Cricket Dream Meaning & Symbolism

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Dreams of Cricket Meaning

Ah … there really is nothing sweeter than being able to sit outside on the patio or porch and listen to the sound of crickets chirping … it is this very chirping many of associate with those warm summer nights and fun in the sun when we were kids. But what does the cricket come to teach us when it is chirping away in our dream narratives?

The cricket is often considered a good luck sign when it appears in dreams. It’s appearance typically promises joy and happiness in one’s waking life. However, in some cultures, the cricket is seen as the omen of the death of another.

The meaning of the cricket will vary from one person to another and is defined by one’s outlook and perspective. For example, the cricket is often seen as a dream message calling for the all-important need for introspection, self-examination, and the contemplation of one’s life direction. Crickets call on the importance to meditate so you can find answers within and, even better, learn to trust one’s gut instincts.

When cricket comes a singing, it is not only a time for soul searching, but it can prove a time in one’s life where they are searching for a soul mate as well. The cricket’s song is one that calls out for a mate. When the creature is singing in your dreams, if you are single, it might portend the appearance of the love of your life or a romantic interest soon to arrive. Certainly, the song of the cricket will help you in attracting those loving and joyful energies the insect’s song conveys through your dream narrative.

Some may find the incessant chirp of a cricket annoying, especially if you dream you are chasing the sound inside your house – this may point to things in your life causing you minor anxiety or annoyance. Cricket dreams also point to the need for learning how to appreciate the small joys the music of the cricket brings. If you are seeing Cricket in a dream, it is telling you it’s no time fret over the smallest of concerns.

Listening to your conscience, doing what is right and following your heart in a situation – these concepts are all behind the dream messages associated with the sing-songy cricket. Making wishes, wish fulfillment, and watching what you wish for are all on the menu when considering cricket dream symbolism too. How so? Just think of Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio and “Wishing Upon a Star,” to see where the associations of hope, abundance, and prosperity come from when thinking about the appearance of cricket in dreams.

Making your own music: This too, is a dream message for you, especially if you like to play wallflower or dumb down your talents for fear of being noticed. Cricket is calling you out into the world for its song penetrates the darkest of night and makes its presence known, as should you. Cricket dream messages support the idea of remaining true to your own song, and that you too, can dream of the impossible, and still make it happen if you have enough desire and drive to do so.

4 thoughts on “Cricket Dream Meaning & Symbolism

  1. Rebecca says:

    I dreamt of either a cricket, or grasshopper, with pink legs.

  2. John says:

    I saved a baby Cricket he got stuck in the milk while it was frothing making a coffee. God knows how he got there. Then that very night I dreamed a cricket was jumping a path in front of me. He then got stuck on a branch and broke his foot. My wife and I agreed in the dream to take him to a vet and save his foot. Then I awoke. Now I’m on your website!

  3. Maxine says:

    As a child, I dreamt of putting on my shoe, and I looked inside the shoe, and 7 crickets came out. Then I awoke. Is there a meaning to that?

  4. Madelein says:

    I dreamt a black wasp went and sat on a black cricket with a red marking around hes neck,the wasp was stinging it viciously and i yelled at the cricket to get away(feeling very sorry for the cricket and sad too)

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