Dreams About Badgers

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Dreams About Badgers

Allow me to help you get a true sense of the Badger. Just imagine that five-year-old you see in line at the store next to all the impulse buys and at once see just how persistent the child is when she begins demanding candy and she Badgers her mother for a chocolate bar. Whew! Soon the temper is flying and there is an instantaneous, ear-ripping revelation of the real power of the child’s lungs once they are filled to capacity! Temper tantrum central is always right by the impulse buys, and the child will, with the power of the Badger behind her, persist until she either gets what she wants or drives everyone within earshot up a wall!

Now, I chose the child to Badger analogy for help in sharing the dream messages stemming from the appearance of a Badger. Why? Because both the child and the Badger are small, persistent, cute, and then … not so cute when acting aggressively! The Badger is an animal that does not give up, give in, or run for the hills when cornered and under attack. If you see a Badger attacked in your dreams, you will see it rise and fight off all its enemies too: Herein the dream messages for you are to still be steadfast, true, diligent, and strong: The time will come when you must defend yourself. Badger dream symbols assure you that you can make it through anything, even when you feel you are at your weakest point.

Did you know you can even end up Badgering yourself if you are not careful? Many a sleepless nights have had to happen because someone was beating themselves up over something or someone is spending time ruminating on the same thoughts repeatedly in a vicious circle. Your Badger dream may be telling you it is time to move on; Consider this; the Badger is a nocturnal creature so it is only out at night, and this may signify that you should not let things linger or nag at you for very long. Instead, look at a situation from a new perspective or “by the light of day.”

Are you Badgering someone in your waking hours? Maybe a few people are harassing and Badgering you as they try to convince you to do something you really do not want to do. To dream of such actions suggests you need to let up a little, relax, and, like the Badger, spend some time alone or remove yourself from the uncomfortable situation.

To dream of the Badger is to receive the dream message related to personal will: In your waking life, you will face events that will need your confidence, independence, and will. Badgers spend a lot of time hiding in dens, digging, and these actions connect the creature with the Earth; you too, would do well to do the same: Face challenges when necessary, but know when to withdraw and step back as well.

To dream of the Badger is to be put on notice: Ready yourself for adversity, but find strength within, and never surrender to the challenges you face.

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  1. John says:

    Thank you for the interpretation. In my dream I was looking around the corner of a building and saw three Honey Badgers walking side by side. It seemed that they were searching for something. I saw at the same time on the other side of the building there was a black panther also searching for something. I wasn’t really afraid of them. But I wanted to avoid them. They didn’t see me so I snuck away before they discovered me. And then I woke up. I have been going through a stressful time. I know I might lose my job for not taking a jab. 15 years of service. I also may lose my wife who believes that I would be abandoning my family by not taking it. She doesn’t have my faith and can’t see why I won’t take it.

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