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Possum and Opossum Symbolism & Meaning

Do you need help problem-solving and strategizing? Is it time to listen to your intuition? Are you misunderstood and underestimated? Possum, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Possum teaches you how to find fast fixes to complicated problems and renew and resurrect yourself! Delve deeply in Possum symbolism and meaning to find out how your Animal Spirit Guide can educate, awaken, and inspire you.

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Possum and Opossum Symbolism & Meaning

***Special Note***
Possum vs Opossum – the only difference between a Possum and Opossum is spelling.

“Possum” or “Opossum,” no matter what way you spell it, most folks have heard the adage “playing Possum.” The term refers to the Possum’s behavior of faking death as a strategy to ward off would-be predators. But this term is extremely misleading. Possums (Opossums) do not choose to “play” dead. When scared, these sweet, gentle peace-loving Animals have an automatic shut off switch in their nervous system. During times when the fear gets to be too much, Possum lapses into a catatonic state. Because of this, Possum or Opossum symbolizes Tricksterish behaviors, deception, illusions, protective measures, and problem-solving.

When Possum is not “playing Possum,” this creature endeavors to come up with an alternative approach to difficult situations instead of fighting. Here, Possum has symbolic ties to strategic planning, and projecting the image you want people to see. As an Animal Companion, Possum embodies peaceful transitions and conflict avoidance.

A group of Possums or a “passel” includes babies (“joeys”), adult females (“jills”), and males (“jacks”). Here, the categorization of “jacks” and “jills” may give Possum symbolic ties to the well-known nursery rhyme of the same name. In considering the first stanza of “Jack and Jill,” Possum therefore has ties to a story where cooperative effort and caution (Jack and Jill ascending the hill together) proves far more effective than an absence of prudence and solo effort (Jack falling down with Jill tumbling after him).

At birth, the joeys are blind. Blindness forces the young Animals to rely on instinct and hone their senses for survival. So, Possum Spirit is an excellent Guide to work with when developing your insights and uncovering hidden truths, including spiritual understandings.

The Possum’s habitat is typically a burrow, an opening in a tree, or under piles of leaves and brush. They may surprise an unsuspecting homeowner by skittering out from a shed, garage, gazebo, or deck fixture in more urban settings. They are nocturnal, so such locations provide darkness for sleeping. The habitats the creature chooses give Possum Spirit strong Earth Elemental ties you can tap into when you need stability, practicality, focus, and strength.

Possums (Opossums) are, sadly, short-lived creatures. Nonetheless, the Animal is one that will help and protect their young because of their vulnerability. The Possum Spirit Animal, likewise, protects people young in spirit who are embarking on a soulful quest. For such tiny creatures with many natural predators, the Possum Spirit has a highly social and curious mind. It seems to know when to run, when to hide, and when it’s safe to move forward.

Possum and Opossum Spirit Animal

When Possum shows up, ask yourself if you’re taking the right road for your goals or if you’ve wandered off track. If the latter, Possum may say, “Lie still and play dead.” Use the time to think of alternatives and genuinely assess the hidden matters of your circumstances. Don’t forget to use surprise or distraction as Possum-supported aids. Possum’s mantra is, Read between the lines.

If Possum (Opossum) arrives as your Spirit Animal, you may hear opportunity knocking or have the chance for adventurous travel. As your Spirit Animal Guide, Possum’s arrival may be to caution you. Not all is as it seems. Some options would leave you overexposed and vulnerable, while others would take you away from cherished goals. When considering whether to engage in a new venture or not, examine if you have all the support you need before diving all into exploratory waters.

Possums always look for the path of least resistance. If Possum presents as your Spirit Animal, it might be time to take a hard look at the persons and situations in your life. For what or who is worth fighting for or is it time to walk away from a situation or relationship to keep your mind, body, and spirit safe? Consider the easiest way forward and avoid the obstacles that lie ahead.

Possum (Opossum) as an Animal Spirit Guide offers to help you tap into your psychic senses, so you make the right decision with a holistic payoff. You may well awaken some skills and innate talents you never knew you had: Abilities, perhaps, stemming from one or more past lives.

Sometimes Possum arrives as a Spirit Animal to urge you to cultivate your inner child. Possum (Opossum) are marsupials, and the pouch nourishes the young. If you are young in spirit or have lost touch with the simple outlooks of children, hop in the pouch, and let the Possum offer you protection while you meditate on to figure out what you might be missing.

Ultimately, Possum is a survivor, and with the creature at your side as a Spirit Animal, you will likewise survive whatever threatens to overtake you. Here, your Animal Ally comes to make you aware of your well-hidden fears or traumas. The creature arrives to support you as you put your figurative house in order and then move cautiously forward, avoiding traps or pitfalls in the future.

Possum and Opossum Totem Animal

People born with a Possum Totem Animal know how to blend into society and their environments with ease. You’re not overly accessible until you trust in people, places, and situations fully. The distance from various circumstances affords you vital time to think and plan patiently about how to best manifest your goals.

Possum People have keen intellects who depend on their minds over muscle. While other people spend their energy in the fight, you wait until the right moment to move. Your patience means you can become successful if you listen to the guidance of Possum by staying grounded, realistic, and biding your time.

Momma Possums (Opossums) do all they can for their children. A mom will carry fifteen more babies on her back. If Possum (Opossum) is your Totem Animal, you likely are involved with children’s welfare, whether with children of your own or others from around the globe.

Possum and Opossum Power Animal

How can an Animal that faints when it’s scared ever be a Power Animal? It is because the Possum figuratively “dies” and comes back to life, so they make such powerful, well, Power Animals. Call on Possum Energy and Medicine when you need to come back to life, especially after an overwhelming time in your life.

Seek Possum (Opossum) as your Power Animal when you can’t seem to wrap your head around an excellent solution to perplexing problems. Possum is a bit unorthodox and secretive, so the Animal supports you when you want to stay out of the limelight and work behind the scenes. Possum is an excellent Animal Ally for multitasking and adapting to various life roles while staying true to your sacred self.

A Possum Power Animal combines the best of two attributes: Resourcefulness and pragmatism. The creature urges you to ask yourself, “What face do you need to show the world today? Can you remain true to your own gentle, passive nature in a harsh world or do you feel backed into a corner? Sometimes, Possums have to bare their teeth and hiss. Invoke Possum when you need to make an assertive stand.

Native American Possum and Opossum Symbolic Meanings

Native American lore about Possums depict the creature as a Trickster or clown who plays dead to get out of danger. Among Mexican Tribes, women carry Possum charms to ensure a safe birth. Like many other Trickster Spirits, some folk tales say Possum brings the Element of Fire to humankind.

Some Native American Warriors looked to Possum as a Teacher and a role model. When in mortal danger, warriors take cues from Possum, playing dead until the opponent is close enough to strike. Combined with a rousing war cry, the shock effect alone was sure to give the warriors an advantage in battle.

Possum and Opossum Dreams

Possum (Opossum) appearing in your dreams is often a sign you are over-exposed. You either need to put on your camouflage or get out of a situation or relationship quick. There’s something you are essential you’re not seeing. Do not give way to deception, even from yourself.

When the Possum in your dream seems to play hide and seek, it represents a person who has a specific plan and hopes to lead you astray with tidbits of information acting as bait. They need something from you and intend to get it despite any harm befalling you as a result. Their dishonesty becomes so outrageous as to attract attention. Once the culprit reveals themselves, they slink away or face serious consequences.

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Possum and Opossum in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

In Australian Astrology, January is the month of the Possum. If you were born in January, you’re a determined, hands-on individualist with keen instincts. You take your time and exercise patience in planning, often on a large scale, making you perfect for business efforts.

Possum People are great leaders, being both adaptable and flexible. You always have a figurative “Plan B” and even “C” when initial plans go awry. All this thinking makes for a rather severe personality, enigmatic even, according to your loved ones. For your relationships to work out long term, you must be someone who has an intellect that matches yours, and you will both benefit from immersing all your communications in honesty and candor.

Possum or Opossum Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Awareness
  • Curiosity
  • Instinct
  • Illusion
  • Problem Solving
  • Psychic Skills
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Surprises
  • True-Seeing

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17 thoughts on “Possum and Opossum Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Andy A says:

    Once at night, while getting ready for bed and my lights on, i heard a scratching on my window , I thought it was my cat “Bruce”. When I lifted the shade I saw a possum looking at me, we locked eyes, and then it moved its head with its gaze at me…it slowly backed away into the shadow after I asked it “Whats up?!” I believe it wanted me to meditate.

  2. Montana says:

    Hey I found this really interesting!
    This year has been rough, I’ve dealt with heaps of domestic violence, homelessness, no money, kicked out of my family and I gained a bad addiction. Anyways when I was homeless and when I was walking the streets really upset I always saw a possum and it really made happy. No joke it has happened like 6 times and I’ve never seen them before in my life so is this a sign or do you know what this means ?

  3. alexis says:

    I had a dream last night about a possum and a cat last night. Today, I visited my parents and there was a possum on the porch! I have never dreamed about a possum before and the dream was extremely vivid. What could this mean especially if I am seeing the possum the next day after the dream.

  4. AJ Row says:

    We just had a possum encounter, he walked right towards my husband who is struggling with family betrayal and now I know we are protected and that the possum will help us to see through this.
    I also saved a baby possum as a child and took to wild life rescue.
    They are weird freaky and cherished creatures. Long live the possum!

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