Unicorn Dreams Interpretation

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Dreaming of Unicorn: What Does It Mean?

Ah… the creature so many young girls dream of… I can remember the times when I just could not wait for “The Last Unicorn,” animated movie to air: I so loved the storyline explaining what happened to all but the last of the unicorns! Just like so many other young girls in the world, I too became enchanted by the elegance and pure perfection of the unicorn: A mythic creature of unparalleled beauty. But did you know there are different kinds of descriptions for the unicorn?

In ancient myth, the unicorn is lovely a white horse with a single horn protruding from its forehead. There are some with white manes and some with multicolor manes. Other unicorn descriptions exist in myth as well. Similar to mythic Pegasus (which does not have a horn), some unicorns are actually depicted with wings. If you see the unicorn in your dreams, you can consider yourself quite lucky seeing that the only way to see a unicorn, since per the legends associated with the beast, is to be a pure spirit or virgin.

In this case, consider the things in your waking life that need to be guarded against potential damage, either intentional on the part another or not. The presence of the unicorn in your dreams might also be calling on you to drive out the negative in your life, whether that is people, situations, or habits, and look to improve your life through acts of purification: detox dieting, fasting, exercise, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, or other holistic alternatives.

There is also the depiction of unicorns in Heraldry: a system involving the development of armorial bearings and coats of arms. The Heraldic Unicorn, an image appearing on a shield or heraldic bearings to represent an individual, entire family, business entity, group, or organization, features a spiral horn, a unicorn body, lion’s tail, and the legs of a stag. In this vision, it might be time for you to get in touch with your roots as the dream unicorn might signify.

In the King James Version of the Bible, the word “unicorn” appears a total of nine times, (see Isaiah 34:7, Psalm 92:10, 22:21, 29:6, Job 39:9-10, Deuteronomy 33:17, and Numbers 23::22 and 24.8). Scholars have since explained the appearance of the word as a mistranslation of the Hebrew word for rhinoceros (while, the unicorn was at one time called the Monoceros, and today, there is a constellation of stars with the same name. If you had foreknowledge of this before your dream, your subconscious might use that information to communicate with you and, therefore, is trying to suggest that you are not seeing things for what they really are or there is some kind of a mistake in how you are perceiving or presenting something.

An alternative spin with the biblical connection to unicorns is the story where while Noah’s Ark was filling up with animals two by two, the unicorns were far too busy playing about and enjoying themselves: As such, they missed the ark’s launch! Your dream might, therefore, be pointing to the need for time management and attentiveness to the small detail of a project in your waking hours, lest you miss an important event or that all important deadline. Imagine the unicorn horn as present to point to the one more important thing you must attend to in any given day, and continue to arrange your to-do-list with that priority construct in mind to ensure you meet all responsibilities promptly.

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One thought on “Unicorn Dreams Interpretation

  1. Cailin says:

    I have been searching everywhere to try and find the meanings to my dreams but with no luck. There are many places with information regarding seeing Unicorns in your dreams but I didn’t see one.
    I became one.
    A small group and I were traversing underground caverns and I was leading them, holding a ‘wand’ that was actually a unicorn horn. With its light I could ward away the malicious creatures there.
    All of a sudden, I was struck by a blue light that looked like lightning and I changed. I could feel my body shifting and I became a unicorn guiding the adventures as no malicious creature would come near me.
    I have become something else in dreams before, but rarely, but now I have had some form of my becoming a unicorn three times now.

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