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Sea Lion Symbolism & Meaning

In reading about the Sea Lion you will find they’re often put into the same category as Seals, who are actually more like cousins. Seals, Sea Lions, and the Walrus all are pinnipeds, meaning fin-footed. But when you look at the difference in size alone between Seal and Sea Lion feet, the Sea Lion needs a whole different shoe size (think big and extra wide!).

Their flippers are not the only large and in charge aspects of Sea Lions. They have a thundering, distinctive roar. The more intense the bark, the more determined they are to keep humans and other animals at bay. The predominant barking comes from the Males, but Female Sea Lions know how to shout it out as the need arises. So, Sea Lion symbolizes using communication to protect not only ourselves but a group, sending out a warning signal in the nick of time.

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Sea Lion Symbolism & Meaning

Sea Lions may make insomniacs jealous, being able to sleep 12 hours daily. They can stay underwater for the duration, and even longer thanks in part to having a tough, insulated skin. When they emerge from the water, Sea Lions often look like a puppy puddle, lounging all over each other. Sea Lions love to cuddle and remind us of the necessity of skin to skin contact for well being.

For food, the Sea Lion doesn’t have to go too far. Their preferred edibles are in waters less than 200 feet deep. Should necessity call for it, they can dive to about 899 feet, but the reason for such action is dire. You can learn a lesson from Sea Lion about the depths to which you can go when very nasty trouble is afoot.

With all the watery activity surrounding this creature, you might think Sea Lion has little use for the land – it’s not true. Sea Lion walks on land, rotating their hind flippers for forward movement. Herds enjoy congregating out of the water for a bit of noonday sun worship. The groups number upward of 1,500 in all-bigger than some towns in human terms. Cooperation is essential.

Sea-Lion Spirit Animal

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The Sea Lion Spirit Animal loves creativity. Artists and dreamers everywhere should welcome its presence. When working with Sea Lion you may have lucid dreams and an intense awareness of both your inner voice and higher self. Even with spiritual sensitivity, you always feel centered. Within each person, there are rhythms, sensations, a deep knowing connecting us to all realms. The Sea Lion Spirit Animal ramps up all your awareness. Water is emotive, intuitive, and life-giving. Swim with the Sea Lion and discover greater connections to the true you and your soul’s journey.

Sea Lions love “tree huggers” too. Part of the Sea Lion Spirit Animal’s medicine is a deep abiding respect and appreciation for the gift humans have on our glorious planet. Too often people see themselves “above” nature (or worse, apart from it altogether). Sea Lion has no room for any such outlooks. It counsels embracing all your joy and gratitude for the Earth each day.

Sea Lion additionally encourages you to explore your sensual self. Be intuitive and imaginative. Explore your own body on your own, or with others of your choosing. Get into a Sea Lion cuddle group!

Finally, the Sea Lion Spirit Animal comes to people who feel like they may drown waves of problems or negativity. Anxiety reigns. In such moments Sea Lion shows you the way to swim on through and gather information from the undercurrents elusive to many. You will emerge with a renewed balance.

Sea Lion Totem Animal

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People born with a Sea Lion Totem Animal seem a little clumsy, but also incredibly cute. They have a silly disposition and remain calm in some of the strangest situations imaginable. Don’t let the serenity fool you, however. Sea Lion people are fierce when called to action.

If Sea Lion is your Birth Totem, you have a keen eye for opportunities. When you know your environment (be it a town or your workplace) you navigate like a pro. Folks around you know who rules the proverbial water here. Familiar locations are where you play your best game once you polish your skills and apply them.

Throughout your life, you’ve been a bit of a daydreamer (because of the Water Element in Sea Lion’s makeup). Pondering about your aspirations can fill hours. You’ll come up with some great ideas, but make sure to find concrete ways to manifest them. When you follow through and trust your instincts, success always follows.

Working with Sea Lion energy means you’re smart, responsive, and naturally understand signs and omens from the Spirit Realm. You always need some creative outlet in your life. If you can find it in your career path, you’ll be thrilled. You have a hardworking nature anyway, so it’s a double blessing.

No matter what happens in your life, you stay on top of things. You can adapt in a heartbeat, or innovate a whole new solution seemingly from thin air. Sometimes the changes you make rub people the wrong way (they have an opinion set in stone). Thankfully, you chose your fights with care. Some matters are worth confrontations; others not so much so.

Sea Lion Power Animal

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Call on your inner Sea Lion Power Animal when the muse seems wanting. Your Power animal knows how to nudge your creative nature back into full throttle. The approach presented by Sea Lion may be a tad unconventional or even humorous, but give it a whirl.

When your biorhythms are completely out of whack, your Sea Lion Power Animal can help you with a tune-up. You need to reconnect with the ebb and flow of things and listen to what your body’s telling you. When you don’t, Sea Lion will let you know loudly, and in no uncertain terms.

Native American Sea Lion Symbolic Meanings

In Northwestern Coastal Tribes, stories tell us that Sea Lion helped create the land by bringing mud from the bottom of the ocean. Symbolically, the Sea Lion Animal Helper has associations with abundance, wealth, and good fortune in hunting or fishing. Both the Haida and Tlingit tribes have Sea Lion clans.

Sea Lion Dreams

When a Sea Lion comes out of the water completely and wanders the land in your dream, it represents your own emergence, a “landing” of some sort putting you in direct focus with your consciousness and instincts in a more concrete way.

A friendly Sea Lion in your dream is symbolic of a person who will help you in a business matter. If it’s a group of Seals, then an organization will be the source of improvements and financial stability.

White Sea Lions in dreams portend a wedding (or an engagement). In either case, the relationship will be serene and happy.

If any sea creature like a Shark attacks a Sea Lion in your dream, beware. Someone close to you is envious and intends some harm.

A gathering of Sea Lions enjoying the sun signifies good friends with whom you enjoy spending leisurely hours. A social gathering is on the horizon with nothing important happening. You are all there just for enjoyment’s sake. If any of the Sea Lions appears injured, however, then one or more of your companions needs your help.

Should the Sea Lion in your dream appear to greet you, you will soon meet a potential life partner or build a relationship with a significant friend.

Sea Lion Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Awareness
  • Cooperation
  • Group Dynamics
  • Imagination (Creativity)
  • Intimacy
  • Playfulness
  • Respect
  • Thankfulness
  • Toughness
  • Vocalization

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