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Ram Symbolism & Meaning

Ram is a male sheep, but what is interesting is observing how Ram and Sheep have divergent symbolic values. The Ram is virile, strong, and somewhat brazen. Sheep are soft, sweet, and (well) “sheepish”. Consider phrases like “ramming speed ahead” vs. “gentle as a lamb” and you get the picture. The balance between Ram and Sheep plays into their spiritual meanings and how the Animal Ally presents itself.

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Ram Symbolism & Meaning

Some 10,000 years ago Sheep were first domesticated in Central Asia. There are over 1 billion Sheep worldwide with China having the biggest population. They are a social lot, grazing together with little fuss except in the mating season when the Ram gets domineering. Here we see an instance of where Sheep and Ram behaviors divide. Ram will fight for his mate, while Sheep shows a far gentler affection. They are more easily led than Rams in a flock.

The art of spinning wool came much later around 3,500 BCE. Domesticated Sheep cannot naturally shed their winter coat. So without shearing, coats just grow and grow, creating overheated sheep in summer months. They cannot move as quickly with all the bulk, making them prone to predators. Humans receive about 8 pounds of wool from one year’s growth, and the Sheep can cool off! It’s a harmonious relationship when done correctly.

Sheep have connections with Clairvoyance because they have a 300 degree field of vision. Don’t sneak up on them. They’ll see you without turning their head. The only time their vision becomes impaired is when they have somehow tipped over. A Sheep on its back cannot get up, so if you see one by all means help if it is safe to do so!

A Ram’s horns are a key physical feature made of keratin and bone. They spiral outward, an ancient sign for spirituality and life’s cycles. Yet, they are an effective weapon too. Strength and protection are among Ram’s attributes.

Sheep and Rams alike teach us the importance of being sure-footed in all we do. They have amazing balance, needing little space for a strong foothold among the rocks. Sheep naturally gravitate to ledges avoided by other animals for safety. And just when you think they’ll misstep, they move to another perch.

A lovely essence of Sheep symbolism comes to you from a children’s tale called the Lion and the Sheep. In the story, the Ram or Sheep remains kind to animals who laughed at or demeaned it. The creature stays strong in the face of a bully without violence.

Then there’s the Black Sheep who stands out as a poor example to others, often through disobedience ending in harm. Or, consider “Sheep’s clothing” – a lesson showing how a person like the Black Sheep cannot hide their true nature forever. Finally, the phrase “battering Ram” indicates a full-on commitment to push through any barriers we face.

Ram Spirit Animal

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Take notice if it is a Ram or Sheep who enters your awareness. Both bear valuable but different messages for your consideration. The Sheep Spirit Animal is gentle, approaching subtly into your meditations. There is abundant sweet energy, one encouraging you to reconnect with your youth and the joys therein. The Sheep Spirit Animal grants patience when you’re frustrated, encouragement when you’re down-hearted, and renewed honor when you feel tempted to stray too.

If you are in a relationship, the Sheep Spirit Guide could mean either you or your partner aren’t being vulnerable and transparent. Couples sometimes find it hard to trust and release based on past experiences. Sheep says take it slow with each other, but do open up more.

When Ram comes as your Spirit Animal, it is a true force of nature. Ram is not faint of heart. He’ll come in with no question of his presence. Whatever is happening, move ahead with courage and confidence. You can take on any obstacles with the Ram’s energy beside you.

Ram is a creature of vitality, fertility, fearlessness, determination, and the Sacred Masculine. As yourself, what elements of the Ram Spirit Animal most speak to your current situation. Embrace the Ram’s vibrancy for whatever task you’re undertaking. He is there to help you reach the pinnacle of excellence.

Both the Sheep and Ram Spirit Animal reflect some type of new beginning for you. Change is on the horizon, so prepare. Take bold steps forward and remain steadfast. Know when best to call on your Spirit Animal for whatever trait you want to evoke.

Ram Totem Animal

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There are some similarities between individuals born with either a Sheep or Ram Totem Animal. Both exhibit inventiveness, a philosophical bend, and humility. Sheep people are tender, while Ram people are more stubborn and guarded.

If your Birth Totem is the Sheep, you always look for ways to help others. You take everyone’s needs into consideration. In group settings, you are the healer who teaches forgiveness and provides a practical solution for restoring harmony.

Conflict doesn’t suit you, and you are better off avoiding it. Nonetheless, when presented with a chaotic situation, you remain cool and balanced. It takes a lot to knock you off your feet. Usually you can spot these problems brewing long before they happen and try to fix them immediately rather than later when things get worse.

When your Birth Totem is a Ram, you have ever-evolving grand ideas. You see the world of possibilities out there and want to grab on to every one of them. You think big, live big, and act BIG.
Walking with Ram means being a feisty character. You can be stubborn with your opinions. You are likewise willful when someone tries to press you for a specific action or choice.

Ram Power Animal

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Seek your Sheep or Ram Power Animal when you are in dangerous territory and need to maintain your balance ever so carefully. It is a time to watch where you walk (or not). Sheep and Ram know the way through the crevices so you move safely and with assurance.

Invoke your inner Sheep or Ram Power Animal when you feel you’ve lost your way spiritually. Somehow you’ve lost sight of true North. Ram helps you reclaim core ethics and morals supporting personal growth and actualization. Just because you’ve gone off the trail doesn’t mean you can’t turn around and find way-markers in the wilderness.

You might consider calling on a Lamb Power Animal when it’s advisable to pull back. Lambs are reserved and quiet. They remind us we can hear the voice of Spirit in moments when all is silent. So remove yourself from the clamor, commune with Lamb, and renew your inner peace.

Ram Global Meanings

Throughout the world’s mythology, you find Sheep and Ram symbolism liberally added into the mix. The Ram was an aspect of, or sacred to, Zeus in Greece, Indra in India, Ea in Ball, and Hermes in Rome. Depictions of the ancient Egyptian God, Amun Ra showed him having a Ram’s head, a creature revered for virility. And in Scandinavia, Thor has Rams pulling his chariot illustrating strength, just to name a few.

Ram Dreams

Seeing A Ram in the foreground of your dreams shows your leadership skills are impressive. Use the gift wisely. If Ram is black, take a moment to examine your ambitions and follow the best path both mundanely and spiritually.

If the Ram in your dream is standing nearby, it may portray an important male figure in your life. Watch for other imagery in the dream for more information. For example, if the Ram seems agitated, perhaps there is someone with whom you are arguing and need reconciliation.

Catching a Ram in your dream is a positive omen. You will soon overcome a daunting obstacle. On the other hand, if a Ram hits you with its horns, prepare for an argument.
Dreaming of a Ram on a Friday night is a good sign for business. An advancement or professional improvement is on its way.

Sheep in dreams are harbingers of happiness and prosperity. If the Sheep is pure white, a baby is on the way, bringing fulfillment to many.

A Black Sheep appearing in your dream is a sign of bad luck. When it stands between you and your partner in your dream, someone is trying to come between you.

Holding a Sheep gently in your hands says you have a clear goal in mind, and you’re heading the right direction. Things will go smoothly.

When Sheep surround you in a dream, it represents healing.

Ram in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

The Sheep or Ram appear in two different Astrological Systems-the Western Zodiac and in Chinese Astrology. In the West, the Ram is the first of 12 birth signs, called Aries. Mars governs this sign, indicating great strength, vigor, willpower, and confidence. The Sign of the Ram arrives in spring, the season of renewal and new beginnings.

In Chinese Astrology, if you were born in the Year of the Sheep or Ram, you are sensitive and persistent. Commonly, people born in the Year of the Sheep have a happy family life, security, peace, and abiding friendships. Sheep also love learning new things.

Ram Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Action (Ram)
  • Clairvoyance (Both)
  • Gentleness (Sheep)
  • Masculine Divine (Ram)
  • New Beginnings (Both)
  • Non-violence (Sheep)
  • Power (Ram)
  • Self-Assertion (Ram)
  • Self Awareness (Sheep)
  • Trust (Sheep)
  • Virility (Ram)
  • Vulnerability (Sheep)

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