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Walrus Symbolism & Meaning

Need help handling the big transitions in your life? Do you feel lost on your spiritual path? Walrus, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Walrus teaches you to embrace change, all while helping you rediscover your faith. Delve deeply into Walrus symbolism and meaning to find out how this Spirit Animal Guide can assist, instruct, and illuminate you!

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Walrus Symbolism & Meaning

Walrus became famous for its enormous tusks, which are useful tools. With them, Walrus can pull itself up on icy land, forage for tasty clams and mussels on the ocean floor, or as a means of protection. In this, Walrus teaches us clever-minded adaptation even with something appearing awkward.

Walrus tusks serve another role too. They’re part of mating rituals. Walrus presents its dominance without intent to harm. However, crossing tusks often result in injuries. Any tool can be dangerous if we don’t know how to use it or become careless.

In reviewing the senses of our Walrus friend, we find a creature with poor eyesight, a keen nose on land, and sensitive whiskers called vibrissae. Walrus has approximately 450 vibrissae, each of which is a tactile organ. They gather information and transmit it to the Walrus’ brain; this is how they know the shape and size of various objects encountered. From a human perspective, we might equate this to psychometry since Walrus isn’t “seeing” but feeling.

Arctic folklore and myth shimmer with Walrus’ presence; stories portray them as warmhearted, social, hardy, and willing to defend what they hold dear. Meanwhile, in modern culture we find the Walrus in a Lewis Carroll poem, filling the role of a trickster. The Beatles made a song, “I am the Walrus,” alluding to this composition. Lennon intended Walrus to be a hero in his lyrics, not knowing the Carroll makes Walrus a villain.

Shamans tell us Walrus Spirit is the keeper of ancient knowledge and wisdom. Walrus looms larger than life in our awareness, all two tons, reminding us of the value of seeing a bigger picture. In the latter context, Walrus teaches you secrets have a way of making themselves known no matter how big a wall separates us from them.

The blubber on a Walrus is about 6 inches thick. This not only keeps Walrus warm, but it provides energy too. Since the Walrus has no fur, this layer of fat marks a line between death and survival in the cold tundra.

An interesting fact about newborn Walrus is that the pups can swim right away. This behavior reflects an intimate relationship with the Water Element. The female Walrus nurses their pups for about 12 months, and even afterward, that nurturing continues for several more years. With this in mind, Walrus makes an excellent symbol for positive motherhood.

Walrus Spirit Animal

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When this gentle giant the Walrus comes to you as a Spirit Animal, it speaks of leadership versus following. Walrus prefers the latter because it’s simpler. Now you are being asked about stepping up into a new role. The guidance here is to think about it. What will make you happy? Sometimes “followers” can do more than a leader from the background while another said person is in the limelight.

The Walrus Spirit Animal embodies family ties and friendship. It appears as a reminder to stay close and care about the people you love, and who give you affection equally. Surround yourself with the individuals you strive to be every day.

Those to whom the Walrus Spirit Animal comes are people who don’t like change. Overall, there’s a preference for fun, sunny days, and finger food. However, while Walrus feels the same way, it also knows you need motivation and initiative to enact the change for which you’re striving. Staying comfortable and wistful wishing won’t cut it.

As a creature of the Water Element, Walrus Spirit Animal takes us on an adventure into the very deepest part of our being. Here we uncover not only what we feel but the roots of why we feel a specific way; this is not an easy journey, but it has serious, long-term rewards. You will discover the hidden treasures within yourself that you didn’t even recognize before. Be ready for that leap of faith. The Walrus Spirit Animal will never leave your side and always offers a lifeline when you need it.

Often, the Walrus Spirit Animal comes with important dreams. Pay close attention to what you see in your night visions or meditations. There are important hints in this inner landscape. Find them and follow.

Walrus Totem Animal

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Individuals with a Walrus Totem Animal are very perceptive, particularly with touch and their sense of smell. Just brushing a person’s hand or ring evokes startling accurate images and feelings. Over time, these people come to trust what those gut sensations tell them and use the knowledge with kindness.

If Walrus is your Birth Totem, you have a mystical bent and strong faith in something beyond yourself; this personal depth of believing brings flashes of wisdom and hints of ancient secrets that drive you forward, learning more. You are very careful about sharing these insights. Experience has shown you that not everyone is ready to hear about them, and for some, the information is even frightening.

With a Walrus Totem, you have aspects of both the Earth and Water, revealing themselves in your personality. You’re grounded but can dive confident and courageous into a situation without even checking for waves. You’ve developed a thick skin too; it takes a lot to intimidate you, let alone knock you over. That exterior serves as protection from emotional predators.

Socially, you enjoy large crowds. Walrus travels in colonies, as a moving community; this requires cooperation. Overall, others and their presence are very comforting and uplifting for you. Another characteristic of people with the Walrus Totem Animal is nurturing. Everything and anything lost, hurt, or unable to handle the situation at hand becomes your “project.” It often applies to younger people or animals, but it can extend into many areas of life, including charitable work. The only caution is to remember to nurture yourself along the way too; Walrus people are humorous, strong, and resilient. All these energetic signatures bode well for your life now and in the future.

Walrus Power Animal

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Call on the inner Walrus Power Animal when you are focusing on spiritual growth, or you feel like you are losing your faith. Remember, Walrus is a keeper of ancient mysteries. Unlocking them is up to you. The Walrus Power Animal also makes a great helpmate when you just can’t get perspective. You have a question or choice, but no matter how you parse it, nothing comes to you by way of solution. Walrus Energies help with this greatly.

Another excellent reason for seeking the Walrus within is maintaining a head-heart balance. Walrus lives in two worlds-the concrete, logical and grounded Earth, and the sensitive, psychic water. These can get muddled up in daily life. Walrus assists in untangling those issues. Walrus vibrations are protective. If someone or something threatens you, your family, your home, or friends, let Walrus well up inside for courage. Walrus counsels, you should pick your battles. Not all of them are worth the time and change little other than you are spending a great deal of effort with no results.

Inuit Walrus Symbolism

The Inuit tell us of the Queen of The Underworld, Sedna, who can transform into a Walrus at will. Sedna ruled the far side of The Underworld, which was cold and unreachable. Yet in her Walrus form, she could travel and understand human worlds, bearing great magical power. Hunters would never speak idly of Walrus in their travels because of this.

Some folktales credit either Sedna or Pukimna with creating the Walrus. Pukimna also made the caribou and oversaw reincarnation for these two creatures. She does her job; then the Moon God transports the souls back to earthly realms. Sometimes the spirits of dead Walruses are sent by her to people who broke taboos regarding either the Caribou or Walrus.

Another myth from the Chukchi tribe begins with a Raven who recovers the sun and moon from an evil spirit. Raven seduces the spirit’s daughter, and when her father finds out, he tosses her over a cliff. She turns into the first Walrus upon landing in the water. She remains in the depths of the sea, a Walrus-headed woman, with potential ties to both Goddesses Sedna and Pukimna. Found Walrus bones appear in sacred rituals and ceremonies, and as integral parts of amulets and talismans.

Greenland Walrus Symbolism

In writings from Greenland, Walrus appears as spiritual helpers (or sometimes opponents). Some people regard Walruses as brothers or sons, and others lend their skin to Shamans as an aid to traveling the worlds (once the mission ends the Shaman returns the skin).

Celtic Walrus Symbolism

Tales claim that Walrus can come to shore, shed their skin, and turn into a human. One time a human male met a transformed Walrus, and they fell in love. Sadly, her passion for the sea kept calling to her. She returned to the beach, put her skin back on, and swam away. Folklorists feel that stories like this have some connection to those about Selkies in Scottish myths.

Walrus Dreams

As with any dreams, details matter; those little things at the sidelines can bring important messages. Regarding Walrus, this dream sometimes reflects a sense that someone needs protection. Right now, you feel overwhelmed, but you are smart and competent. Follow through. When the Walrus appears larger than life in your dream, it talks about your sense of how you appear physically. Do you have self-image issues stemming from weight while overlooking your natural gifts? It’s time to shift your focus away from nay-sayers and say yes to yourself.

If the Walrus seems to watch another animal or person in the dream, you think someone is about to outwit you. They are psyching you out. Use that thick skin and avoid negative opinions, including your own.
In Alaska, dreaming of a Walrus portends the awakening of supernatural powers. It may also foretell of travel and happy gatherings. Should the Walrus seem angry or upset, it represents your temperament at present. Walrus can be very crotchety. The dream is a message to check your attitude.

If the Walrus in your dream attacks you, there is something in the way of you attaining a very important personal goal. Alternatively, it may mean you are giving away your personal power in a situation. Take decisive and firm action. Being kissed by a Walrus portends good things. Something fun and full of whimsy is on its way.

Walrus Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptation
  • Curiosity & Cleverness
  • Emotions
  • Friends, Family, & Community
  • Happiness & Good Humor
  • Motherly Nurturing
  • Mysteries & Secrets
  • Perception
  • Protective
  • Psychometry

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