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Tasmanian Devil Symbolism & Meaning

Got something to say others need to hear? Want to better understand your Shadow Self? Tasmanian Devil, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Tasmanian Devil teaches you how to be fierce in getting your message across while showing you how to understand your primal nature! Delve deeply into Tasmanian Devil symbolism and meaning to find out how your Animal Spirit Guide can motivate, support, and guide you.

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Tasmanian Devil Symbolism & Meaning

The Tasmanian Devil from Australia is the inspiration behind “Taz” the Tasmanian Devil of cartoon infamy. The real-world creature is a dog-size animal well-known for the attention-grabbing, distinct screeching sound it produces. As an Animal Spirit Guide, Tasmanian Devil has symbolic ties to self-expression, finding one’s voice, and impossible to ignore messages of great importance.

Tasmanian Devil climbs trees and swims, which are both activities the creature uses to remain safe from would-be predators. The Animal produces an undesirable odor when it senses it’s in danger and has a unique fur pattern making it easy to camouflage itself in nearby brushes. Here, Tasmanian Devil symbolizes the establishment of boundaries, taking on a low profile, and things hidden in plain sight.

Their intense spirit matches the Tasmanian Devil’s ferocity. As a marsupial, the creature has one of the strongest bites in the Animal Kingdom. Add the Devil’s lightning speed of eight miles an hour to its list of skills, and you find the perfect combination of survivalist skills giving the creature ties to adaptation and endurance. But to look at the Tasmanian Devil, you’d never expect an ounce of savageness. They have adorable eyes, small ears, and a somewhat chubby body-Nature gives the Animal the perfect disguise, hiding all that aggressive power behind a cuddly appearance. Here, the beast’s savage nature symbolizes primal forces and the Shadow Self.

Relationships in the Tasmanian Devil’s world aren’t the least bit monogamous or romantic. Male Devils stay with a female to protect her until birth. After the female gives birth, the male Devil leaves in search of more mating opportunities. Here, the Tasmanian Devil symbolizes opportunistic action.

The female Devil is quite fertile, averaging up to 30 young after gestation. The babes emerge from the womb after a hundred days. The Mother Devil only has four nipples, so the young have to compete for food. Afterward, her motherhood instincts only last a year until she goes looking for another partner. The parenting behavior of the Tasmanian Devil and how they feed their young symbolize competition, independence, and survival of the fittest.

The Tasmanian Devil prefers a comfortable, safe den to inhabit. Whenever possible, they will make a den home for years to come. Caves and thick grasses suit them best. The creature’s den-dwelling behaviors give the Animal ties to the Earth Element, security, and stability.

On top of their head, Devils have whiskers serving as antennae that help the Animal find food. In metaphysical terms, the creature’s antennae give it ties to extrasensory perception and clairsentience. The Devil has well-developed olfactory senses, too, corresponding to clairalience or the psychic sense of smell.

In Tasmania, the Devil is an icon for groups and organizations. The image attracts tourists from around the world. The government continues its efforts to save the Tasmanian Devil from further endangerment.

Tasmanian-Devil Spirit Animal

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The Tasmanian Devil Spirit Animal arrives when you are facing a battle. When the creature appears, you may feel competitive but somewhat unarmed for what lies ahead. Perhaps your thoughts and feelings fight with each other for dominance. No matter what, the Devil suggests you have all the tools you need for overcoming the turmoil. Tasmanian Devil encourages you to plan, bravely face your foe, and remove any obstacles standing in your way.

Sometimes the Tasmanian Devil comes to hotheaded people with a warning to maintain one’s cool. While your Spirit Animal has no issues with going head-long into combat, the creature teaches that there’s no reason to cast yourself on the altar as a sacrifice. Tasmanian Devil urges you to question the price you are ready to pay. Part of the Devil’s Medicine involves recognizing sometimes it’s better to walk away from conflict. There is no shame in admitting to bad timing, inaccurate plans, or misleading information, all of which can cause unfounded ire. Even if you feel attacks coming from several fronts, cooling down usually improves results. Your Animal Ally encourages you to keep your composure, get to the facts, and wait to see if cooperation emerges.

Tasmanian Devil Totem Animal

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People with the Tasmanian Totem Animal are direct, abrupt, and sometimes tactless. Their brisk approach throws individuals completely off balance because what the Tasmanian Devil Totem says is an undeniable truth. Not everyone is ready to handle such forthright words and the impact they create. The Tasmanian Devil-born know their power, but they may not always apply it with sensitivity.

If the Tasmanian Devil is your Birth Totem, you know you are strong. It’s nearly impossible to break your will. If someone denies your capabilities, your response is, “Oh yeah, just watch me.” Yes, you come across to some as insensitive or rude, but it’s not your intention. You just have no time or patience for dilly dallying over a critical point or fostering willful ignorance.

The power of the Tasmanian Devil Totem within you comes shining through in your quick mind, speedy action, and crisp communications. If you think someone isn’t paying attention to you, they will quickly learn the error of their ways. You have no issue making a scene when situations call for one.

Be careful with your aggressive side. You don’t forgive easily or forget quickly. No one finds making peace simple, and it’s hard to manage your anger. Take your time to figure out an approach while building bridges. Likewise, don’t let your inner warrior become the whole of you. Even the bravest of fighters enjoy the warm moments when the sun peers out from a gray sky.

Tasmanian Devil Power Animal

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When you find yourself in full-out rage and know you have to pull back, invoke Tasmanian Devil as a Power Animal for support in maintaining control. Work with your Animal Ally to identify the triggers for your anger. Once you have greater self-understanding, it rolls into greater self-control. Tasmanian Devil helps you get back into the driver’s seat with your primal reflexes.

When you lack motivation or find your self-confidence landing on empty, Call on Tasmanian Devil as a Power Animal to support you in getting back on your feet again. Your Power Animal shows you how to recharge your mind and spirit. It also reveals ways of staying adaptable at the most important junctures of your life.

Tasmanian Devil Australian Symbolism

Australia is the Tasmanian Devil’s playground, so it is here you can find more significant insights into its symbolism and meaning; Shamans in the bush see the Devil as one who bears secrets. Lore suggests the Tasmanian Devil can travel in the astral realms where it has access to arcane knowledge. The creature holds substantial power and uses its voice to invoke leadership skills and inspire others.

Tasmanian Devil Dreams

Having the Tasmanian Devil appear in your dreams means either you or someone you know struggles with intense anger. Be aware, someone only has part of the picture, making for misplaced ire. Take the time to get the specifics before launching into action.

When the Tasmanian Devil has its back to you in the dream, it implies avoiding certain emotions. You are pushing down your feelings, pretending your fear or anxiety doesn’t exist. You are not serving your full potential and may experience a temporary disconnect from the Universe. It’s time to look into your mirror and face your genuine sentiments and resolve them.

Sometimes the Tasmanian Devil in your dreams symbolizes personal power. You can command the energy necessary to change your current situation. At this moment, you must act without hesitation. Everyone has times when they must aggressively pursue dreams and goals; your time is now.

If the Tasmanian Devil is loud in your dream, it is a warning. Take action to protect people you love or a matter precious to you. Use the Devil’s innate honesty. Layout your words concisely so there can be no misunderstanding of your intent.

Tasmanian Devil Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Action
  • Clairalience
  • Expression
  • Fast-Thinking
  • Ferocity
  • Honesty
  • Power
  • Protection
  • Territory
  • Warrior Spirit

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