Bats In Dreams: Their Symbolism, Messages, & Omens

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Bats In Dreams:
Their Symbolism, Messages, & Omens

Unfortunately, dreams about Bats can be powerful omens of negative energy. But this symbolism is very undeserved and not necessarily accurate when you see Bats in your dreams.

Bats are smart, loving, and wonderful animals who’ve gotten a bad reputation due to silly superstitions and Hollywood. However, Bats are associated with tales of vampires and other demonic entities. Because of this, Bats symbolize being internally (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) unclean.

Black Bat dreams speak of forthcoming personal disasters so be diligent in discerning if it is time to conduct a spiritual cleanup of yourself and surroundings.

Conversely, seeing a Bat in your dreams could be symbols of individuals in your sphere who are ‘energy vampires’. These people will suck you dry of any resource (financial, emotional and mental) you have.

Blind as a Bat Dreams: – This is a literal symbol alerting you to stay alert regarding a situation you might be walking into blind. Take this as an omen to pay close attention and be extremely discerning when investigating and considering all the facts hidden and obvious.

White Bat Dreams: White is the color of purity and ascension so dreams about a white Bat may symbolize the death of a person close to you.

***Special Note***: Not all dreams about Bats are morbid. Depending on other factors of the dream, your subconscious or higher-self could be sending a gentle and humorous message to let you know that you or someone close to you is acting a little batty.

In dreams, Bats can symbolize a new perspective, but they might just make you jump! In Celtic tradition, the Bat symbolizes transposition because of its unusual sleeping habits.

In Bat dreams where they are seen sleeping upside down, dream analysis suggests that you need to look at dreams and your situation from a very different perspective, especially when you feel like you are in the dark.

Dreams about Bats come at you from the edge of darkness, at dusk, and can symbolize the mysterious and represent the ability to walk between worlds. As cave dwellers, living within the Earth, Bats symbolize going inward, especially if you see the caves in Bat dreams. You are reminded to seek renewal in places within yourself and contemplation in the darkness (quiet/stillness).

Spotted at a distance in a dream, especially when alone, Bats can also be messengers from between the world of the living and the dead or a reminder of superstition. This symbolic warning in Bat dreams has been made stronger by centuries of stories about vampires and mysterious creatures of the night (see above).

In the Far East, Bat dreams and their connection to other worlds can symbolize longevity, much like the familiar vampires. In China, seeing 5 Bats in your dreams definitely means good luck – count them if you can!

Seen close-up or sensed as a flapping in the warm air around your head, dreams about Bats symbolize that you are coming face to face with a shadowy, passing element – a person beyond the veil, fears beyond understanding or borderline tasks that need cleaning up.

Some people believe Bats are unclean, partly because they eat bugs and a few species dine on blood. Dream analysis of blood feasting Bats reminds you to check that you aren’t slowly being drained by someone or something.

Living in darkness, Bats use echo-location to fly quickly and easily through darkness and around unseen obstacles. Bat dreams where they are flying at you or around you symbolize that you need to stop and get a sound hold of what is around you. Do you see all the hidden aspects of a situation and what’s moving toward you and away from you?

Native American stories use Bat symbolism to carry the idea of seeing with the higher self or soul. The Bat, with his super sensitive ears, is also a great listener! Tell him what you seek and your lofty goals.

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21 thoughts on “Bats In Dreams: Their Symbolism, Messages, & Omens

  1. Charlotte says:

    I dreamt that I was lying in bed spooning with my husband, and my body slightly turned upward (I really never have dreams with my husband in them). I look up and our ceiling over our bed is vaulted with wooden beams (not in reality). I notice a dark spot in the pinnacle of the ceiling vault. As I look closer, I realize it is a bat, and upon further focus, I count 9 bats hanging upside-down. I’m not fearful at all, and I rather non-shalantly say to my husband “we need to do something about those tomorrow”.
    What does this dream mean?

    • Mercedes says:

      I had a similar dream of five bats which in China means good luck and fortune. I believe the number 9 could be your birth number which relates to your personality. I know if can count them before you wake it’s extra asuspicious.

  2. Bela says:

    Last night I dreamt that I had a large bird cage full of very small vampire bats in my room right next to my bed. One of the bats kept escaping the cage and latching itself onto my index finger to feed on it. I didn’t feel any pain and I wasn’t bothered by it. It was just a repetition of this thing getting out, feeding off of my finger, and putting it back in the cage.

  3. Dreamtraveler says:

    Hello, I had a dream when I was a little kid this dream was I think the first dream I ever had.
    I was a bat I feel a kind of giant bat. I had a friend who also was a bat and we were in a cave everything was fine until my friend flew away in terror.. Something was coming. And I did not know what to do.. I was paralyzed. A large dark shadow approched and did something to me I don’t remember if it killed me or ate me but something scary happened. Thinking about this dream now I don’t feel that scared and I don’t think it was that negative as I always thought. This dream gave me more strenght in my life.
    Well I cannot stop thinking about it..

  4. Missie says:

    I had a dream that a bat stared at me and we had a connection. It can to me and crawled up my leg and i held it. Cracked it like a baby. I wasn’t afraid. I freely love and peace.

  5. Jules Lambrosa says:

    In my dream I remember being in a car during the day. It was bright out in the daylight I was in the backseat I don’t even think someone was driving. just parked, I don’t recall even being with anyone . The window was opened on the opposite side and it flew in like a bird but gentle I could see the bat flapping its wings and then I remember leaning down. But I wasn’t really scared. For a moment I had my eyes closed and didn’t know where the bat went but I pretty sure I could feel the bat had landed on me. Than I went to go open the window and moments after he flew away.

  6. Will Savage says:

    I had a dream where i was with friends but i had a bat and it was hugging my arm and almost cuddling with me. But it was a black fruit bat, i could feel the texture, it was soft and warm and very comforting. It was almost as if it was a friend or a pet. What does it mean?

  7. Sara says:

    Maybe it helps to write it out? LOL This is a weird one. I’ve been dreaming about luxury cruise ships and RVs lately. Always a traveling vehicle that you can sort of live in like a mini apartment (yachts, RVs, etc). For some reason my husband and I were doing some sort of biographical documentary film on a famous celebrity. She was from a rich family, but wanted to make it seem like she somehow started out impoverished (for melodramatics). It was a very annoying project and we didn’t like working with such a diva. Anyway we were all sleeping in fancy RVs on the property, but shooting in a barn in one of her fancy plantations that she was trying to pass off as her “humble beginnings”. It was so dumb, because nobody would ever believe she grew up in a barn. But in the middle of everything, we came across a bat’s nest. There was a baby bat in it and it was so cute, but the celebrity wanted it killed. I tried to talk her out of it, but she had my husband and the crew beat it to death. I was so upset that they killed the poor thing that I woke up. I hate it when people are cruel to animals, especially a harmless baby fruit bat living in a empty barn, not hurting anyone. But just because he was an “ugly bat” and inconvenienced the rich celebrity’s ego trip movie of portraying herself as this “rags to riches” story to get public sympathy, he was brutally killed. Poor thing.

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