Crow Dreams and What They Mean

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Crow Dreams and What They Mean

Your initial reaction when encountering the crow might be fear-based: This bird, being one of a darker color, might seem like a negative omen of some sort. But really the crow is a symbol with far richer meanings in the dream realm! So … if you see the crow, do not panic, simply prepare for the insightful message the creature will share with you! The crow can actually bring you dream messages that are extremely positive!

Crows bring messages through the dream realm straight from your subconscious mind. When you see the dark crow in your nighttime narrative, deep issues, unresolved emotions, and problems yet unaddressed are starting to bubble up from the deepest corners of your psyche. The issue rising to the surface are not to threaten or emotionally overwhelm you. Instead, the energies of those things left unresolved only serve to hold you back.

The appearance of the crow in dreams indicates a need to find a resolution so you can continue BUILDING YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL (which happens to be the name of What is My Spirit Animal’s sister site! Check out if you’re looking for ways to help your soul evolve into everything you’re meant to be)!

Lots of wordplay exists around the crow too, and these idioms might give even more dream insight. For example, if you have something to be really proud of and you see a crow in your dream, the bird may be telling you that it is perfectly acceptable to “crow over” it or to boast just a bit! Do not be afraid to pat your own back, but do not go overboard in your crowing! Maybe you have a dream you see “crow’s feet” around your eyes or crows flying into your eyes since anything and everything can happen in a dream setting! As such, crow dreams indicate you are putting too much focus on appearance or that you worry about aging too quickly.

If you dream that you wake up and there are crows all around you, this might be a sign that you might benefit when you are “up with the crows.” As an early riser, you can be the first to take advantage of opportunities in your life. Of course, the “early to bed, early to rise” wordplay doesn’t have to be literal; you can reap the rewards by increasing your availability and openness to the opportunities in the path lying before you.

Some superstitions hold that the crow is a messenger of potential death; This being the case, it does not necessarily mean someone will pass as much as it might mean that a situation will end and that a new atmosphere or situation will come into being. Yes, it is true that crows are scavengers and eat what is already dead, but this could be a dream message telling you that nothing should go to waste and that you should conserve on any and all resources to ensure you have plenty in the future.

Crows are, by all means, a symbol of upcoming changes. It is time to brace yourself for the riddance of that which no longer serves you so that you can make room for the new. To see crows playing with wolves in dreams is to see them socializing as they wait for scraps of food that the wolves leave behind: In this way, they serve as a dream symbol of resourcefulness and teamwork but also cunning and cleverness.

Now that you know the cawing message of the crow when it flies into your dreams at night, take some time to learn about other bird messages at What is My Animal Spirit? Animal dreams may surprise you with the messages of import they carry! Oh, and don’t forget to explore animal totems, and how animals are among our wisest of teachers!

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  1. jamie moran says:

    I am of Ani Yin Wiya heritage.. Wolf spirits initiated me. However, I have had some very strange crow dreams over the recent years. I tend to know raven better, bc raven pairs with wolf. Crows were always more ambiguous. I think now I had too trickster-ish a take on them. Would you like to hear these dreams? jamie

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