Panda Bear Symbolism & Meaning

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Are you working on manifesting good fortune into your life?

Do you need a better work/life balance?

Is it time to adopt a more peaceful path?

Panda Bear energy can help!

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Panda Bear Symbolism & Meaning

The sweet-spirited Panda looks like a teddy bear, but that doesn’t mean its spiritual aptitudes are all fuzzy and soft. In fact, Panda has a single-minded strength that comes from keeping four paws firmly planted in terra-firma.

Panda Bear energy teaches seekers about the importance of personal territory. Everyone needs a safe haven – a place and space that’s wholly safe and comfortable. The key to keeping that haven is maintaining our spiritual, physical and emotional balance holistically.

Eastern cultures regard Panda as a symbol of peace and good fortune. When Panda appears, you may find your whole outlook on life becoming brighter. The Panda spirit often works on the heart chakra so that you can love more fully, including yourself.

Panda’s mantra could well boil down to: “Your feelings matter. Don’t dismiss them.”

In nature Panda uses its natural awareness to remain tuned into its surrounding. It does not like chaos, so when you work with Panda energy you also have to find that calm center. Being aware of the vibrations around you is different than surrendering to them.

When people come into your space and cause disturbance, Panda counsels: clear that garbage and reclaim your sacred terrain. Those guests that overstay their welcome impact your aura and you have the right to stand your ground. Bear in mind that your needs are important. You must continue to nurture your soul with the same gentle love and support you offer to others.

Because Panda is a bear, there are some cross-over meanings. You can consider Bear Symbolism & Meaning when working with Panda to see what attributes speak to you most strongly.

Panda Bear Spirit Animal

When Panda shows up as a your Spirit Animal, it is time to stop and count your blessings.

Look at those things that bless and feed you, particularly emotionally. Live the “attitude of gratitude” daily. Panda also bears a message of equilibrium.

Is one part of your life overtaking another? If so, reassess your priorities and get things back into balance.

Panda Spirit Animal may be a harbinger of a coming time of liberating abundance. However, remember the importance of pacing. Don’t squander the prosperity all on “wants” – think of needs!

Another reason that Panda often appears is because something is stressing your boundaries. You don’t feel safe, and Panda is here to support your return to the protection of sacred space. This may be your home or an actual ritual space. Listen to Panda’s guidance and see where it takes you.

As a special note, many friends who have been contemplating joining “peace keeping” or “good will” groups have often reported Pandas popping up in their awareness. If you keep seeing Pandas or are being drawn toward watching videos, looking at pictures, and/or reading about their habits and habitats – you might be receiving a calling to get involved with a charitable organization or start one of your own!

Panda Bear Totem Animal

People born with Panda as their Totem Animal have a natural affinity with nature. They enjoy having alone time, especially in a personal space like home. That time is necessary for distressing and keeping their life in balance.

Panda Bear as a Totem Animal belongs to those who simply do not wish to fight. Panda people would rather rely on wisdom and serious contemplation for problem solving. When all else fails, Panda moves up the trees, hiding and staying put until the issue passes.

If Panda is your Totem Animal remember to surround yourself with encouraging, supportive people. This need not be huge numbers – just a few special souls who can see your aptitudes and possibilities.

Panda Bear Power Animal

Seek out Panda Bear energy for assistance when you feel as if your spirit is wanting or out of balance

Panda energy can feed and reassure you so that you don’t stagnate. If you truly want to grow and change, then Panda makes a good helpmate.

Panda medicine often includes times of solitude. If you’re over-exposed, Panda encourages retreat and meditative thoughtfulness. This can help your spiritual progress too. Some of the best things in life take time. Partnering with Panda keeps you slow and steady.

Panda Bear Dreams

Dreams about Panda Bears implies that you need some type of nourishment. What has your diet been like lately? Are you eating healthy, well-rounded meals.

Alternatively, perhaps you are not feeding your mind or spirit adequately.


Far Eastern Panda Bear Symbolic Meanings

China is the home to Panda Bear. This is where much Panda’s symbolism stems from as it is an auspicious symbol of peace, harmony and friendship.

Throughout Chinese history Panda plays an integral role. Scribes wrote of this creature as being incredibly strong and as having special medicine. Pandas were often given as gifts to royalty.

The black and white markings of the Panda Bear give it an association with a harmony of yin and yang energy. The calm demeanor of this creature strengthened that symbolism along with the meaning of “peace”. Should a fighter raise an image of a Panda, it was a sign of truce, at least temporarily.

11 Responses

  1. Missy

    I just found out my spirit animal is a panda bear. I have always been a peace keeper. My family has many native American tribes in our ancestors. But yet I find myself still incomplete. Tell me how would you suggest me to find my inter peace and my inter balance.
    Thank you
    Panda bear

  2. Beth

    I was spending a much needed romantic weekend with my husband when two people dressed as pandas crossed our paths. Is it possible to count this as a panda totem encounter?

    • Hi, Beth;

      LOL OMG! Your post made me laugh so hard because I could just picture this whole scenario! That said, absolutely! Whenever animal energy comes into our awareness it ‘counts’ as a Spirit or Totem Animal encounter.

      Hope your romantic weekend was wonderful!

      Stay wild,

  3. Panda fan

    Hey. I was just looking up national panda day and found this. I have always loved pandas and have always found the need to have more panda stuff. A friend asked me when I will grow out of this panda phase only I think it is not a phase. My room is covered in pandas and like this article says I like peace much more than fighting and pandas are always lingering somewhere in my mind. The thing is I am a proud Christian and this spirit animal stuff almost seems like a whole other religion, which makes me uncomfortable. Help?

    • Hi, Panda Fan;

      I am sorry you feel uncomfortable. However, I can assure you of two things:

      1. Your love of Pandas is not a phase. Just like we are born with certain personality traits, we are born with certain ‘Totem Animals’ – especially within zodiac signs. You love Panda Bears because your Totem Animal is a Panda – it’s who ‘you are’.

      2. Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals are not associated with nor are they a ‘religion’. All spirit animal guide energy comes from the observance of and identifying with the animal kingdom that lives outside us as well as our own animal nature.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  4. TAO

    I come from China, I am very happy to have found you this site .
    I learned from my grandmother, my animal totem is red panda. (Every time I think of it, I can’t help but feel my love.soooo cute!)
    I found that when I know the panda story and I have a great resonance.I think they may be relatives.
    Expect you to write a story about red panda one day.

    • Bernadette King

      Hello, Tao!

      There’s definitely an article about Red Panda as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal on my list! Like for you, Panda Bears really speak to my soul. Thank you for visiting and commenting on!

      Stay wild,

  5. Ana

    hello, I also got a panda bear for my spirit animal and I match with that. I focus more on peace than war or violence.

    • Bernadette King

      Hello, Ana;

      That’s awesome! I wish more of us would focus on peace.

      Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on!

      Stay wild,

  6. alesia

    have been on a self discovery journey after my divorce. a bit amazed realizing my totem is panda; but my spirit animal during these times is a lion wow i know. reading and yes never a big fighter never been in a physical fight… but oddly will for my kids although i teach them and i do myself, to think it out first.
    realizing how out of balance i was. missed my sanctuary (the water the trees the moon) when i was hurt, angry, or just happy. wasn’t allowed to leave when i was mad.

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