Sheep Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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What is the Meaning of the Sheep

So, how many of you ever tried the counting sheep technique to fall asleep? It works after a while, of course, only because it down right bores you to death … and why? Because they aren’t doing anything interesting except jumping over a fence (hardly the bad boy of the animal kingdom, right?). Everything is youthful, innocence, sweetness, joy, and jubilation, and because these states of mind are blissful, they evoke a sense of calm and internal peace … which just happens to be the state of mind to invoke when looking to get a good night’s sleep.

Sheep is a term sometimes used in a negative sense to describe people who are more of a follower than a leader. When you see a flock of sheep in your nighttime visions, the imagery corresponds with obedient members of society, a group of good people, or a kind and gentle “flock” of individuals. If the sheep is white than it symbolizes purity, joy, and innocence, but if the sheep is black (as in the family black sheep, this could mean you will experience chaos in the world, particularly if you leave your flock (group of people/friends/family) behind as you progress forward in this life.

Sheep are animals associated with joy, innocence, and children. The creature runs in a flock thereby suggesting that working together and staying united is better than being solo and alone at this time. This animal is very much an icon of conformity and could be warning you to refrain from jumping into the herd mentality when you are moving through life. Sheep symbolizes unity within a group but at the cost of some individualistic attributes; rather than succumb to the will of many, when sheep calls on you in a dream, it’s time to make an effort to stand out from the crowd.

Some wordplay helps in identifying additional meanings for this creature too. For instance, imaging seeing a sheep smiling widely at you in a dream scenario (hey, it’s a dream and anything can happen, right?) If this is the type of imagery you see, then you need to prepare yourself to experience an embarrassment or that you are behaving meekly and timidly in a situation that calls for far more assertiveness.

The same kind of meaning can be derived from other idioms as well. To see sheep wearing clothing might call to question if a wolf is hiding within it; here the dream warns of being too trusting and suggests keeping your eyes open for potential threats or difficulties soon. If you see yourself in a dream making sheep eyes or batting your lashes, its possible there will be some playful flirtation soon.

In ancient cultures and various religions, sheep were often sacrificed to placate the divine and to win the favor of the gods. If you see someone sacrificing a sheep or you are sacrificing one yourself, this might suggest you will need to sacrifice something in your waking life, like your time or money, to ensure the project’s completion or that things work out according to your plan.

Now you understand just how diverse the dream meanings can be when you look to decipher the meaning of sheep when they show up as an icon in the dreamscape. Why not learn more about other animals and dream meanings here at

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