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What Does Dreaming About a Pegasus Mean?

Who didn’t love when Pegasus flies onto the scene to help Perseus save Andromeda in “The Clash of the Titans?” Pegasus is none-other than that pure white, winged horse that has flown straight out of ancient Greek myth and into our hearts and minds as a universal symbol of loyalty, purity, and a source of help when you least expect it. And as one would have it, it is the ancient stories that have an influence on what this flying horse means when he shows up in your dreams. So, let’s waste no time in discovering what Pegasus’ dream messages might convey!

The parentage of this wild flying horse is confusing as different writers attribute different origins for this hybrid creature. One of the more popular tales suggests Pegasus was born only after the Greek demi-god Perseus cut off Medusa’s head, whereas the horse sprang from the blood falling from her neck; This nearly parallels the birth of the virgin goddess Athena of Wisdom, War, and Weaving, who burst forth the left side of Zeus’ head. Thus, Pegasus too, is a symbol of wisdom, and when he flies into your dreams he may be calling on you to behave wisely in a situation you are dealing with, or he might be telling you that you should heed the words of wisdom you might receive.

In some tales, Pegasus may very well be a symbol of love; whereas some stories depict the horse being born only after Medusa’s blood, sea foam, and pain are mixed together. The latter suggestion hints at the horse’s father being Poseidon, god of the Sea, but it also hints at the birth of Aphrodite, born of the seafoam arising after Cronus cast the genitals of Uranus in the ocean (Yikes!). This makes Pegasus a dream symbol of love, so when he enters your dream narrative he may be telling you to behave in more loving ways or that new love is about to enter your life.

Some myths tell of Pegasus befriending the nine Muses, the inspirational and creative daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne: The Goddess of Memory. The stories also suggest that no matter where the horse’s feet strike the earth, a new well or spring of inspiration appears. Here, Pegasus might be visiting your dreams as a prelude of sorts, letting you know that it is time to get in touch with your own muse or that your muse might very well surprise you with a sudden burst of inspiration or a life-changing epiphany.

Still, other stories show Pegasus in a heroic role where the horse helps Perseus with his battle with Medusa, but also Bellerophon, another Greek hero, with his fight against the Chimera. In the role of hero, the flying horse comes to symbolize a form of either unexpected or divine help coming out of the blue. Thus, when Pegasus visits your dreams, there may be an unexpected boon in your waking life or a sudden source of help when you need it the most.

Being a winged horse, Pegasus is also a symbol of sexual relationships. If the horse is sleeping, your sexual relationship might need a bit of attention, or you might need to open pathways of communication to allow your relationship to achieve new heights. If the horse is flying, you are likely to encounter highly passionate moments soon.

Now that you have had a chance to explore what Pegasus means when he visits your dreams, why not consider checking out other fantastical creatures and the messages they convey? It is my hope you will take advantage of the free resources I provide here on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

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