Sloth in Dreams

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Meaning of Dreaming of Sloths

If you have seen the Ice Age movies, then you have seen the adorable character Sid the Sloth, but real life sloths are all the more adorable! These furry little critters with their beautiful smiles and easy going personalities grow on you and quick too. Their naturally slow movement among the canopies and treetops is something some might aspire to, as we could all use a little slowing down occasionally. If the sloth has come to visit you in dreams, then this sweet creature brings a message of import to you for sure! But what does its appearance really mean?

First look to your dream imagery to see if you are dealing with a two toed or a three-toed sloth. The number of claws the creature presents with may have meaning for you in your waking life. Two toed sloths might point to a need for balance and harmony in your waking life, while three toed sloths might point to the mingling of two forces to create a third, or divine intervention, blessings, and abundance.

Sloths are cold blooded mammals and need to have a lot of sun to stay warm and to adapt their body temperature accordingly. Thus, the creature spends a considerable amount of time sunbathing during the day. If you see the sloth sunbathing the creature might be telling you that you need to get outdoors a bit more, to enjoy the sunshine and to drink in the blessings of nature (and don’t forget that all important sunscreen when you do it!).

Sloths have incredibly slow digestive systems, a stomach like a cow and it can therefore take months for them to digest the leaves they consume. If you see the sloth eating, you should question your dietary habits and look to whether or not you are eating enough greens or if you are consuming enough food to produce the kind of energy you need. Of course, when not hanging around on trees, sunbathing, or chewing on leaves, these smiling creatures will sleep, and sleep, and they do love their sleep. With this knowledge, you can look to the sloth as a sign coming through your dreams that you might need more sleep than you are actually getting to achieve maximum health.

The creature not only has a thick coat of fur, but often many moths are drawn to the animal and they live in the sloth’s fur. The moths create algae in the sloth’s fur, which the sloth uses for nutritional purposes. Then, when the sloth climbs down on the ground, where it is at most danger from prey, it defecates, wherein the moths lay their eggs. Thus, sloths have an ecosystem on their back and this system points to the need for collaborative effort to make something a true success.

The sloth is also like an owl in ways. It can turn its head all the way around, and it hangs upside down frequently. As a dream symbol, this means possibility taking on different perspectives, viewing a situation for what it is and for achieving a loftier perspective when required. All of these measures can help lend improvement to the quality of your waking hours.

On a darker note, the word “sloth” is associated with being lazy or lackadaisical so it could be a play on words telling you to become more of an active participant in life. Sloth, in Catholicism, is considered one of seven deadly sins … here, in this case, the sloth might be telling you to put greater focus on your spiritual pursuits.

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