Beaver Dream Meanings

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Beaver Dream Meanings

There’s a reason we use the expressions; Busy as a Beaver and Eager Beaver. Each of these idioms references one’s eagerness to participate in something or one’s dedication to the work at hand. Have you ever seen how hard or long Beavers will work to build their home or care for their young? It’s epic! And, so, it’s from the hardworking Beaver’s nature we derive these sayings.

So, it makes perfect sense that when Beaver appears in your dreams, it brings messages of willingness, readiness, preparedness, hard-work, diligence, and, without question, an unparalleled level of industriousness.

When Beaver comes visiting you in your nighttime visions, it is time to get ready, buckle down, and get to work in your waking life! On to that next project, or finish the project you have already started! Procrastination is out the door!

When the Beaver’s industriousness concept enters a dream message, you may wake up feeling its vibe: Suddenly you might want to get up, start that exercise regimen you have been putting off; volunteer at the local soup kitchen; make the crafts you have been wanting to finish early for the holidays!

Or, you may find yourself digging the idea of a serious, most intent spring clean session ever! It is all good and you should go with the energy, act on it because it is the Beaver’s energies made manifest. The Beaver has taught you through dream narration that even work can be a whole lot of fun, especially if you are enthusiastic, passionate, and totally into what you are doing at the time!

In dream meanings, Beaver is a walker between worlds. The adorable creature is semi-aquatic, meaning it lives on land and in water. This brings the symbolism of the earth and water element to your dreams. Since Beavers are most often found in water just building away, pay close attention to the water element when interpreting your dream.

Beavers are the greatest builders in the wild! So, when you have Beaver dreams, it might parallel a time in your life when you too are building something. Beaver will tell you through dream visitations about the sacred act of building – an act of creation and an opportunity to connect with the Divine – to work as co-creator with the Universe. Beaver, therefore, brings the message of building in the physical, but also a building of your spiritual self as well. That’s right, Beavers are just one animal teaching us through the power of dreams, how to go about BUILDING BEAUTIFUL SOULS! (Which happens to be the name of the sister website to What is My Spirit Animal. I encourage you to check out BBS with the dream interpretations, tarot information, astrological associations, and so much more available for all you soul builders!)

Beavers are amazing Earth Whisperers. Beavers create ponds by building dams, of which they impeccably maintain. The dam allows the Beaver’s lodge, also built by the animal, to remain isolated from the other lodges nearby. These animals build with sticks and mud, and allow the elements to harden the material, so everything they use comes from nature. Beaver wastes nothing. In this way, Beaver works with nature, not against it. You should carry this message into your waking hours while reciting the mantra: “Waste not, want not!”

Finally, Beavers symbolize family, home, and hearth. If Beavers appear your dreams, this animal spirit guide might be gently nudging you to spend less time working and more time with loved one.

Now you know the key teachings and meanings of your Beaver dreams. So, stop reading already! Get to work and build your dream!

3 thoughts on “Beaver Dream Meanings

  1. Angie says:

    The beavers in my dream were nipping at me and my youngest son. I was asking my fiancé to help and he refused. My ex husband and other son are always wanting things from me, but I’m confused by this dream it could be that my ex and older son are sucking things away from me or because of my fiancé’s anger at that situation, it could mean that he’s letting me down and I can’t count on him. He wants me to have nothing to do with my older son and ex husband, my older son is a problem most times but he’s still my son and I love him. I know he’s rude and greedy but my fiancé isn’t so reliable either, he lies to me too and at times I don’t agree with him supposedly saving money for a house but not helping me financially with the house we live in now. It’s all secrets and he’s says I’ll know when I need to. I’ve never had bad dreams before and now they are really getting frequent and disturbing. Please help. I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown.

  2. Randy says:

    The Beaver in my dream had just felled the bottom quarter of a White Pine Tree. Then looked curiously at me, as he twirled away comically then splashing into the water smacking his tail on the surface. Almost as if he giggled on his way into the water….

  3. Chris says:

    I dreamed that I somehow acquired a baby beaver. It was adorable I cared for it and it was very happy it got along well with my dog and other animals I introduced it to. I didn’t know it was a baby beaver at first and eventually I figured it out. Then my dream ended

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