Dreaming of Rooster Interpretation

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Dream of Rooster Meaning

Okay, so who is with me on remembering the release of the Disney film Rock-A-Doodle in the early 1990s? Come on, surely you remember the story of Chanticleer, a Rooster who travels into the city where he becomes famous for his voice? A fun movie for sure, and if you don’t remember Chanticleer, then you must at least remember the rooster in the older Looney Tunes cartoons … Foghorn! Well, would you believe that old rooster was modeled after a famous senator, even some of his vocalizations… it’s true … But I digress …

My point is that we remember these roosters and real-life roosters for one significant attribute…

Their voice.

Roosters are thought to crow when the sun comes up; They are messengers of the arrival of another day (and this is not surprising as they are also a creature associated with the messenger god of ancient Greece, Hermes). These creatures find their voices early on … as early as four months old, and if they come crowing in your dream realm, they could be calling you to find your voice too. Roosters are symbols that come to suggest you should not fear speaking out and you should be willing to stand up for what you believe in.

Now, yes Roosters crow in the morning, but this is only because they awaken, and they also crow periodically throughout the day. If you see a rooster crowing and it is not dawn, it is a dream message suggesting that when you have something important to say, don’t hold back. When you feel the right time arrives to vocalize your thoughts or beliefs, the rooster says let your voice be heard.

Roosters are amazingly territorial and are willing to fight to protect their hens (yes here is one Rooster to several hens). If you see Roosters fighting over hens, it might be time for you to be a bit more territorial yourself as you set out to define your personal boundaries.

If you see Roosters in a cockfight, then this dream might be warning you about keeping any unnecessary aggression in check. It can also suggest you might soon face altercations, quarrels, or other difficulties as you deal with rivals, enemies, or those that envy you. Because there is usually a single rooster to several hens, this is a symbol of virility, and it might even be suggestive of fertility and abundance in your waking life.

To hear a rooster crowing and not see one might a dream message suggesting that in your waking life you will literally receive some kind of wakeup call: One that may change your perspective or understanding of a situation, condition, or relationship considerably and dramatically. Finally, since the rooster proudly crows every day, he is a symbol of success, renewal, and resurrection. Being thought to crow when the sun rises, the Rooster is tied to a solar symbol as well and therefore signifies new cycles and new beginnings in your waking world.

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