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Wolverine Symbolism & Meaning

Are you in a situation where you need to call on every ounce of your courage? Can you be flexible when the time calls for it? Wolverine, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Wolverine teaches you how to survive and adapt in the most difficult of situations. Delve deeply in Wolverine symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can strengthen, support, and empower you.

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Wolverine Symbolism & Meaning

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”
– Martin Buber

Wolverine’s meaning and symbolism bursts with intensity. There’s something raw and unpredictable here, a kind of primal energy. With Wolverine, you take a walk on the wild side.

Wolverine is a type of weasel being the biggest of its tribe. And like any weasel, Wolverine likes a little mischief, and sometimes all-out mayhem. Additionally, our friend Wolverine has the heart of a lion; this creature does not back down. Surrender doesn’t even exist in Wolverine’s mentality, which gives him impressive characteristics like determination and ferocity.

In nature, Wolverine is an aggressive critter. When it comes to their territory, tread very lightly. The minute Wolverine considers you a predator, they attack and defend in any way possible.

One thing you may not know about Wolverine is that it has a distinct smell that has given them the nickname “skunk bear” among Blackfeet Indians. The sent is not as harsh as a skunk. It’s muskier but very pronounced. In other words, Wolverine has a distinct “air” about him, one that makes him unique. Wolverine medicine celebrates individual talents, with the minor caveat of not making a “stink” and showing off.

Gulo Gulo, meaning glutton, is another name for Wolverine that’s been given to him by the scientific community. When hunting, Wolverine responds to his circumstances. While they will eat berries, they have a ravenous taste for meat. Oddly the Wolverine has a pretty balanced diet, so it’s uncertain how the overeating attribute became assigned to him (most feel this was an error in etymology). Perhaps it is a more energetic signature that says, “I take what I want when I want.” If so, Wolverine counsels us about applying restraint with our proverbial hungers.

Wolverines aren’t born ferocious. The female Wolverine carries zygotes in her body until she knows it’s safe to implant them and give birth in the best conditions. The little kits are totally helpless and depend on the mother and father for protection and sustenance. It is not until ten weeks of age that they begin learning the family trade of hunting.

Keywords and characteristics associated with Wolverine Spirit include assertive, determination, combative, clever, hardy, opportunistic, bravery, assurance, assertive, hardy, opportunistic, powerful, combative, primitive, protective, roguish, tough, transformative, trickster, untamed, warrior energy,

Wolverines habitat embraces Northern Canada, Alaska, Nordic regions, Russia and Siberia. The Norwegian term for Wolverine is Mountain Cat, Czech, and Polish –Fat Bellied, and Germanic – Little Wolf.

Wolverine Spirit Animal

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Wolverine has a reputation for being the “bad boy” of the Spirit World. There are times you need street smarts, and now is one of them. Wolverine, as a Spirit Animal, gives you the strength to pull this fight off and come out unscathed.

Additionally, Wolverine speaks to us about our dark sides, even those shadowed places that we prefer left alone. Your primal self understands the darkness and respects what it represents. Jung called this the Shadow Self – those personal traits that we find difficult, disturbing, and not easily accepted. Nonetheless, we must acknowledge this and even embrace it to energize our potential.

When this Spirit Animal appears, you may get pushed out of your comfort zone. There are no hard lines in Wolverine energy. You may have to move outside of the “norm” to find a satisfying resolution. There are times when the Warrior must come out with their weapons to protect their space and loved ones.

If there is some type of power play going on in your life, it wouldn’t be surprising to find Wolverine in the thick of it. Wolverine is ready to move into a defensive mode at any moment with great speed. So, hunker down and center your power.

People who are uptight, prim, and proper may suddenly find Wolverine sniffing around. It’s time to let loose a bit. Try something (egad) unconventional. Give yourself some slack and freedom. It’s a great release and one that Wolverine can enjoy with you.

Wolverine sometimes comes during times of change. His lesson is to adapt or die, and be ready to preserve for your very survival; this may be a frightening time, but Wolverine has your “six” – you WILL get through this.

Sometimes we have to stand alone in a struggle; in this, Wolverine helps you grow a thick skin. Think of this as a layer of defense between you and whatever you’re facing. You will feel greater, more resilient, and ready. Walk with Wolverine ferocity.

Wolverine Totem Animal

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If Wolverine is your Birth Totem, people perceive you as, well, a bit odd, you love the outdoors but experience it in a very personal way. You see the wild with bright eyes and enthusiasm. A little danger won’t deter you. In terms of activity, you probably love to travel. Wolverine can move over great distances with relative ease. It’s as if they run with the wind at their backs.

Many people with Wolverine Animal Totems find they don’t mind the cold. In fact, Winter is probably their favorite season. In nature, Wolverine fur protects them from harsh environments. Good hobbies for Wolverine include hiking snowy trails, climbing, skiing, and snowshoeing.

It’s worthy of note that you don’t always go into the wilderness seeking an adventure. Sometimes Wolverine simply likes to pause and look at the wonders around. As you walk, it becomes a kind of moving meditation that reconnects you to Mother Earth.

Personally, and professionally, your inner Wolverine is assertive. You speak out and stand up, always staying true to yourself. Wolverine is not a “strong silent” type. People cannot pressure you into silence.

The only time Wolverine is quiet is when it comes to secrets. Wolverines are elusive. They hold a lot to their chest. Even your dearest friends don’t know everything about you and probably never will.

When you think of quirky, Wolverine hits that mark. You don’t really fit into a tidy little societal hole. You stand out for your uniqueness yet remain an enigma.

Wolverine Power Animal

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Call on Wolverine as a Power Animal when tapping into your inner wild and primal self. When you access your raw power, you’ll develop more self-confidence and present a steady front whenever necessary. When working with Wolverine as an Animal, Ally, it lets you explore the Shadow Self. You’ll find it easier to persevere in times of trial, to discover your deepest passions, and harness your strengths.

Connect with Wolverine as a Power Animal when you are trying to assert your emotional strength or remain in control. Your Animal Ally has thick fur, so the creature helps you protect yourself from the energies swirling all around you and the unwanted influence of others. Wolverine also supports you in developing thicker skin, making you less vulnerable to hurtful words, actions, or peer pressure.

When facing trying challenges, invoke Wolverine for help. The creature is ferocious, fearless, and, when in the wild, defends itself from predators much larger than itself. Working with Wolverine allows you to funnel or channel anger or aggression in ways that ensure you persist, survive, and thrive.

Native American Wolverine Symbolic Meanings

Wolverine often shows up in Native American stories as a symbol of fortune and success, particularly in gambling. Other tales portray him as a trickster who is usually harmless. Wolverine can shapeshift and entertain people with bawdy renderings; this aspect of Wolverine comes from Quebec and Labrador tribes. Alaskans appreciate Wolverine for their diligence, and in Northern California tribes, he portends luck.

Among the Innu, there is a Wolverine God called Kuekuatsheu, who is quite the conniver. He tells fibs and acts inappropriately akin to a class clown; this God is not the least bit violent or malicious. His tall tales are intended for enjoyment, usually including bedroom and bathroom humor.

It is said that Kuekuatsheu took part in Earth’s Creation. It was Wolverine who built a great boat to keep animals safe during the flood. It rained and rained, so finally Wolverine wearied of this and sought out animals who could bring earth from the water. Otter and Beaver tried to no avail. Finally, a mink )or muskrat, depending on who you ask), dove into the water, again and again, getting rocks and mud for an island.

Apparently, Keukuatsheu had a role in assuring mild winters too. At one point, he felt that winter had become too mild. He complained to the God of weather and the North Wind, Tciwetinowinu who promised to do better next year. Sure enough, the following winter was very, very cold, but Wolverine would not admit he was cold.

Finally, the following year Tciwetinowinu made everything freezing to the point where branches snapped off trees. Wolverine knew that Tciwetinowinu would come to gloat, so he built a huge fire. When the weather God arrived, Wolverine kept him close to the fire doing what he did best – telling stories. The weather God started to melt and had to admit defeat. From that point, forward Winter would always be “just right.”

Among the Passamaquoddy, Keukuatsheu seems to have a malevolent twin of sorts. Once again, we find Wolverine (Lox) being irreverent and tasteless, but Lox was also impatient and prone to a bad temper. Here he plays the role of the monster that humans would be wise to avoid.

Dene Myths relate an anecdote that explains why Wolverine steals from traps. See once Wolverine was a man. He was not a nice person at all. Wolverine even went so far as to try and kill his mother-in-law. That woman’s children had a plan. They took revenge on Wolverine, his sister, and his son, dispatching them all. The young cubs, however, survived. These pups tried to make a deal with the children, offering to leave traplines alone to create peace. The children did not keep their promise, so Wolverines have continued snagging bait and trapped foods to this day.

Wolverine Dreams

Wolverine appearing in your dreams can have different meanings depending on his demeanor. If the Wolverine snarls, it represents a decision you have to make, one that requires self-confidence.

The second interpretation of Wolverine is one of taping into your primal power. It’s time to ramp up and hold nothing back.

If Wolverine is eating, then it acts as counsel to pay attention to your wants and needs. You are not doing enough to fulfill your desires. Take a bite out of life.

When Wolverine is trekking through the woods, you have a journey ahead, one that may, in fact, open whole new opportunities.

Seeing a Wolverine dart around in your dream symbolizes unpredictable situations that are simply a nuisance. Unfortunately, you won’t recognize this until it happens.

Should the Wolverine communicate a humorous story in your dream, it’s a good sign of laughter ahead. It also encourages you to be a little naughty sometimes.
Playing with Wolverine announces the development of new friendships. You are coming out of a solitary period and back into more social settings.

If you hit the Wolverine in your dream, it warns that you lack patience and control. Things must develop at their own pace. Alternatively, this signifies meeting with troubles.

Chasing the Wolverine expresses a disappointment in your life. You are bored and looking for an adventure. On the other hand, if Wolverine chases you, it’s an omen of news (good or bad).

When it’s dark in the dreamscape, and you can barely see the Wolverine, it’s time to move into the shadows and keep personal matters wholly private. You do not know who you can trust.

A group of Wolverines surrounding you in a dream symbolizes a group of people who do not have your best interests in mind. Often these individuals are jealous of your efforts; this is not the time to make rash decisions.

Far Eastern Wolverine Symbolic Meanings

In China, the Wolverine bears the name “sable bear” because of its resemblance to both animals. They live in caves and dens and have no second thoughts about fighting a bear over food. Sadly, the Khingan range and the Altai Mountains have only approximately 200 Wolverines left.

Wolverine Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Assertive
  • Brave
  • Combat
  • Opportunistic
  • Powerful
  • Primal Energy
  • Protective
  • Trickster
  • Untamed
  • Warrior

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