel guilty about it and hold back. Just do it! Try going solo for a day or even a week until your thoughts settle.

Protecting those you love. You feel small and weak, but Moose is anything but that. Moose energy inspires defiance and standing your ground. You will grow 3-feet taller (so to speak) working with Moose magic.

Adapting to challenges and new situations. It has been said that the only thing we can depend on is change. Moose helps us figure out how to handle what’s coming with strength and assurance.

Keeping your cool. You know something is afoot but can’t quite figure it out. Moose helps you calm yourself so you can tune into your heightened senses and get a bead on the matter. After that, you can act quickly and tidy up loose ends.

Defining your soul’s purpose in this incarnation. Moose has strong ties with the Earth but also with Spirit. You were brought here for a reason. Knowing that reason makes all the difference in the world.

Native American Moose & Elk Symbolic Meanings

In North America Moose was a staple in the Native diet. Hides became leather, and much of the meat was dried for seasonal sustenance. Despite this, Moose really didn’t have a large role in folklore. The Cree consider Moose as symbolic of survival and stamina. Moose also has become a clan animal to various tribes including the Chippewa and the Menominee.

Despite the great importance of moose to Native people in Canada and the northern United States, moose do not play a major role in Native American folklore, appearing most often simply as a food animal. In Ojibwe and Cree traditions, moose are symbols of endurance and survival. In Wabanaki folklore of northern New England and the Maritimes, some legends say that Moose was once a monster who was defeated by the culture hero Glooskap.

Moose are also used as clan animals in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Moose Clans include the Chippewa (whose Moose Clan and its totem are called Moozoonsii) and the Menominee.

There is one Native story that claims that Moose played an integral role in the creation of humankind. It comes to us from the Potawatomi Tribe.

In the beginning, there were no people on earth but for one Potawatomi woman who was desperate for companionship. There were plenty of animals, and so she began to ponder taking on of them to be her life-mate. She and that animal would create all humans from that point forward.

The woman sent out a message to all the creatures of the forest expressing her desire for a suitable husband and mate. Many different creatures came for consideration, but none of them seemed quite apt. Then, one day she was walking and found herself face-to-face with the mighty Moose. In him she saw the qualities for which she hoped, so she asked if he would marry her. He agreed.

It is believed that to this day humans carry some Moose within them.

Moose & Elk as a Celtic Symbol

Sadly, the Elk died out in Celtic regions in about 2500 BCE. There were writing in Ireland and Scotland of giant deer. But for Cernunnos who has stag antlers on top of his head, the myths and symbols seem wanting.

Ireland holds the distinction of having the largest Elk ever to live on earth according to fossil records, with antlers 12 feet long. This particular deer lived over 7,000 years ago from Ireland to Russia. Tales indicate that this creature could be twice the size of a human, but that’s probably an exaggeration. They were more like 7 feet tall.

No one knows for sure why this creature became extinct; they may have not had enough food, or those with proper nourishment, which would have to be heavy in calcium. Humans hunting the Elk might have played a role if the animal did not breed fast enough. Human settlements could have driven them from their natural habitat, or perhaps the great Elk simply evolved into what we consider a Moose.

Moose & Elk Dreams

Moose dreams warn of some type of unpredictability in our life. Keep those hooves firmly planted and keep watch. If the Moose is running away, it may represent a lack of backbone on your part. Moose doesn’t seek out fights but doesn’t run from them either. A Moose that appears to be listening suggests that you too need to listen to those around you more carefully. Talk little. Listen a lot.

Moose & Elk Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Agility
  • Autonomy
  • Connection to the Universe
  • Defense
  • Imposing
  • Power
  • Self-Confidence
  • Speed
  • Spirited Determination
  • Strength

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