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Rabbit Symbolism & Meaning

Rabbit is a powerful Spirit, Totem and Power animal that conjures images of a lucky, fleet-footed trickster.

Do you need help hatching a plan? Are others trying to take advantage of you? Is it decision-making time, and you don’t know whether to zig or zag? Rabbit, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Rabbit teaches you to stop, look, and listen to avoid difficulties. Delve deeply into Rabbit symbolism and meaning to discover how this Animal Spirit Guide can still, calm, and illuminate you.

Rabbit Table of Contents

Rabbit Symbolism & Meaning

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Rabbit Symbolism and Meaning begin with a powerful paradigm. The Rabbit archetype is anything but a “fuzzy bunny” lightweight in the world of Animal Symbolism. In many myths and legends, Rabbits act as guides between Heaven, the Earth, and The Underworld. They’re a potent emblem of Shamanic journeys and may even be called upon to monitor those rituals. In fact, when viewing the Rabbit’s physical attributes, the creature represents a prayerful life as it puts its paws in a prayer position each time they wash their faces.

In the Earth Plane, Rabbit is a sound navigator, having perceptions that pilot him through the darkness. Because of this, Rabbit represents Sensitives and Seers and their psychic powers. It also reflects on those moments when we must hop into unfamiliar surroundings, using our inner light for direction.

Rabbits are creatures of the Earth, living close to the ground where they can easily hide. The meaning here can be twofold–either you need camouflage, or you’ve become under-recognized among peers. Beyond this, turn your attention to communing with the Earth Element and getting grounded.

Rabbits are Tricksters because they know their enemy and remain aware of their adversary’s movements to outwit them. When chased, Rabbits are not predictable in their movements. There are no straight lines–rather, they zip and zag, which aids in an escape. If their erratic movement doesn’t work, then Rabbit (or Hare), like a skilled shapeshifter, disappears as it blends into the environment via camouflage. Otherwise, Rabbit slips into a small hideaway for a tidy retreat. So, this crafty critter has the additional symbolism of directional awareness, cleverness, planning, and keen senses.

Rabbit Spirit Animal

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When the Rabbit Spirit Animal leaps into your life, it’s time to stop, look, and listen as you’ve never listened before. Rabbits often appear to those who are being “hunted.” Is there danger afoot at your job, home, or within? If so, now is the time to nurture your instincts, especially those that aid survival.

Do you need to be a little less predictable? Or is it time to stay in perfect stillness, thus allowing a would-be predatory person to find something else to distract their attention? Rabbit encourages you to tune into all your senses. It gives you time to get out of or away from a situation where you can then find a haven until the threat to your emotional well-being ends.

When your life situation leaves you feeling cornered, Rabbit, as an Animal Spirit Guide and Ally, knows full well how to help get you out of a fix. In the wild, Rabbits are terrific devisers and vanishing experts. They create small caves open at both ends. Part of Rabbit’s Medicine involves learning the importance of always leaving yourself an “open door.”

When Rabbit appears, it may be to let you know that personal transformation is necessary or about to happen. While Rabbit has survived for centuries, they are some of the biggest “victims” of the animal kingdom. Have you adopted the role of “victim?” Do you feel others take advantage of you? If so, it’s time to stop. You can only be a victim if you allow it. Rabbit says, “Trust your smarts! Know that you’re worthy of respect!”

If you want to start a family or become part of a pre-established family, Rabbit, as a Spirit Animal, arrives to tell you, Hop to it! Rabbit Spirit will appear to people with a strong sense of hearth and home, particularly who want to have large families. In this setting, Rabbit assists with effective family planning so you avoid overextending yourself physically, emotionally, or financially. The creature’s mantras are “Look before you leap” and “Keep one foot grounded in reality.” Being sensible is part of Rabbit Medicine.

Finally, if you see a Rabbit cross your path, question its direction. Was it heading to the left, symbolizing the Feminine and Lunar Energies, or was the creature hopping to the right, signifying the Masculine and Solar Energies? Was Rabbit heading North, South, East, or West? The symbolism of the Four Cardinal Directions gives you more insight into Rabbit’s significance when it appears in your life.

Rabbit Totem Animal

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People with the Rabbit Totem Animal are spontaneous and the life of the party. Rabbits love good fun and frolicking, so when you encounter one, you will find no wallflower! Rabbit Born people love the feeling they get when things are moving fast; it gives you a rush of adrenaline, which heightens awareness, gets the blood pumping, and brings a blush to the cheeks!

When Rabbit is your Birth Totem, you have a quick wit and use your creative skills for innovative problem-solving. Rabbit Energy challenges your reflexes and supports you in tapping into your psychic skills. You have a deep sense of knowing what direction to take to ensure progress in your life and your spiritual path. You may also glimpse bits of information for helping others in your circle.

Rabbit-born individuals are whimsical and lucky. But your good fortune comes in the oddest of ways. You may take a spontaneous “hop” and land on a prosperous lead, for example. Or a total stranger tells you something that, when followed up, turns out to be an amazing opportunity.

Rabbit Power Animal

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Rabbit Power Animal works wonders for those who have chosen a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. As a vegetarian, the Rabbit Spirit within gives you energetic support when seeking a balance in what you eat for your greatest well-being.

The phrase “Breeding like Rabbits” stems from the creature’s remarkable fertility. Invoke Rabbit as a Power Animal when you want more abundance in your life; this can translate into various fertility types, from the successful growth of a glorious garden to obtaining financial abundance or even the start of a family.

If you want to commune with the Godhead for life guidance, call on your inner Rabbit as a Power Animal for help! Let its essence remind you of the magic of silence. It is only when you quiet what Buddhists call “the Monkey Mind” (the endless chatter of your conscious thoughts) that the Divine can get a word in edgewise.

When you are uncertain about steps to take when pursuing your career or making a decision, seek your Power Animal, the Rabbit, for some help with direction. The Rabbit reacts fast, relying on instinct to choose what direction to go in, and the creature wastes no time when hopping on fortuity. The Animal’s energetic signature will help you trust your inner voice so you know when to remain still or make a move.

Rabbit Spiritual Meaning

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Rabbit spiritual meaning is often associated with Lunar energy. From Celtic traditions to the lore of African cultures, the “man in the moon” is a Rabbit! So the attributes and energies of the moon are similar to that of the Rabbit Spirit.

Hey! Watch me pull a Rabbit out of my hat! The symbolic connection between Rabbit Spirit Animal and magic appears in a relaxed setting through stage magicians. There is an awareness in our collective consciousness that knows Rabbit as a Spirit of transformation and power.

Is there a miracle you need to create from thin air? The Rabbit’s significance and meaning may remind you to use your intelligence and creativity for facilitation. Create your path for manifestation. You may not receive exactly what you hoped for, but your vision will be wholly apparent in what happens.

Bunny Spirit Animal can be a harbinger of rebirth; a new cycle or phase may be on the horizon for you. You have the chance to amplify your abundance or encounter some happily-embraced luck. When Rabbit appears, you may be stumbling into a new world where you must keep your mind keen, heart open, and stay alert, as Rabbit would.

The connection of Rabbit Animal Ally with fertility is Universal and likely its primary energetic signature. But you do well to remember that “fertility” need not always be physical. Perhaps you will win the lottery or acquire greater resources of various kinds. You may come to adopt a new cat, thereby expanding your family, rather than specifically giving birth and experiencing fertility that way. Or your career may expand positively.

In the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, the Queen of Pentacles has a Rabbit at her feet. The Queen of Pentacles symbolizes compassion, communication, the ability to transform components into entrancing finished items, and the Earth element. The Rabbit mirrors the down-to-earth nature of the Queen. It reflects her deep ties to and respect for all of nature.

Types of Rabbits

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While you might think there are hundreds of types of Rabbits, there are only about 300 breeds around the world and 29 species. Let’s take a look at some interesting Rabbits and their symbolic value.

American Rabbit

This might be what you’d call a standard Rabbit. They have white or grey fur and have medium to large bodies. The American Rabbit is the peacenik among the breeds. They’re serene and easygoing. Even their exercises are laid back. With this in mind, this Rabbit significance includes leisure in all its glory.

Belgian Hare Rabbit

A creature small in stature (6-9 pounds), The Belgian Hare has brown or ruddy fur and is strong and muscular. Where this Rabbit’s symbolism comes to the forefront is its curious nature. They want to be out exploring and are very smart among Rabbits. When “inquiring minds want to know,” this is a go-to Rabbit Animal Guide.

Columbia Basin Pigmy

In 1990, this rare Rabbit was declared extinct in the wild. The sweet creature weighs less than a pound. There are a few being cared for in protected facilities, one of which is the Oregon Zoo which has about 70 kits. The Basin Pigmy thrives on sagebrush. Nature conservatories in eastern Washington have over 33,000 acres where the growth of sagebrush, brush, and grass is cultivated to help these Rabbits and other small animals displaced by human encroachment. The Columbia Basin Pigmy Rabbit is a stark reminder of the sacredness of this planet and our jobs as caretakers.

Eastern Cottontail

If you see a Rabbit in North America, it’s likely this Cottontail. This Rabbit species is the most common in all of North America. They have the cute factor of being slightly pudgy with red or gray-brown fur, large feet, long ears, and of course, its “brand’s” traditional fluffy white tail. The Eastern Cottontail prefers living in areas where there are both dense shrubs near open foraging areas, so they always have a hidey-hole in the greenery. This choice also reflects the Eastern Cottontail’s message: Choose your home wisely.

English Lop

The English Lop was the first breed of lop rabbits developed. The name comes from long ears (some 32” y’all!) framing a bold head. Since they only weigh about 5 pounds, one cannot help but wonder how much of that is this Rabbit’s resplendent ears. With such large auricles, the English Lop represents the art of active listening and the psychic aptitude of clairaudience.

Flemish Giant

Now, this is one BIG Bunny. They weigh upwards of 15 pounds and are 2.5 feet in length. Their powerful back legs allow this Rabbit to jump over 3 feet in the air. With all that size, you might expect aggression. Not so with the Flemish Giant Rabbit. These creatures are docile and quiet, living up to the idea of a Gentle Giant. From a human perspective, this Animal Spirit suggests that even when we have “brawn,” we don’t need to use it all the time. Don’t become a bully.

Rabbit Colors

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As with other colors, a Rabbit’s fur color can have spiritual meaning.

White Rabbits

Of all the Rabbits, a white one is supposed to be the most fortunate. They are an omen of having great choices ahead. Any of them can boost your inner power, sense of love, and overall compassion.

In Europe, saying “white Rabbit” or “Rabbit, Rabbit” on the first day of a new month brings blessings. But, you must be diligent and put forth honest effort for things to move ahead successfully.

Dreaming of a white Rabbit usually has some tie to your love life. White indicates you are in a happy, peaceful space. Your spiritual connection continues to grow without one overshadowing the other. Also, just as it appears out of a hat, the white Rabbit portends a pleasant surprise.

Black Rabbits

Due to its color, the Black Rabbit signifies a state of stress, anxiety, fear, depression, and feeling as if you are stuck with no way out. You must determine the source of these feelings and figure out a resolution. It is right in front of you-you’ve been overthinking. Because Black Rabbit can represent stillness, perhaps you must still your mind in meditation for that “Ah HA” moment. Alternatively, perhaps you have swallowed your words for too long. Let them out.

Dreaming of a black Rabbit speaks about your fear of being intimate. The reason may vary, but for most, it’s a feeling of not being “good enough.” It’s time to reassess yourself and see the beauty within.

Gray Rabbit

Grey Rabbits represent uncertainties and things that hide between the proverbial lines. In a dream, it reveals someone close to you as being dishonest and manipulative. Before making a decision, make sure it’s YOUR decision and not a contrived one.

Brown Rabbits

Brown is the color of rich soil. When you plant the right seeds, they begin to grow. Something big starts, so don’t overlook the “little” things. If you follow the signs given to you by Animal Spirits and the Teachers like Brown Rabbit, you will discover something wondrous. In particular, your magical life expands along with your psychic talents.

Christianity Rabbit Symbolism

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In the Christian belief system, the association with the Rabbit is more secular as a symbol that came to be associated with Easter. This is not a direct result of the observations of Jesus Christ but of the later changes and morphing that occurred between Pagan and Christian cultures.

To some, the connection between Jesus and Rabbit can stem from the Rabbit living underground, similar to Jesus’s time spent in an underground tomb.

They are associated with rebirth and fertility, an allusion to Christ. Some accounts of early Christian cults describe a connection between Rabbit and the Virgin Mary, as well.

In reading the New Testament, there are no Rabbits. In the Old Testament, Rabbit is incorrectly labeled as a “ruminant” and considered unclean. Though in more recent factions of Christianity, Rabbit significance shifts to positive attributes like purity, innocence, and gentleness and is therefore associated with Christ or being Christ-like.

Native American Rabbit Symbolic Meanings

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Native American Rabbit Symbolic Meanings portray Rabbit as an ingenious and often humorous Trickster. Known as Manabozho, or Great Hare, this character shows up in many legends, sometimes with the additional symbolism of a hero. Some stories relate that the Great Hare created the world, brought humans Fire, and even taught Shamans how to enact sacred rites. The Hare Spirit is a good Animal Ally when learning ritual forms.

An additional association with Rabbit is that of a “fear caller.” Lore suggests when Rabbit fears something, it calls out to that thing until noticed. In nature, Rabbit lives in fear. Here, the Native American lesson is that calling or focusing on whatever frightens you can foster attracting that very thing in your life.

The Algonquin tribes had a hero named Nanabozho, who named all the plants and animals of creation. His duty was to be a practical teacher and a spiritual mentor. He could shapeshift into the form of a Rabbit.

There is also a Rabbit Diety, Michabo. Michabo created the world and could create life when he wished. He gave life to dead animals, leading many Algonquins to claim Rabbit as an ancestor spirit.

Moving to the Southwest, Rabbit (desert Hare) embodied fertility, predicted rainfall, and attracted prosperity. Again, many stories show this rabbit as a rogue with a pocket full of tricks. None had harmful intent. The most prominent of these was Kokopelli, a flute-playing Rabbit. Kokopelli appears in rituals, dances, and many folktales. Kokopelli can bring fertilizing rain and guide brave hunters.

Native American tribes with Rabbit clans include the Shawnee and Hopi.

Rabbit in Aztec Mythology

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When you read about Rabbit Spirit in Aztec mythology, you quickly realize it is a ‘party animal,” literally. In their mythology, there are a group of Rabbit Gods, over 400 of them. They arrive just as people are bringing out the agave drink. Good timing, right?

But how did this band of mischievous merry-makers come into existence? Stories have it that the God who discovered Peote and ruled over medicine and agave has a passionate night with Mayahuel, the goddess of fertility and alcohol. What could possibly go wrong? Mayahuel gave birth to the 400 Rabbits as a result. Rather than offering the fluffles breast milk, she gave them fermented agave nectar.

As the Rabbit Gods grew, Mayahuel charged them to protect all agave spirits (like Tequila). But they were still young and decided to drink the spirits under their safekeeping. Needless to say, they soon had a reputation for being rouges and rapscallions. Thankfully one of them was Macuiltochti who ruled over overindulgence and its consequences. No one is certain as to his success.

The Aztecs were among the cultures mentioned in this article that had a Rabbit in the moon. It is a tale of sacrifice with no expectation of reward. It begins with Quetzalcoatl, a God who wanted to explore the world. He turned himself into a man and traveled to the earth.

He was wonder-struck. Seeing the world this way was incredibly exhilarating. He found a log on which to rest, being tired from the lack of food or water. As he sat, a Rabbit approached him and offered to share food. The generosity impressed Quetzalcoatl, but unfortunately, this God only consumed meat. Being a humble soul and seeing the man’s hunger, he offered himself as dinner.

Quetzalcoatl returned to his Divine state, picking up the Rabbit and pressing it against the moon. Quetzalcoatl told the rabbit that his nobility placed him there so everyone looking up would remember his generosity.

Celtic Rabbit Significance

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Celtic myths include tales about the Goddess Eostre, from where the word “Easter” originates. Eostre is a Moon Goddess with symbolic ties to the spring, fertility, and the reawakening of the Earth come springtime. Each Full Moon Eostre shapeshifts into a Hare.

The connection between Celtic Rabbit symbolism, the Moon, and Lunar Deities is a repeated theme throughout the world. Part of this connection stems from Rabbit’s observed activity at night. Though people think Rabbit is nocturnal, they are actually Diurnal, meaning they prefer to graze in the early and late hours. No matter the hour, they are also swift, resourceful, and will adapt to avoid danger.

Because they live on the Earth and burrow into the ground, the Celts felt Rabbit (or Hare) had connections to the Otherworld. Perhaps this is why harming a Rabbit was terrible, bringing an unlucky streak or judgment.

The link between Rabbit and shapeshifting is well-established in Celtic lore. They were also divinatory aids. Druids would catch Rabbits and then let them loose, studying how they flee to safety and interpreting the results. A Rabbit’s style of scurrying in a zig-zag pattern is intentional as it confuses and misleads predators giving chase.

If we take a cue from the Celts, Perhaps Rabbit Spirit calls on you to sink further into your intuition, follow your question, and watch where signs take you.

Norse Mythology Beliefs about the Rabbit

The Vikings associated Hares with the moon like other cultures discussed in this article. Norse mythology had a Goddess of domesticity, Holda. Art sometimes depicts her within a chariot pulled by Hares. She is the Lady of the House and the patroness of housewives.

Ancient Egyptian Hare Mythology

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Archaeological evidence dating back to approximately 2300 BCE depicts the Ancient Egyptians celebrating spring much as many do today. Art shows Hares and eggs with the sunrise. These images celebrated the God Osiris, who resurrects come spring.

Ancient Egyptian Hare mythology speaks of a Goddess, Unut. She was part-hare, sometimes depicted with a Rabbit’s head. She presided over matters of fertility and new birth, which align with Rabbit Spirit’s magical vocation.

People fashioned Rabbit amulets. The Egyptians esteemed this creature for its keen senses and quickness. So, the purpose of these amulets was likely to attract those abilities or to honor this Goddess.

During the Middle Kingdom (2055-1650 BCE), tombs included figurines of Har. The hope was the Rabbit’s generative energy would help the deceased in their journey. The tokens were colored bluish-green, invoking the Nile’s fertility and joining the Hare’s power. It’s worth noting that the image of a crouching Hare in Hieroglyphics had the phonetic sound “wen.” Wen is a verb for “to be.”

Chinese Rabbit Symbolism

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Chinese Rabbit symbolism mirrors several other cultures associating the Rabbit with the moon. The Chinese honor the Rabbit (Jade Rabbit) as selfless and ethical. The meaning here begins in a story. The Emperor disguises himself as a Beggar. He then asks Fox, Monkey, and Rabbit to help him with food. The Fox and Monky had hunting skills, but Rabbit did not. Knowing this, Rabbit gathered grass, began burning it, and threw himself into the flame. The willingness of the Rabbit to give in extraordinary ways had a reward. Rabbit became the Guardian of the Moon. He remained there, creating the elixir of life for the immortals.

Rabbit Significance in Japan

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Rabbits’ significance in Japan as lucky animals comes from their happy appearance in spring fields. Their long ears represent being adept listeners who can bring the good news they’ve collected to humans.

The Japanese story of the Rabbit and the moon says the Rabbit is considered a Bodhisattva, a rare individual who walks the path of awakening. Such beings have compassionate minds and illustrate heroism. They seek after Buddhahood to help all sentient things using perfected wisdom and transcendent knowledge. How’s that for a grand resume builder for Rabbit?

In the Shinto religion of Japan, there are kami (Deities) who can choose to appear in animal form. Some are Rabbits. As a result, there are temples with Rabbits protecting them, like Tsuki Shrine in Saitama. The Okazaki shrine in Kyoto illustrates Rabbit Spirits who help people conceive a child and have it born healthy.

There is a mythical White Hare of Inaba celebrated at Tottori’s Hakuto shrine. The White Hare presided over the marriage of two powerful Deities because it was so trusted. People visit here to get “bunny blessings” for their marriage.

Rabbit Meanings in Hindu

Rabbit Meanings in Hindu tradition are lovely. They are creatures worthy of worship. Lord Krishna adored rabbits. Texts about Rabbits describe them as the perfect pet for a sage. Rabbit is faithful to its master and companions. Generally, Hindus see them as sweet, soft, and gentle.

Buddhist Beliefs about Rabbits

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Buddhist Beliefs about Rabbits show up in their parables. One says, “Much time is lost in waiting for another bunny to express what we already know.” Another says, “The bunny who hops a path different from mine is not necessarily lost.” Looking more closely, we see Rabbit’s significance used to teach simple lessons about using our voice and celebrating diversity.

A symbol of three Hares chasing each other is a motif repeatedly seen in the Middle East, China, and Europe. Historians believe it first appeared in the 6th century, discovered in sacred Buddhist caves in Dunhuang. Being part of the silk road, it’s unsurprising the image traveled abroad. Artists repeated the pattern on pottery, jewelry, weavings, and coins. Oddly, no one seems to know exactly what it means.

The imagery had no borders. It appeared in sacred sites, churches, synagogues, and even in coats of arms. Where Christians regarded it as representing the trinity, Buddhists saw it as a metaphor for peace and tranquility. Another possibility is that the three Hares are akin to an ouroboros, an emblem of the never-ending Wheel of Time. It is comparable to the symmetric triskele image in Celtic design.

Br’er Rabbit Significance

Br’er Rabbit’s significance begins in the oral tradition of African-Americans living in the Southern US, the Caribbean, and on the islands of Turks and Caicos. Br’er is a trickster who relies on his shrewdness to solve his predicaments rather than fighting (a lesson many should take to heart).

This character loves “poking the Bear,” if you will. Authority figures were a frequent target, as he did not accept typical social conventions.

The story of Br’er Rabbit traces back to Africa, where there are stories of a talking Rabbit. Traditional African folklore has numerous appearances of the Rabbit (or Hare). It represents coloring outside the lines and being willing to buck tradition with the goal of teaching a lesson.

Alice in Wonderland & the Rabbit

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Most are aware of Alice in Wonderland and the Rabbit. Lewis Carroll carefully wove the story of “Alices Adventures in Wonderland” in 1865. The Rabbit is the first character Alice meets. She followed it down the hole into Wonderland. Rabbit always seems to be in a hurry and nervous, which is curious since he was a herald of the Queen of Hearts court.

Whenever Rabbit appears in the story, you know something is about to happen. Throughout the book, Rabbit is continuously late. Nonetheless, it finds itself in the middle of fanciful and curious circumstances. He acts as a foreshadowing without giving anything away. White Rabbit unwittingly becomes Alice’s guide.

There are moments when life presents you with something outlandish and mystifying. You may wish to follow Alice’s example and embrace the moment. See where the “ Rabbit hole” takes you.

Rabbit Dreams

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What do Rabbit dreams mean? A lot of things, each of which depends on your situation.

When a Rabbit bites you in a dream, pay attention. You’ve been ignoring essential signals in a relationship. Talk it out; find solutions.

Seeing a Rabbit move quickly in the dreamscape means you, too, should move quickly on a pending matter before it’s lost.

If you are petting a Rabbit in your dream is a very positive omen. Someone you love will send you some surprise and welcome communication.

Friendliness from the Rabbit in your dream suggests good luck and happiness are on the horizon.

A hungry Rabbit in your dream means people are always “hungry” for your help. However, not all appreciate what you give.

Tame Rabbits in your dream portend some type of fertility or abundance. This dream also suggests the end of a struggle and the renewal of contentment.

Dreaming of a Rabbit hole encourages you to move forward. Don’t let fear hold you back. A spontaneous opportunity to which you say “yes,” can benefit you greatly.

Rabbits burrowing in a dream implies you’re trying to get at the crux of a matter. Digging out the truth takes a little time, so don’t give up.

When you become a Rabbit in your dream, lay low in the brushes for a while. Someone means to harm you in some manner.

Baby Rabbits gathering around you in the dreamscape means you have the talent for being a role model to young people.

Adult Rabbits gathering around you portend moving into an expansive city.

If one Rabbit tends to another in the dream, you may soon become a caregiver for someone you love.

Should the Rabbit in your dream have an injury, someone hurt you. You are smack dab in the middle of a heated issue, not of your making. Endeavor to disconnect for your own good.

Are you running after a Rabbit in your dream? If so, you crave something that is out of reach. There may be ways of growing closer, but it is uncertain if you will ever achieve that goal.

When a Rabbit gives birth in your dream, prepare for one of your investments to soar with profits.

A Rabbit peeking at you from the brush speaks of a secret. If you accepted the responsibility to keep the secret, now is not the time to break your oath.

If the Rabbit in your dream is hopping, you are coming into a highly productive period in your life. Energy abounds. Should it hop back and forth between two people, however, it means making a choice. You may literally be deciding between your fealty for two people or potentially facing two equally tempting offers.

Seeing a Rabbit nipping at your heels in your dream suggests you need to stop dragging your feet. Get hoppin’ along!

When the setting of your Rabbit dream has a fairytale backdrop, take care. You may have rose-colored glasses when looking at someone or something.

Large Rabbit ears in your dream say, keep your senses on high, especially hearing. This dream may have associations with clairaudience.

A caged Rabbit reflects your sense of being trapped. Powerful people seem to control every aspect of your life. Watch for an opportunity to break free.

If you help a Rabbit in your dream, it signifies you have righted a wrong. Now the healing can begin.
There is a saying, “run, Rabbit, run.” Dreaming of a running Bunny reflects trying to avoid a personal fear.

Learn more about Rabbit Spirit by reading What Do Rabbit Dreams Mean? on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

Rabbit in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

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Rabbit is among the twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are some of the luckiest Chinese Zodiac signs. According to Chinese Astrology, Rabbit People will live a long, peaceful life filled with beauty, love, and prosperity.

If you were born in the Year of the Rabbit, you have a quiet elegance about you. You take your responsibilities very seriously. Attributes describing your personality are kindness, talented, alert, and patient. You might be a bit of a daydreamer, but you’re always on top of things when people need you.

Rabbit-born people appreciate manners and sincerity. They will give 100% when they commit to something. But if they uncover a lie, that is the end. Rabbits have to taste for deviousness or chaos. In Business, these people are persistent and generally achieve admirable success.

The Rabbits’ lucky numbers are 3, 4, and 6.To attract fortune, the Rabbit should wear red, pink, purple, or blue clothing.

Visit my sister website BuildingBeautifulSouls.com to learn all about the personality, traits and characteristics of those born in the Year of the Rabbit.

Rabbit Tattoo Meaning

Rabbit Tattoo Meaning can signify a love of this intelligent and highly social animal, or it can convey the wearer’s interest in spiritual growth. Yet for some with a Tattoo of a Bunny, Spirit Animal may be the last thing on their minds.

Rabbit meaning is broad-ranging because this creature is endeared by so many cultures. They are associated with magic tricks and true magic. Rabbit energetic signature includes good luck, protection, and personal ingenuity.

A Rabbit’s meaning, when depicted on a tattoo, could show a love of any number of favorite cartoon characters, from Bugs Bunny (ingenuity) and Thumper (playfulness) to Roger Rabbit (humor, love). There are also fictional accounts like Velveteen Rabbit (keeping it real), Peter Rabbit (the lovable Trickster), and Rabbi in Winnie the Poo (fast friendship).

If you have Bunny Spirit Animal or find Rabbit symbolism recurring in your life, you may want to memorialize your connection to this animal through a Rabbit tattoo.

Rabbit Sayings & Quotes

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”– John Steinbeck

“I don’t want to be predictable. I got a million rabbits in my hat.” – Sisqo

“For a good life: Work like a dog. Eat like a horse. Think like a fox. And play like a rabbit.” – George Allen

“If you chase two rabbits, you catch none.” – Confucius

“The truth is a rabbit in a bramble patch. All you can do is circle around and say it’s somewhere in there.” – Pete Seeger

“A sly rabbit will have three openings to its den.” – Chinese Proverb

“ The rain can only drown the mud-rabbit if he hasn’t the wits to keep his mouth shut.” – Darkovan Proverb

“When the rabbit has escaped, comes advice.” – Spanish Proverb

“A rabbit aims for the moon.” – Thai Proverb

“The rabbit gets fat on what the hare misses.” – Irish Proverb

“All too often, the rabbit hole is as deep as you have dug it.” – Gary Hopkin

“The way rabbits live makes more sense to me than the way people live.” – Marty Rubin

“Be brave, little bunny. Take a chance.” – Cherise Sinclair

Down the Rabbit Hole

In Alice in Wonderland, Alice fell down the Rabbit hole into another reality with bizarre characters. In popular culture idioms, going down the Rabbit hole means pursuing something but losing yourself in the process. It is a clever metaphor for being distracted.

Seeing a Dead Rabbit

Coming across a dead creature is always disconcerting, but it can be a message to you from the spiritual world. Most obviously, seeing a dead Rabbit acts as a reminder that life is short. You should always be present and appreciate each moment.

Finding a dead Rabbit speaks of transformation. You must leave the past behind and become ready for the next adventure. If your discovery was in the oddest of places, you’ve strayed somehow and need to return to the well-trodden path in order to initiate change.

A dead Rabbit can reflect your own fears of mortality (or any fear, really).

No earthly representative of Animal Spirits can live forever. It is simply life’s circle coming around again. Put your past life, past negativity, and past insecurity behind you. Start something wholly unexpected. Wonders await.

If someone you know died recently, the dead Rabbit might be a way of telling you everything’s fine. Treasure your memories, but move on. When you take positive steps forward, the Universe applauds the progress.

Have you been overly pessimistic of late? The dead Rabbit advises turning your frown upward. Try seeing the brighter side of life. When you do, you’ll see many details that otherwise alluded you. Now’s the time to get your answers.

When you see a dead Rabbit, pause and think about those things to which you give your time and energy. Do they add value? If not, it’s time to reconsider your priorities.

Sometimes a dead Rabbit implies you’ve let your creativity stall out. Find something that inspires you. No one expects perfection overnight. Work on the very human flaws you have when it comes to originality and innovation. Take a pilgrimage inward and turn your perceived weaknesses into strengths.

In your career, encountering a dead Rabbit means you’ve missed some opportunities that would have helped you greatly. To avoid playing financial catchup all the time, keep your eyes keen. Don’t let your productivity drop or become complacent. Renew your sense of purpose.

Something’s gone wrong, and seeing a dead Rabbit only confirms that reality. Ferrit out where the problems began. Ponder the key buttons that lead to disruption. There is a way to fix things, just don’t be afraid to return to the drawing table if necessary.

Dreaming of a sick rabbit employs you to pay more attention to self-care. Rabbits are prone to al manner of sickness and can become ill without warning. Pay attention to your health (that includes mental). Start making steps that support well-being.

The Easter Bunny’s Significance

The Easter Bunny’s significance arrived with German immigrants to America in the 1700s.They brought the folklore of an egg-laying Hare called “Osterhase.” Children made nests for the creature where it would lay its colored eggs. Over time, chocolate eggs and other treats filled the nests. Then the nests were replaced with baskets. And like Santa Clause, children left carrots out for the Easter Bunny should he get hungry in his travels.

The Bunny, eggs, and fluffy chicks all had their roots in Paganism. Christians, carrying over sacred emblems, helped create an atmosphere where more Pagans might honor the Christian holiday. Consider that in the 13th century, there was a Teutonic Goddess, Eostra, who represented fertility and spring. Her festivals took place on the Vernal Equinox. Her sacred animal was… wait for it… the Rabbit.

In spring, animals were giving birth, and eggs were plentiful. Eggs are an emblem of new life, They had no association with Christianity until the 15th century. If you read about Yule, you will find many similar examples of “borrowing” symbols liberally.

Thumper’s Law

In the film Bambi, the young prince comes to the creatures of the woods. Thumper remarked that Bambi seemed ‘kinda wobbly,” but his mother would have none of it. She reminded Thumper of what his father said that very morning “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”.

The saying became “Thumper’s Law. After a few days, Bambi returns with his mother. This time rather than making fun, Thumper taught the young prince some tricks and a few words. This encounter sets up a relationship not only between Thumper and Bambi but also with the little skunk Bambi named, “flower.” The threesome provided moral lessons about being understanding and showing mutual tolerance.

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

There is a belief that if you say “Rabbit, Rabbit,” “White Rabbit,” or “Bunny, Bunny” the first thing on the first day of a month, it brings good fortune, laughter, and peace for that month. And while Rabbits have had lucky associations for over 2,000 years, it was not until the 1900s that the concept comes forward by way of superstition. In fact, the practice found Presidential approval with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who followed the tradition.

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

The history of the Lucky Rabbit’s Food isn’t a pleasant one. In some settings a person could use a Rabbit’s foot for currency, which allowed them liberation from traditional currency exchange. But why us the foot so special?

One Brittish report from the early 1900s describes a ritual for obtaining the Rabbit’s Foot. Gathering must take place in a churchyard, at midnight, during the dark moon. Alternatively, going on Friday the 13th with a cross-eye or left-handed person will do.

Before this (the late 1500s), one might find a Rabbit’s Foot in the healer’s kit. It’s job was allaying cramping and arthritis. Then, too, there was the Witch fury. The prevalent belief was that Witches could transform into Rabbits. So, if you had a Rabbit’s foot, it became a talisman against malevolent magic.

The Infamous Wabbit

Any review of Rabbit Animal Spirit would be remiss to overlooko Buggs Bunny. In 1942, the Wacky Wabbit appeared in a Merrie Melodies cartoon started by Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fud. Elmer was heading to the desert seeking gold. Buggs greets him, and while Elmer tips his hat, he just keeps going. Not to be undone, Bugs follows behind while accompanying Elmer in Oh! Suzanna.

In his ever-dramatic demeanor, Bugs goes into a hole after the song. Elmer ponders the exit looking at the hole, when Buggs comes up behind Elmer, asking, “What’s up Doc?” Elmer is understandably shocked and runs off in fear. Eventually, he returns, finding no evidence of Buggs but for the hole, and exclaims, “that’s that scwewy wabbit.”

Elmer decides to drop a stick of dynamite in the Rabbit hole. Buggs tosses it back out. The back and forth continues. Elmer uses a zipper to close the hole with the dynamite inside and runs to a safe distance. There was no blast. Rather Buggs shows up behind Elmer again, this time holding the dynamite, asking, “did you lose this?”

There is more to the story, but this episode set up thes ongoing dynamics between Rabbit and Elmer. Buggs definitely plays a Trickster and one who comes across as unrepentant Like most tricksters, Buggs offers comedy relief. Elmer remains the hunter. This interaction sets up an odd push-me-pull-you where the watcher can’t always determine for whom to root. Both characters have an arsenal of tools, but Buggs always seems to steal the day with wit.

Organizations that Protect Rabbits and Hares

Despite their prolific nature, about 50% of the world’s Rabbits are vulnerable because of the loss of habitat and wildlife trade. Rabbits often face terrible fates as fur commodities and as experimental animals for various industries.

Then too, there are thousands of domestic Rabbits surrendered because people didn’t understand the Bunny’s needs. As a rule of thumb, NEVER give a Bunny for Easter. Animals are not “toys” and deserve long-term, proper care.

Here are some organizations who endeavor to safeguard the Rabbit:

Rabbit Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Fertility
  • Abundance
  • Stillness
  • Unpredictability
  • Divination, Signs, & Omens
  • Survival Instincts
  • Psychic Senses
  • Shapeshifting
  • Speedy Action
  • Wit

35 thoughts on “Rabbit Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Jasper says:

    “Rabbis are a creature of the Earth, living close to the ground”… this is very funny, and very true in a figurative way, but I’m afraid it is not what you wanted to write =) furthermore, i think that “rabbiTs are creatures” would sound better; i don’t think that all the rabbits are one single creature; perhaps that could work with rabbis..? =D

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Jasper;

      LOL Funny – especially since my dad was Jewish! Thanks for catching that error! Spelling and grammar mistakes make me crazy so I really appreciate it when someone brings them to my attention! All fixed. Rabbis have now been turned into Rabbits! 😉

      Stay wild,

  2. pavementprincess says:

    Well, rabbits are my totem animal. I have many amazing stories about rabbits, dating back to when I was a small child, as spirit guides in shamanic journeys, taking on painful wounds to protect me, etc. They are amazing.
    Recently I lost my sacred amulet (a ring with a bunny and sword on it- I love a tough bunny) and a week later, my friend and I performed a full moon ritual on the Manhattan Bridge. Afterwards, walking home, in the middle of New York City, a wild rabbit appeared on the sidewalk and hung out with me for a good 20 minutes. Think he was letting me know that it’s ok I lost that ring.
    I’d also like to mention the WTO demonstrations in Seattle in 1999. People came from all over the world, celebrated in the streets, prevented the WTO talks from happening in joy, had a giant street party, and celebrated the trickster (it was amazing how we outwitted the teargassing police and stood up for all people again and again).
    Well, then everybody went home to their home countries, and the ideas and inspirations that occurred during 1999 did what rabbits do–had lots of babies.
    Fast forward twelve years, to 2011, and Occupy became a joyful grassroots movement in every nation the world over. I can’t wait until 2023, the next Year of the Rabbit. Our joy, our empowerment, our love is contagious. And it’s having lots of babies!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, PavementPrincess!

      Wow! I never thought I would ‘meet’ another person who loves Rabbits as much as my sister does! But I finally did! LOL

      With all the humanitarian efforts you are involved in, it makes perfect sense why Rabbit is your Spirit, Totem AND Power Animal! I thank you for caring about the world and am sending you a big bunny hug, right now!

      As for 2023, on my sister site I have an in-depth article about it – Year of the Rabbit: Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Traits, Personality & Characteristics. I think you might like it. 🙂

      Stay wild,

  3. Justin says:

    My cell phone acts funny i know why its because the heavens are contacting me screen starts messing around with me and it goes to the stars some reason when it was late walking home i wrote them truly love then almost home a rabbit ran to the north side at night…. thank you pls write back …pls thank you Justin king …. 🙂

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Justin;

      Sounds awesome! Rabbits are some of my favorite Spirit Animals! People underestimate Rabbits but they are some of the smartest in the animal kingdom! It might help for you to read about the symbolism of the North.

      Stay wild,

  4. Terri Blakesley says:

    I had a rabbit jump in front of me and run west before disappearing into the bushes that I popped out from. This was the first time I had seen a rabbit in that spot, or at all for a while. Normally I see lots of crows (they are favorites of mine, I love them!). Could you please tell me what this could mean?

  5. Amber says:

    The part where is says, if from the left, it is feminine energy, then is says from left means masculine, possible mistake in writing?
    Love ya!

  6. Jo says:

    I’m distraught. For two days running now a rabbit has literally run under the whhejs of my car. I’m a careful driver but could not avoid them. What do I make of this?

  7. Ann says:

    I take my break at work the same time everyday. For two days in a row when I went for a walk a rabbit crossed my path heading to the right. When I returned on my walk in the same spot the rabbit crossed heading to the left. It appeared to be the same rabbit, is it coincidence or could you tell me what this could mean.

  8. Linda says:

    I have bunnies nesting in my yard every year. My front lawn-always. Mama nursed them this evening facing North and then she takes off usually to the south.
    Insight please? No one has asked on this I noticed.

  9. Dannielle says:

    Hi after my grandfather passed in 2004 I see bunnies constantly and I see them mostly when im stressed had a bad day or depressed or going through rough times! I wondered if it was my grandfather. Now I wonder if me seeing these bunnies symbolizes something completely different

  10. Pamela says:

    LOVE the article. Thank you. But, on the part about which direction the rabbit was facing. or going left female energy and left also male energy ? I’m confused.

  11. Empress Jae says:

    Great read ❤️and thank you for your Insght it was quite Devine

  12. Maggie says:

    when leaving for work, i had two rabbits zig zagging to the left of me as I turned left off my street heading to work. What does that mean, its a first for me!

  13. Angela says:

    For the past little while I have a rabbit that cones to my yard every single day. Today he was staring in my window as I talk to him . Allot of times a baby and another also shows up so then there 3 . I even seen them play running around it reminded me how dogs would chase eachother but it was rabbits.whyen I leave the house it’s stats hear until I get back. Rabbits are truly beautiful animals.

    • Angela Hanna says:

      Very interesting post. We share the same first name. I also seen the rabbits doing this to me. My birthday is one day before your post. I’m sure that your work is being quite fertile so to speak as famine moon energy runs through you. I would not be surprised if your home and family life became that as well. I do not know if you did or not; however 3 is a power number. You can look up information on that. When they are watching you very good luck and curiosity is happening. Remember they are prey animals so stop, look, listen and always pay attention to your surroundings.

  14. Andrew Thomas says:

    Just read your article. Wonderful. I refer to them as bUniEs. My boyfriend pointed out that they were obviously my spirit animal. I used to be afraid of them because they were always dark and at one point “escaped from my head” and terrorized me. Since then I have learned to embrace them. I am fascinated with what I call their dark side. My protector is a large black shadow bUniE named max. My boyfriend suggests he is my dark side personified in a zoomorphic form. I tend to agree. In any case I have embraced them and welcome them in my life. Any thoughts or insights you can offer on these thoughts?

  15. Matt says:

    You used left twice when talking about which direction I saw the rabbit going. But I am assuming you meant to say if rabbit was going to the right across my path it would mean a male sun energy. Can you elaborate on what this male sun energy would mean if I recently saw a white rabbit crossing my path going left to right at night?

  16. Bootsguy says:

    This is a great symbol of a Rabbiy as ir will help me battle and weather my daily challenges.

  17. karli says:

    rabbit to the left (female energy) or left(male energy)?

    • karli says:

      was this a typo? Both directions are left so where is the “or”? Loved your article by the way. Please clarify this.

      • spiritanimals says:

        Hello, Karli!

        Apologies for the confusion! It was a typo but it’s corrected now. Left is feminine energy and right is male energy.

        Stay wild,

        • helene says:

          Okay, on the direction. You gave us left and right but on the 4 directions, nothing, Left and right depends on where you see it? What about south, north, east, west?

  18. Cat says:

    My cat killed an albino rabbit last night. I am born in the year of the rabbit, could you help me shed some light on this?

  19. Margarette says:

    Can you expand on the meaning of the male energy of the direction the rabbit ran..and the direction was southwest.

  20. Maria says:

    This morning going through the cement art ran straight in front of my car a brown bunny. At first I thought it to be a dog. Becaus I never seen a brown bunny run as fast as a dog. But he got spook by the man cutting the lawn. So what does it mean when it runs straight in front of your car across the street

  21. Maria says:

    It was suppose to say cemetery not cement

  22. Gritty says:

    I’ve seen this cute Lil rabbit by my actual apt building, just a few steps away from me. The last time I saw it was a few days ago and it hopped to the left a little but it didn’t go too far like it would if it we’re really trying to dodge people. What does the rabbit hopping to the left mean? Thank you

  23. Dalilah Serrano says:

    I dreamt that I was a wolf. And usually everyone feared me. ( by the way, first time me dreaming this. But what i felt was more like, a matter of fact) anyways, this time. All kinds of animals where not scared of me. In fact right next to me as if to see what we were going to do. We were running from some thing. Some thing scarier than the big wolf. But not an animal. Something big and evil. The wolf was weirdly pregnant. Which I think I was, with my youngest Camilla. I saw my daughter Jolene. But she was a rabbit or bunny. What ever it was, it started to come for us. All of us. And we ran as fast as we could. I remember my daughter running zigzags to get away, she was super fast. But that thing caught up to her and surrounded her. She stopped very fast as it surrounded her, and she faced it and I see her face and eyes looking everywhere as if to see where to escape. She was ready to fight back. My wolf felt deep sadness. After all she was my baby. 2nd of my now 4 children. I don’t remember it touching her. It just caught up to her and surrounded her. So I pray she got away. I had to keep running. What ever it was, it wanted what was inside me. The baby or pup. I often think of this dream. Worried for my daughter Jolene. I awoke right after seeing her surrounded.
    Do you habe any insight on this? Perhaps some thoughts? Please. The memory of this dream and how I emotionally felt, has stayed with me.

  24. Valentina says:

    I just had a dream with a grey bunny, which was always facing away from me. I love interpreting dreams and reading your website. I got drawn to ‘over-extending myself,’ from the above text, which makes perfect sense and is very relevant to my life situation right now.

  25. Dd says:

    What does it mean when you drive over one

  26. Starr Sullivan says:

    I found an intact bunny head in my yard. I think the work of a hawk. What kind of omen is this? Kind of freaky.

  27. Beets says:

    I opened my back door and in came a rabbit. We had to create a maze in the house for it to follow out the front door.

  28. Jolene says:

    I real life I had a white rabbit run to where I was and stop in front of me he looked right at me I said well hello there and he took off, that was from left to right ,then he cane back and stopped again but this time he was 10 feet away, and that was right to left , then ran heading north

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