What Do Pig Dreams Mean

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Pig in Dreams Interpretation

Pigs … my first favorite of all times was, of course, Wilbur from E. B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web,” but some of you are probably crying foul and saying no … no.. it was “Piglet,” in Winnie the Pooh, or “Babe,” in the famous Disney film … whatever the case might be, little pigs have found a way to make it into the hearts and minds of many (and…yes, bellies, but we aren’t talking bacon here!) So, what does it mean when these animals waddle on into a dream scene? Let’s find out right now …

Some simple idioms and wordplay will help get the ball rolling. Consider sayings like, “if pigs had wings,” or “when pigs fly,” and it becomes easy to see how these animals might sometimes suggest something so difficult to achieve it seems like it is impossible. If you see a pig flying in your dream, it means you will overcome, what you thought were insurmountable odds, and challenges will readily fall away making way for your success in an endeavor. Now, if your dream has a negative undertone like the pigs are flying and simply falling out of the sky, for example, then it means you will not be able to achieve the very thing you think is impossible.

Pigs love a good roll in the mud, and even though they are relatively clean animals, they are often associated with dirt and filth. That being the case, if you see a farm pig rolling in the mud, or playing in filth, as pigs are prone to do, it could be a dream message pointing toward the need to do a spring clean of your abode so that it will not end up looking like “a pig sty.”

If we consider pigs in the context of ancient Greek myth, the animals might take on a different meaning. For instance, in the Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus’s men are all transformed into pigs by Circe, only releasing them once Odysseus came to rescue them. Here, pigs might become a dream symbol of vulnerability and hidden or unseen dangers in a situation, or it might point to a problem that will transform you when you solve it.

Also in ancient Greece, it was common for a pig to serve as a sacrifice to the deities particularly Demeter, the goddess of the Earth and the goddess of Love, Aphrodite. The sacrifices were made in the hopes of winning the favors of the deity to which the sacrifice was dedicated. Here, in this context, the pig appearing in your dreams might be telling you that to have what you really want, there may be some sacrifices along the way and that you will need to decide if you are willing to make them or if the success is worth the sacrifices in the first place.

When you dream of wild pigs or bores, your dream message might relate to the concept of gluttony and greed. If you see a pig on a farm in a civilized area, however, the pig may signify blessings, abundance, and fertility. The bigger the pig, the bigger the amount of abundance coming your way. Different cultures around the world have unique views of this pig, so your personal experiences and culture will clearly shade the meaning of the pig for you.

In Chinese astrology, there is the year of the Pig which covers people born under certain time spans. The years associated with the sign include 1911, 1971, 1923 1983, 1935, 1995, 1947, 2007, 1959, and 2019. Thus, the appearance of the pig may be pointing to someone you know born in any of the years that fall under the sign.

Now, with a pretty good idea of what a pig might mean when it shows up in dream scenarios, why not learn more about other mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and amphibians as well as fish and alternative aquatic life. I invite you to find out more here on my comprehensive site at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

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