Vulture Dream Meaning

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Vulture Dream Meaning

Encountering a Vulture in dreams might be a bit unsettling. The minute you hear the word “Vulture” you might start thinking negative thoughts and consider the creature nothing more than a scavenger.

Some of you might be able to remember the brief introduction to Guffrey the Muppet, Vulture: That adorable Muppet who converses with Stinky the Skunk – and tries to educate the Skunk about how misunderstood Vultures are and what good creatures they could be if only people gave them a chance.

Scavenger, indeed, but this is not necessarily a negative feature considering that they clean up the remnants of death and decay. In fact, one fast reference to Vulture is “culture Vulture: “An idiom for people who have an absolute adoration for the arts. So, what else does the appearance of Vulture in dreams convey?

Scavenger – this is the most common image and most immediate thought that bubbles up in the mind when mentioning a scavenger. That being the case you might depict a creature that eats refuse, dead plants, and carrion right off the bat. So, dreams about Vultures might be suggesting that in your waking life you need to clean up and get rid of what is “dead or stagnant” in your life – to free up room for new possibilities, banish negative energies or vibrations. And Vulture dreams might portend that it’s time to rid yourself of what is holding you back from progress.

Of course, the alternative meanings of the word “scavenger” might also apply. In that case, your Vulture dream may be pointing to a person who has the habit of collecting items they have scooped up from the garbage or discarded materials – after all, “another person’s trash is potential treasure for someone else, right?” So, it is only right to ask yourself if the dream is indicating your own scavenger – like habits? Maybe you are dreaming about the Vulture because it is time to curb back on your pastime.

The word scavenger also references a street cleaner. With this meaning in mind, have you considered the purity of your life path lately? In other words, is the direction your life is heading healthy and leading to a happy conclusion – if not, it is time to “clean up the streets taking you on your life’s journey” or switch up direction and take a brand-new turn!

A Vulture can reference a person who is a user or who is trying to gain something by befriending you or flattering you. When a person behaves as a Vulture, they are unscrupulous, unethical, and most times their motive is greed. If your dream had a negative undertone, you might want to take a closer look at the people you associate with – does it seem like anyone is just circling about, waiting for the right opportunity to get in on something? The person acting like a Vulture can also be driven by jealousy, so beware!

Vultures are considered witnesses to the dead, but they can also be thought of as a symbol for “chewing on or mulling over past life lessons.” The lessons then become deeply ingrained because we have consumed them and taken them into our body (not literally of course!). This creature corresponds with being bullied by another as it is identified when they “pick” at you.

Since Vultures can smell death when it begins, they sometimes arrive before its prey dies and they can be seen circling in wait. This might signify that during your waking hours you feel under tremendous pressure, you are hoping to be rescued from a situation, or you feel pressured as those who demand things from you act like a group of circling Vultures.

6 thoughts on “Vulture Dream Meaning

  1. John says:

    Hi there
    I had a dream last night about a caged vulture – not sure how I came to possess it – but this was a first for me. I won’t get into details about my own situation right now, but I really connected with your idea That “dreams about Vultures might be suggesting that in your waking life you need to clean up and get rid of what is “dead or stagnant” in your life – to free up room for new possibilities, banish negative energies or vibrations.” It got me thinking.

  2. Sonia says:

    I dreamed of a beautiful, huge white vulture sitting still in a park, and dozens of colored parrots flying around it. Any idea on its meaning? Thanks

    • Aimee Pitman says:

      Arooo, Sonia!

      Welcome to the #WildPack! Here’s the link to my article about Vulture Dreams.

      Also, you can register for free on my private forums to get more in-depth help analyzing your dream. is a safe, moderated forum where we discuss all kinds of metaphysical, spiritual and divination subjects! Everyone is super friendly, caring, and giving! You’ll love it!

      Stay wild,

  3. Solomon says:

    I dreamed of a black vulture during the night siting on my car…..


    I had a dream this night and vulture I biting my hand as soon as I removed my hands
    The vulture attacks it again

  5. Jay says:

    I had a dream last night where a giant, black, oil soaked vulture with hand-like talons on it’s wings forced it’s way into my house though the window and tried to eat me. I’m now cleaning my entire house and playing Buddhist fire cleansing music.

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