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Pangolin Symbolism & Meaning

Experiencing an identity crisis? Are others making you feel invisible or insignificant? Pangolin, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Pangolin teaches you how to love yourself while showing you how to stand up and be heard. Delve deeply into Pangolin symbolism and meaning to find out how this Spirit Animal Guide can support, uplift, and encourage you!

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Pangolin Symbolism & Meaning

Pangolin has become a global emblem for environmental responsibility because of the dangerous state of its existence. The creature is the most trafficked Animal in the world. World Pangolin Day occurs annually in Mid-February, which is a day placing focus on the precarious position the Pangolin is in because of its endangered status.

Known also as a Scaly Anteater, Pangolin makes its home in East Africa in savannas and woodlands where there’s plenty of water; it is here Pangolin remains except for when it’s time for mating and caring for young. Pangolin is a Spiritual Helper that walks a solitary path and shows interest in souls who do likewise.

The Pangolin is an ancient Spirit Animal, having roamed the Earth as far back as when Dinosaurs went extinct. The creatures are the gatekeepers to Earth’s earliest secrets and lessons. When you see this mammal covered in hard scales, it appears as if, by some miracle, it landed here from eons ago. Yet, Pangolin has attributes akin to human characteristics, including walking upright and showing dignity in the face of danger. Some say the Pangolin is an “impossible” Animal; By its existence alone, the creature symbolizes the possibilities in life you might never expect.

The Malaysian word for “Pangolin” is “pengguling,” meaning “one who rolls up,”, and alluding to the creature’s protective behavior. When threatened, Pangolin curls up in a little ball to protect its soft belly. The keratin scales covering Pangolin make up twenty percent of the critter’s body weight. Pangolin’s scales are tough with sharp edges, which can slice into the mouth of a predator. If that alone wasn’t a sufficient deterrent, the Pangolin thrashes its tail and releases stinky fluids like a Skunk. Thus, Pangolin Medicine has ties to Skunk Medicine while also having a strong focus on personal space, safety, and conflict avoidance.

Pangolins are insectivores who use curved claws, excavating the soil or trees for food. They literally dig, getting to their goal, embodying determination and a strong connection with the Earth Element. Nature gave Pangolin a long, sticky tongue for catching their meal. Fully extended, the Pangolin tongue measures upwards of sixteen inches; Symbolically, the creature’s long tongue represents the Divine’s far-reaching voice and the power to project one’s thoughts great distances via word of mouth. Pangolin’s tongue is a symbolic warning to choose one’s words with care, while also representing one’s unique penchants, preferences, or “tastes.”

While the Pangolin has poor hearing and eyesight, it has a fantastic sense of smell. Not only does this help them locate nourishment, but it also shows them the location of other Pangolin territories. The creature marks its territory with the same pungent fluid it uses in defense. You can’t just come across a Pangolin’s home by happenstance. Here, Pangolin symbolizes protection, isolation, and the establishment of unmistakable boundaries.

Some tribes in Africa use the Pangolin motif in headdresses. One example is the Bamana. The belief is the Pangolin’s image evokes helpful Spirits offering safety and good fortune.

Pangolin Spirit Animal

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The Pangolin Spirit Animal’s central message is one of non-violence and personal protection. Now is not the time for throwing caution to the winds. There’s trouble afoot, and Pangolin counsels keeping personal matters close to the vest for now. Keep your nose to the winds and trust your instincts. If something sets your senses on fire, get ready, and put on your energetic armor.

Overly sensitive people may have a Pangolin Spirit Animal come to them for a while, encouraging a behavior change. Getting prickly over the most innocent of remarks serves no good. And even if a person has ill-intent, you need to consider if what they say is true, or even important. Here Pangolin offers its hard-outer skin so you can brush those situations off and move on with your head held high. Take the high road.

When an identity crisis hits, Pangolin Spirit Animal arrives with tremendous help and wisdom. Of all creatures in the world, Pangolin understands what it’s like not to fit into any framework. Pangolin has Fishlike scales and a tail that helps in climbing trees like a Monkey. So, this Animal Helper has faced the “Who am I” quandary head-on. There is no reason you have to pretend. Don’t sweat the small stuff; develop what’s inside. Be yourself and love yourself.

Another reason Pangolin Spirit Animal arrives in your life is when it’s time to make a stink about something. Yes, it’s not your preferred method of handling things. But what about those people who don’t understand subtle hints or even obvious ones? When a person or group overstep your boundaries, it’s time to mark your limits.

Pangolin Totem Animal

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People born with a Pangolin Totem Animal are ardent night Owls. They sleep during the day and work or play by night. The evening hours are also when these individuals become the most creative and engaging. Darkness becomes them like the ever-stylish black little dress.

If Pangolin is your Birth Totem, awkward situations put you off and create stress. In those moments, a hasty retreat and hiding are in your nature. Sometimes you might get upset with yourself for not meeting such challenges head-on. However, it’s best to wait until you have a powerful ally who navigates tense emotions more effectively than you.

Socially, you don’t fit in anywhere. You are a staunch individualist. One day, it’s tie-dye and the next a three-piece suit. Being weird and wacky suits you and manifests in every corner of your life. You also prefer a little secrecy and mystery; this wraps around you like the Pangolin’s armor, keeping your personal matters private. People may find getting close to you difficult. Know when to let down your guard for building intimacy. Some folks with the Pangolin Totem prefer brief relationships to a long-term commitment.

Having a Pangolin Totem Animal means you have amazing listening skills. You have the ears of a worried mom. The littlest thing perks your ears right up, making you pay closer attention to every word or sound you catch on the wind. Being so alert helps you in many areas of your life, especially when gathering information. You’ll notice nuances which better guide final decisions.

Pangolin Power Animal

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Call on the Pangolin Power Animal when you’ve been stripped bare, feel dishonored, or worthless. Pangolin offers armor, one layer at a time, until you protect yourself from the negativity. When a person in your life smothers you with unwanted attention, seek Pangolin Energy; this Helper shows you the path toward getting the space you want and need for your well-being.

If people in and around your life don’t understand you, Pangolin becomes a great helpmate as a Power Animal. Wear your uniqueness like a badge of honor. Become a role model for others struggling with expressing individuality.

When foes endeavor physical or emotional attacks and their words or behaviors hit hard, it’s time for invoking the Pangolin Power Animal for protection. You can resist the negativity coming your way because you have a strength within that other people covet. But a little extra help energetically gives you an extra layer of emotional security.

African Pangolin Symbolic Meanings

In the Sangu cosmology, it’s believed Pangolins live in the sky, where the Ancestors abide. The Ancestors send Pangolins to Earth as a blessing. When a person finds this creature, they must follow it everywhere with the hope the Pangolin wanders into the fortunate person’s home. The village dispatches a messenger to the Chief to let him know of Pangolin’s arrival. A celebratory ritual follows with singing and dancing. Even the Pangolin joins in the festivity, standing on its hind legs. If the Pangolin cries tears during the ritual, it’s welcomed as a sign of enriching rains for the coming year.

Pangolin Dreams

When the Pangolin approaches you in your dream, good fortune is on the horizon. If you have been ill, this dream foretells of improvements and greater vitality. A female Pangolin protecting its young in your dream reflects a strong desire for safeguarding the children in your life, including pets or projects.

If the Pangolin in your dream has curled into a ball, it has two potential interpretations. The first, and most common, is you sense some danger at the edge of your awareness and need to act on this intuitive information. The second interpretation suggests Pangolin reflects a personal secret or fear you dread revealing.

Seeing the Pangolin hunting for food acts as advice to dig deeper into a situation to examine an issue’s foundation. Whatever information you require will take some concerted effort, but the results are worthwhile. Two Pangolins together in your dream is a sign you will soon meet a suitable partner who will remain in your life if you desire.

Far Eastern Pangolin Symbolic Meanings

The Cantonese name for Pangolin is “Chun-shua-cap,” meaning “the animal who bores through mountains,” reflecting the Pangolin’s strong claws. Perhaps this is why the Chinese myth claims Pangolins dug out extensive, hidden underground networks for safe travel anywhere in the world.

Pangolin Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Alertness
  • Ancient Knowledge
  • Personal Space, Boundaries, & Defense
  • Determination
  • Earth Element, Green Living, & Fertility
  • Independence & Individuality
  • Self-Acceptance & Individuality
  • Shielding & Survival
  • Solitary
  • Survival

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