Bird Dreams: Understanding Their Symbolism

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Birds of Flight, Angelic Beings, and The Soul in Dreams

Birds are creatures of the air and therefore associated with the Air Element, and the lessons the birds offer through dream narratives is highly dependent on the birds you meet. So, let’s take a moment to get a “bird’s eye view,” of just what these animals have to communicate to you, the dreamer!

The ancient Egyptians saw the human soul as a bird with a human head (the ba) so to dream of birds might be referencing part of your soul. In many cultures and mythos, birds are divine messengers bringing the words of the gods to humankind. That being the case, you should take your dream messages as vitally important for your spiritual growth.

How birds relate to one another in dreams might connote real life relationship interactions you will soon encounter. For instance, cedar waxwings are birds of sharing. If you have several of them on a branch, they will pass the berries down from one bird to another to ensure everyone on the branch has a share of the tasty, fresh loot – thus, your dream might be highlighting the notion of spreading the wealth or the importance of sharing and being charitable.

You might encounter a blue jay in your dreams, which is not only considered a tricksterish kind of bird in many myths, but which can be quite tricky and aggressive to other birds – to dream of the blue jay might be a warning to watch your back or to keep your enemies at arm’s length.

Per Sigmund Freud, the smallest of baby birds was a symbol of the male penis (Oh boy, Freud!), but his contemporary Carl Gustav Jung did not present the same argument; he felt birds to be a universal symbol serving as a direct message from one’s unconscious self: One typically presenting us with wise, useful, and insightful information.

Flying Birds Dreams

Birds take flight and are boundless, limitless, and defy gravity and the entrapments of the physical plane. As an alternative, when a flying bird appears in your dream narrative, it might suggest a need or even a serious desire to escape the physical realm or some situation that is creating far too much pressure in your life. Also, if you see one bird in flight, this is a symbol of your individuality, but if you see a murder of crows, for example, this is the community around you – your friends, family, acquaintances, and the like.

An examination of birds and their flight pattern can give the dreamer a clue as to whether all is right or something is amiss or “in the air” or not. At the same time, your dream messages may give you a clue about how to go about progressing toward a more harmonious energy. Birds are, indeed, symbols connoting transformative powers, the flight of the imagination, dreams, ideas, and goals, and from a bird’s eye view in your dream narrative you might find a new way of mapping out your loftiest of goals.

I hope the dream messages birds bring to you are those that show you the way to make your life more joyous and abundant! Feel free to access the free interpretations of other creatures here on

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