Peacock Dreams Interpretation

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Dreaming about Peacock: Meaning & Symbolism

There is no doubt that if you have been on this earth long enough, you would have heard the expression “proud as a peacock,” used at least once! And the expression is perfectly conveyed too because there is nothing that expresses pride more than a peacock with its tail feathers fully fanned out and on display for the entire world to see! This exquisite creature is among the most majestic birds on the planet, and that is why it is often associated with deities and royalty. The bird’s poise, grace, and smooth motion also correspond to a “regal nature or attitude” as expressed through bodily movements. So, when this fantastic creature enters the dream realm, what is it conveying to you personally?

Well, if you consider the peacock an aspect of yourself, then it is time to strut your stuff! The peacock is a symbol of pride, confidence, self-assurance, dignity, and serenity. Your dream is telling you to be proud of who you are, show off your stuff, be confident, and remain cool about it when you do. Show off your true colors in a positive manner, but maintain a bit of humbleness as well. The goal is to be seen and recognized, not arrogant. Consider the tail feathers of the peacock as they look just like eyes … think of this as “you have so many eyes watching you right now.” This makes it very important that you keep up appearances in every situation in your waking life.

The colorful nature of the peacock is highly suggestive of creativity, so when the peacock visits you in your dreams, do not be surprised when, during waking hours, you are feeling far more imaginative and creative. Now is the time to pour yourself into something creative, whether it is art, music, scrapbooking, sewing, journaling, drawing, or whatever it is you do that lets you get in touch with your creative self.

The presence of the peacock in the dream realm is often taken as being a great omen, and the dream message suggests you will soon have great luck. Abundance, joy, and happiness are promised when the peacock visits in dreams; that is, as long as the dream does not have negative undertones. If you have a dream about an injured peacock, or you fear the bird, these dreams have a negative air and suggest you may have issues with success, or you might fear to embrace all that you can be: This dream is trying to stop you from running on empty, going in circles, or self-sabotaging your own success.

The peacock is associated with spring so it may be pointing to events coming up in the spring season. The bird is also about regeneration, abundance, and regrowth and renewal. This dream might be an omen of good things to come, or it could indicate the return of something lost.

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