How to See Your Spirit Animal’s Special Message & Believe it!

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Maybe I grew up watching too many Disney movies because I’ve always been a believer in magic. Even through my triple Scorpio trust issues I’ve lived my life based on that whole ‘the sun’ll come out tomorrow’ and ‘the good guys always win’ mentality.

So, it really blew my mind when a recent newsletter was a big, fat, FLOP! I couldn’t believe it!

Usually a really high percentage of folks open my newsletter. But this time less than 4% of my list responded. Crazy! Here’s why…

I was giving 4 FREE classes – to ANYONE who wants to take them. Yes. 8 FREE hours of a live psychic, Shamanism, and tarot development class. Worth $300.00, might I add. But hardly anyone signed up! And the ONLY thing you have to do to take the FREE classes is sign up to The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle newsletter. That’s it. That’s alllll you have to do! There’s no trick. No gimmick. Nuttin’. Just FREE.

BTW – If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ve created a new deck – The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle.

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Keep reading because what I’m about to share can completely change your life.

What do your FREE classes have to do with ME seeing and believing messages from my Spirit Animals?

OK so am I offering these FREE classes as a marketing thing for the launch of my deck? Yup. Sure am. And, might some folks be concerned the FREE classes are nothing but sell, sell, sell and not ‘real’ classes? Of course.

They ARE ‘real’ classes BTW. I’m completely committed to teaching folks to develop their psychic, Shamanic, and tarot skills because my opinion is the world needs more ethical readers and energy workers.


There was a big FREE gift sitting right in people’s inbox and the majority of folks looked away. They didn’t BELIEVE. They didn’t even take one second to investigate or think about it. They just turned their back on a potentially life changing event – 4 FREE potentially life changing events!

And THAT’S how my newsletter failure ties into your messages from the animal allies. No matter how many times people get true message from their animal spirit guides they just won’t see or believe it. Here’s how to change that

Willful Blindness

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Willful blindness is a term used in law to describe a situation in which a person seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally keeping himself or herself unaware of facts that would render him or her liable. ~ Wikipedia

The the term Willful Blindness originates from the legal world. But it’s come to mean any situation in which people intentionally turn their attention away from a persona or situation (or, in this case, Spirit Animal).

Willful Blindness happens especially in those who don’t want a ‘problem’ taking up too much head space. Also, folks deliberately practice Willful Blindness if seeing the truth of a matter will cause too much effort to solve a problem.

Because once we see something we can’t un-see it, right?

All that said, I’ve watched clients turn a blind eye even when what they will see is beautiful. Makes no sense, huh? Well, it kinda does…

See, once folks begin to believe that they actually do have animal spirit guides and/or they can consciously connect with their animal allies then they have to:

  • See the messages.
  • Believe the messages.
  • Act on the messages.

Three little things that can change your life the moment you give up Willful Blindness. And there’s the rub. How many of us gripe about how we’re not happy, healthy, etc. but don’t commit to the necessary changes?

Even when clients see they can have better romantic relationships, careers, self-worth, and more they turn a blind eye to belief because of the work it ‘might’ entail to get there.

Change is hard, y’all. Believe me. I know. But here’s an inspirational story that can help you open your eyes and heart to what your animal spirit guides are so desperately trying to tell you…

The Beautiful Swan Who Could Not See

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Once upon a time in a Shamanic Reading not so far away, there was a Shamanic practitioner (that’s me) whose client asked her to journey and find her Spirit Animal. When I called on the animal allies to present themselves and show who was supporting the client during this part of her soul’s trip around the Medicine Wheel, a beautiful white Swan appeared.

Upon telling her what I saw, in a disappointed tone of voice my client said, “Doesn’t resonate with me AT ALL.”

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Now, if I had let Willful Blindness take over I would have freaked out and tried to find a Spirit Animal that she did resonate with because that would have been the easiest path – tell the client what they want to hear. I would have stopped trying to ‘see’ her true Spirit Animal and its messages. But that’s not my job and a rookie mistake.

As a Shamanic practitioner my job is to deliver messages from the animal spirits, period. It’s not OK for me to judge or second guess the animal allies. In fact, putting my ego and judgments in the middle of messages could result in the animal spirit guides losing trust in me and cutting off communication.

I stayed in the other world with the animal allies and asked them for clarification. That white Swan just got bigger and bolder. If you’ve never been around Swans they can be really aggressive birds who are much larger in stature than you might imagine. So, when that Swan pressed harder saying, “Tell her that I’m her Spirit, Totem, AND Power Animal” – I said, “Yes m’am!” LOL

Again I told my client about the Swan. Then she said the magic words…

“Well it still doesn’t make any sense but the only thing I can think of is that my family’s nickname for me has always been ‘Ugly Duckling’.”

First, my heart broke for this beautiful woman. She’s gone through life identifying as the Ugly Duckling. Then I was elated for her because her animal ally had shown up to let her know she was no longer the Ugly Duckling (and never had been because nobody is ugly)! It was her time! She had emerged as a gorgeous Swan!

From there the reading flowed and by the end of her session my client was at least willing to try to see herself in a new light. To move forward in her life with more confidence and self-worth.

Now, you might think to yourself, “Awesome for her! It’s all gravy from here for that lady!” But that’s not necessarily so. Our beautiful white Swan has a whole lifetime of psychological and emotional programming to undo and heal. For some that’s easy peasy. For others, it takes a bit. But my client’s got her Spirit Animal by her side. She ‘is’ the white Swan so she’s got her Totem Animal (herself) to rely on. And, when she’s feeling ugly or down on herself she’s got that same white Swan to invoke as her Power Animal and chase all those fears and insecurities away.

As you navigate your spiritual journey, keep your heart open. Keep your Third Eye in great shape. Be willing to see the messages from your animal spirit guides. Yes. Sometimes those messages will be hard to ‘hear’. But your animal allies will always be honest with you. More importantly, they will always want what’s for your highest and beast, um, best interest.

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  1. Julie Danielson says:

    I am TOTALLY interested in learning .i.e., learning from/through you…I am interested in your classes. How can I sign up? I guess I should read more clisely…?
    Thanks for all you share
    Please send info if you read this

  2. Jamie says:

    I was trying to read about your offer, but there are so many distracting ads spread every paragraph or so, I gave up. I did back the Tarot deck though. 🙂

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