Turkey in Dreams Interpretation and Symbolism

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What Do Dreams About a Turkey Mean?

Right around Thanksgiving, we start thinking about turkey … but have you ever given any thought to the oh so many sayings associated with this creature? Of course one of my favorites is likely to be the play on words creating the word turk-i-lepsy, which is slang and a modernized version of the saying “being stuffed like a turkey,” whereas turkilepsy references the all-of-a-sudden-crash-out-nap we need right after we fill up on all the turkey we can stomach! Oh…such abundance! But there are so many other idioms that this creature is associated with, many of which can come across in dream messages when you see the turkey in your nighttime visions. So, let’s see what messages turkey brings to you while you dream …

Let’s consider when the turkey comes to you in dreams, the context of the dream refers to something cold; for example, you see a turkey out in a field, and it is snowing heavily outside. In this type of dream, the reference to the cold, joined with the image of the turkey, might be suggesting the need for you to attempt to stop doing something “cold turkey,” without extra help, support, or any further delay in doing so. Think of any bad habits you might have and what the turkey’s message might point to as the creature might be bringing life-changing lessons to you through your dreams.

If your nighttime vision presents you with a turkey that chatters and makes a lot of noise, the dream message relates to conversations and communication. In your waking life, it is time to get down to business, to “talk turkey” so to speak, and to have that serious conversation you’ve been avoiding or needing to have with someone. Of course, the word turkey can be used in a negative sense as well and might point to someone’s foolish behavior or folly.

If your dream as has a negative connotation or undertone, then consider some of the less friendly forms of wordplay that you might encounter as holding potential meaning. Do you feel like someone in your waking life is behaving like a “jive turkey,” or who is acting like a “turkey” or foolishly? Your dreams of this bird may be directing your attention to this individual and their questionable behavior.

When you dream of turkeys it really is all about abundant living and enjoying the company of friends and family; however, a negative tone to the dream might mean the exact opposite. Consider a saying like “poor as Job’s turkey,” which is a simple way of referencing someone who is otherwise poverty stricken. Tone in the dream clarifies the meaning of dream symbolism. The keywords associated with Turkey are abundance, plenty, joy, celebration, sustenance, and sharing. A negative depiction of the turkey, therefore, renders the opposite meaning and suggests you need to seek out joy. It’s time to increase the amount of sharing you engage in. Now you need to begin approaching life with a greater sense of gratitude.

Now that you have some understanding of what the turkey signifies in your dreams, why not explore the meaning of other wild and domestic birds, animals, and aquatic life. I welcome you here to do so freely at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

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