Meaning of Crab in Dreams

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Crab Symbolism in Dreams

Crabs can behave skittishly and if doing so in your dreams, your dream narrative might be pointing out your anxiety, especially in the face of either necessary or unnecessary change. Your dream message may be telling you it is time for a wee bit of adventure, to stop being so gosh darn “crabby,” and to get ready to take a small leap of faith!

If you see a crab in your dream you will surely see two big old claws and if you happen to be bitten by the crab claw, then your dream narrative might be telling you to be more careful about how you interact with others, particularly of those of a crabby nature. Alternatively, being bitten by a crab might show you are your own worst enemy. You’re holding yourself back through a biting nature.

Crab dreams point to the fact you’re fighting the natural ebb and flow of the tide of life. Swimming against the tide is an exhausting endeavor, one that will assuredly tire you out eventually. Likewise, those claws can prove beneficial in situations where you really do need to either take up the lead in your waking hours, or deal with those who might otherwise do you harm.

Crabs spend a lot of time in water and much of their natural behavior is timed with the tide’s ebb and flow. Thus, this creature is a dream symbol of the deep unconscious, your connection to it, and the communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. When you see the crab in a body of water consider the condition of the water to determine further meaning: Is the water still, rippling, flowing gently or in an uproar: This might point to some environment or event you are experiencing while you are awake and the emotions you will experience as a result.

Crabs are creatures teaching the lesson of “Home wherever you are.” The crab goes about carrying familial and home energies with it along the way all while presenting an ease of adaptation to new situations, new homes, and environments. Thus, crab dream symbols point to the importance of home, family, and remembering ancestral connections all while remaining fully adaptable and mindful of the present.

The crab is a creature hosting a hard exoskeleton meaning they have a hard shell but soft inner core. With the hard exterior protecting a crab, the creature symbolizes the need for a thicker skin to protect your emotion. The crab’s hard exterior also hints as the need to let your guard down just a bit so that you can become emotionally involved.

Sometimes Crab enters your dreams to tell you it’s time to show others the very real you inside your otherwise protective shell. If crab crawls in your dreams with no shell at all, this points to your deep sense of vulnerability. You might feel like you are not emotionally protected in a relationship. Or, you may feel troubled because of the heavy price of a rather risky emotional investment.

Crab motion give cues to dream meaning. For example, when the crab moves sideways it points to potential avoidance, but if the crab digs it suggest a need to return to the earth mother. Finally, being associated with the Sun Sign of Cancer, this dream may be referencing someone you know who is a Cancer or of a Cancer-type personality.

Now that you have explored the basic dream meaning of the crab, feel free to learn more about other wildlife and the messages they share through a dreaming mind at

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