Dreaming of Scorpion Meaning

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What Scorpion in Your Dream Means

The Scorpions … yes, it’s the name of an awesome rock band (especially the album Love at First Sting), but we aren’t talking rock here … what we are talking about is a creature that you’d be better off not encountering in real life, lest you run the risk of experiencing its sting!

This creature is actually an arachnid with all the best weaponry one can get in the animal kingdom … a poisonous barbed tail and nasty, sharp, and biting lobster-like claws in the front.

In ancient Egypt, Scorpions were considered protectors of the goddess Isis, whereas she had eight of them to guard her whenever necessary. In the same vein, the goddess Serket from the same pantheon (a goddess of magic, medicine, animals, nature, fertility, and one who heals venomous bites and stings … her name, when translated literally means “[She who] tightens the throat” … as well as “causes the throat to breathe,” which is a direct reference to the paralysis a scorpion bite can induce on its prey and the act of reversing such paralysis.

Considering this knowledge in hand, if you see the scorpion in a protective role while dreaming, it might mean you have a stable support system surrounding you in your waking life at all times are that you are well protected on all sides of a situation. Considering the Scorpion’s correspondence with Serket (or Serqet), you can also view the Scorpion as a dream symbol pointing to what needs to be said but is not being expressed.

What are you holding back in your waking hours? What is paralyzing you and stopping you from free expression? When scorpions come crawling into your night dreams, it is time to release pent-up emotions, and any grudges or emotional work that is holding you back.

The scorpion has eight legs, much like a spider. This number associates the creature with the infinite, timelessness, and the eternal. The number eight is also about cycles, birth, life, death, and rebirth. The appearance of this arachnid in dreams suggests the potential rebirth of a relationship or condition once thought dead or gone, or it points to the potential for a lasting relationship: One that proves lifelong. Finally, you might meet some past life connections or soulmates soon when the scorpion speaks through dream imagery.

In many ways, the Scorpion is a symbol of balance: Its eight legs, with four on each side, two fixed and two moveable claws, head, and a tail, thereby proving an interesting symmetry. The abdomen or belly of this creature has seven somites (segments), and this is where the symmetry deviates, pointing to an importance of the number seven and its vibrations in your waking life. In some cases, this creature can be born with genetic anomalies, and well, in the dream realm, any number of abnormalities can present themselves in the imagery you see.

For example, you might see a scorpion with the hands of a human instead of claws … that being the case, focus on the anomaly and its meaning because it will prove important. You might interpret the latter imagery to mean something like the helping hands you encounter in your waking realm might not be as helpful as you think. Meanwhile, the exterior of the scorpion is hard and is a reminder to protect yourself in an otherwise chaotic and dangerous world.

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