Swan Dreams Interpretation

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Swan Symbolism in Dreams

Ever since we were children, we were taught about how the swan is such a graceful and gorgeous creature. Some of you might remember reading books related to the beautiful swan, such as “The Trumpet and the Swan,” by E.B. White where a trumpeter swan, born lacking a voice, finds one by learning to master the trumpet. If you happen to have encountered this book as a child and you dream of the bird today, your dreams may be telling you it is time to find your true voice and to let it shine!

Or maybe you’ve seen a more recent cultural reference to the swan, like “The Black Swan” movie, where the main character also goes through a process of self-discovery, but in the process, she explores and embraces her shadow self which results in her self-destruction. If your dream has a negative or shadowy undertone, it could be telling you it is time to explore your shadow self and how it might be hindering you in your waking life. It is important to embrace your shadow, but it must also balance with your lighter side if you are going to gain any positive effect.

To see a white swan in your dreams is to dream of joy, purity, innocence, and grace. Other associations with the white swan include prestige, elegance, eloquence, dignity, refinement, and nobility. Baby swans are cute but only hint at the fine beauty that they will become when entering into adulthood – in this regard, the bird is a symbol of surprising transformations and the many changes one goes through during such a transformation, including the natural growing pains one might encounter.

When you see a baby swan in your dreams, something that you find unappealing upon the first encounter may appear far more appealing with the passage of time, or you might be facing your own transformation and growing pains in your waking life. Thus, the appearance of the white swan is the epitome of the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and the need to view your encounters with a wait and see approach.

A black swan is associated with the shadow self, the unknown, the phenomenal, and the mysterious: This does not necessarily equate it with evil or darkness, however. The appearance of the bird when it is black might indicate a need to explore more abstract concepts such as your spirituality or the darker parts of your personality, some of which makes you strong and keeps you safe from harm. You might find a sudden interest in the strange, unusual, and the mysterious in your waking life as well. If the swan is floating on a body of water, you will find the water reflects an image of the self – the swan calls for self-exploration and a balance between the conscious and unconscious.

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