Dreaming about Possums

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What Does Possum in Dreams Mean?

Okay, let’s face it, possums do look kind of freaky, like a cross between a ferret and rat. First, opossums and possums are one in the same thing, just in case you might be wondering, and the two spellings are merely the result of the animal’s name being spoken differently in regions of North America. These creatures are marsupials, so like the kangaroo, they will tote their babies around in their pouch, so they are quite protective. As weird as they may appear, these creatures are quite intelligent and resourceful, and these attributes tend to come through the dream messages they convey. So just what do these creatures have to say to you when entering the dream realm?

First, consider that the possum has an amazing immune system, one in which they actually have immunity to pit vipers, cottonmouths, and rattlesnake bites, either in part or entirely. And believe it or not, very few possums actually end up rabid because of their excellent immune system. With such a stout immunity to even venom, perhaps the dream message you are receiving is that you will not fall ill to a common illness that’s going around, or that you won’t fall victim to the venom others might spew in the way of gossip and slander.

Possums are typically loners, but sometimes they will remain together and live in the same burrow or other location. Mind you they will not actually build their own home to often and much prefer using whatever might be vacant or long since abandoned by other animals. That being the case, the dream message of the possum might point to your resourcefulness in your waking hours. You might receive help from asking yourself are you making the most of the natural resources right in front of you so you can make the adaptation to a situation all that much easier?

Nocturnal creatures, possums love the night, and it serves as excellent camouflage. Speaking of camouflage, these animals really do “play possum,” and actually faint in the face of a threat. They have little bodies will look as if they are dead. Possums will even exude a scent to make it smell as if they are dead as well …this state can be maintained for up to four hours before they come to once more. With this ability under their tricksterish belt, the possum is an animal being lies, albeit white lives-saving lies, and how you might be better off to lay low for a while and let the dust settle in a situation in your waking hours. Now is not the time to draw attention to yourself or to let your voice shine.

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