Rhinoceros Symbolism in Dreams

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The Meaning of Dreaming About Rhinoceros

Okay, so few of us actually get an opportunity to see a real, living rhinoceros in our lifetime, but we still know what these creatures are, thanks to the media, books, the Internet, documentaries, and the like. And we all learned about this massively-sized creature when we were extremely young and still in school. Of course, we’ve all heard the super corny jokes about Rhinos as well, and yes, some of them are a doozy… like “When a rhino charges you, what should you do? With the silly answer of “take away the credit card” to follow.

Or the joke where someone says “when a rhino sits on your bed, what time is it? With the most logical answer to follow … it’s high time to get a brand-new bed!” Yeah … the jokes did not do much to move us, but the appearance of this curious looking creature always stirs our imagination … and then, it sometimes can appear to us in dreams … So, what does it mean when this majestic beast visits you in your nighttime visions? If you do not encounter this creature on a regular basis (and the majority of us don’t), then it is a rare sighting for you and an important dream message indeed.

The Rhinoceros or Rhino is one of the biggest and extremely primitive looking mammals, so it hints at primal energies and raw power. When angered, the Rhinoceros can be aggressive and has been known to charge (and for a bit of interesting trivia, a group of rhinos is called a crash ironically enough).

If you see a charging rhino in your dreams, the tone of the dream will help you determine the appropriate meaning. If the rest of the dream seems positive, like you have a rhino charging through a field of daisies and the sun is shining high, then you should charge ahead with a project or idea in your waking life and do so without any reservation. If, however, you see a rhino charging and suddenly the creature starts sinking in quicksand or something else negative happens in the dream context, it is a warning to keep your aggression in check lest you charge ahead foolishly, even blindly and end up in some kind of trouble.

Rhino horns are quite special and have been appreciated since ancient times, with some cultures assigning magical properties to the horn. (It is unfortunate because this attribute has led to much poaching and killing of the creature just for its horn which sells for as much as gold sells on the black market today). In fact, the horn is still used for medicinal purposes, and when crushed down into a powder the horn is used for healing purposes.

With an emphasis on the horn in your dreams, you may benefit from some holistic health treatments or approaches, or you might want to consider whether you are putting your nose (and horn) into situations you might otherwise benefit from remaining an observer only.

The number of horns you see on the rhino is equally telling; the Javan rhino has one horn while the Sumatrans have two, and how you resonate with these numbers in your waking life may be questioned in your dream narrative. Consider the number one as being one suggesting solitude, and a concentration on the self, while the number two suggests a focus on duality and balance.

Now that you know what this earthy and powerful mammal conveys while communicating with you in the dream realm, I invite you to take the opportunity to learn more about animal dream messages here at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

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