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Reindeer Symbolism & Meaning

Do you need more determination and focus? Want to move to a completely different place or climb higher in your career? Reindeer, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Reindeer teaches how to survive, keep going, and thrive even during the harshest weather! Delve deeply in Reindeer symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can inspire, motivate, and enlighten you.

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Reindeer Symbolism & Meaning

Most people immediately associate Reindeer with Santa Claus. In the stories, Reindeer assist in safe travel and illustrate both speed and endurance. In nature, they can move up to 60 miles per hour, which is impressive considering they weigh about 150 pounds. When it comes to the idea of moving from one space to another with little stress or burdens, Reindeer is a natural symbol.

Linguistically Caribou is synonymous with Reindeer. The Norse word for Reindeer meant horned animal (or sometimes wild animal). It’s true, Reindeer have horns, but they’re unique because both males and females grow antlers. Interesting features for Reindeer don’t stop there.

Hooves on a Reindeer are large and act as tools. They support the creature firmly on snow, with edges holding firm on the ice. The underside of the hooves has a small hollow which Reindeer use for digging in winter, seeking food. Their behavior is why the French called them “snow shoveler”. So, while Santa’s Reindeer may fly in storybooks, in real life, Reindeer are much more down to earth, acting as an emblem for remaining grounded, centered, and steady.

Reindeer have a reputation for taking on one of the world’s largest migrations. During summer they’re content on the tundra and grasslands. It is the time of year when they give birth. When snow falls, they seek sheltered areas. Herds traveled together some 600 miles. The North American Caribou migrates some 3,000 miles in one year! Talk about determination and focus!

Reindeer Spirit Animal

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The Reindeer Spirit Animal may come to you when you’re planning a journey. It could be short, like a walkabout to clear your mind, or as grand as traveling the world. Reindeer is a liberating force for you. Working with your Spirit Animal allows for greater adaptation and creativity as you encounter new experiences.

The spiritual meaning of Reindeer beckons you to stay true to your inner compass. You’re on the right track. Now’s not the time to wander off. Keep your mind clear and your focus sure. Avoid anyone who brings drama and chaos. Reindeer wants to work with you on your soul’s purpose in this incarnation.

Your Reindeer Spirit Animal is a creature of magic. If you’ve been considering exploring the mystical arts, it’s a perfect time. Take a leap of faith and believe all things are possible when you trust. Reindeer medicine keeps one foot solidly in reality during your learning process. You make magic out of stardust, wonders, and wishes, but it doesn’t mean there is no room for a mind-heart balance. Remember the ability to make and change your reality begins with a positive thought.

Reindeer Totem Animal

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Individuals born with a Reindeer Totem Animal are social and weave their words with great adeptness. They enjoy helping people who get lost on the road, in the woods, or wherever, giving them accurate and safe directions. Friends and family trust in their care and concern, because they always respond to other people’s needs.

If your Birth Totem is a Reindeer, you have gypsy feet. You love to wander, with or without plans in place. No matter where you go, you seem to move in the right direction for the most satisfaction and fun. Even when the route to your destination gets figuratively slippery, you continue on with a confident bearing.

Walking with Reindeer means you are very sensitive to temperature changes and scents. A Reindeer has more surface area in their nose, converting cold air into warmth. You know by taking a deep breath if a change in the weather is coming. You may have the psychic gift of Clairalience. When certain aromas reach you, they set off your higher instincts and provide helpful information about the surrounding space. For example, a person you meet may smell sticky-sweet, giving you the sense they’re putting on airs and facades.

When you visit someone, you are always careful to announce yourself first. Reindeer accomplish their announcements by clicking sounds made by their knees. In your case, a phone call or private message will do. Even if a friend or family member says, “just walk in, no need to knock” – you knock anyway out of courtesy.
You may have a combative side. Those antlers you’re wearing aren’t just decoration. However, you have to be pressed to the point of frustration to reach a critical tipping point. You know you could easily outrun your foe, you likewise know your aura is intense and may do all the hard lifting for you if you stand your ground.

Reindeer Power Animal

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Look to your inner Reindeer Power Animal when you’re facing a task requiring great endurance. Reindeer energy keeps you moving forward. Keep your communion with Reindeer open until you’ve reached the end of the effort.

If you have the itch to take a trip but hesitate to do so, the Reindeer Power Animal is a great helpmate. It offers you courage, resiliency, and protection. And, if Reindeer feels it isn’t the right time for your sojourn, you can trust Reindeer to tell you without hesitation.

A third reason to call upon your Reindeer Power Animal is when you don’t want to lose yourself to a social situation. Reindeer Medicine maintains the balance between your personal power and the energy you give to a group.

Inuit Reindeer Symbolic Meanings

It is said Reindeer came pouring out of the ground thanks to one man’s wish. Inuit artists use images of Reindeer in many art forms, reflecting their importance to the Inuit culture.

Reindeer as a Mythic Animal Symbol

Reindeer pop up in global myths frequently. Among Hindus, for example, the Goddess Saraswati can take the form of a red deer. She is the Goddess of wisdom, learning, art, and music. Meanwhile, among Buddhists, Reindeer symbolizes the purity of Buddha’s teachings. Siberian tribes honored Reindeer as a light-bringer who ushers people safely from earthly realms into their next existence.
The ancient rock paintings throughout Asia and Europa depict Reindeer. The creature was a guide for the soul. Many of the renderings show the creature flying as if taking messages to heaven.

Reindeer Dreams

In dreams about Reindeer when the animal appears from behind a bush, you are about to have a spiritual surge in your learning. Something in you is stirring, your heart opens, and good things follow so long as you remain mindful.

In Reindeer dreams if the animal is running toward you, it’s an omen of good news arriving swiftly. The message is one bringing you satisfaction and leads to good fortune. If the same Reindeer has a fawn at its side, the fortune has to do with money.

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Reindeer Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Action
  • Change (Cycles)
  • Determination
  • Endurance
  • Faith
  • Focus
  • Grounding
  • Rebirth (Rejuvenation)
  • Strength
  • Travel

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