Dreaming About A Lizard

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What Do Lizard Dreams Mean?

Hopefully you remember the cute jokes about different lizards when we were kids. You know, the one’s that tell us about the chameleon that went absolutely nuts on a tartan rug, or how the chameleon that made the decision to hop right on into the blender so it could so easily “blend in.” Cute, right? Okay, maybe not, but it is all in good fun.

The truth is there’s thousands of lizards jokes that we could pass back and forth considering there are over 4,600 to as many as 6,000 lizard species! And finding the species is all important when doing dream interpretative work; yes, it is true you can derive some general meaning from analyzing imagery related to the lizard, but it takes even longer (and it is worth it) to get into heavy detail as to what a dream symbol means to you personally. How do we do that? A bit of research is a great place to start!

How the lizard behaves in your dream is a clue as to what the reptile means to you once it arrives in your dream narrative, and not all lizards act the same way. In fact, there are lizards with four legs, but some have two or no legs as well – this shapes the way they move and function, but it also changes some of the numerology references you might want to look at as well including the numbers two and four. At any rate, the way a lizard walks or crawls connotes a question of balance and mastery of movement: A subject you will want to reflect on when considering events and situations in your waking hours.

The coloring of lizards differs greatly, as do the appearance of these creature. The colors of the lizard you see in dreams does not have to be true to life either and you might see a rainbow lizard or a neon yellow lizard: These colors should be considered for their related dream meaning as well. In short, a rainbow lizard might signify a promise fulfilled or a steak of luck is running through your life. A neon yellow lizard might be associated with the concept of significant anxiety; a red lizard might signify urgency or danger; a green lizard might point for a need to ground or attune to the cycles of the earth.

In general, lizards, if grabbed by tail, are willing to sacrifice the tail end; they do this as a final effort to escape and find safety. Not to worry, because after the passage of 60 days (a six in numerology), the lizard takes about two months to replace it. Considering the number six under a numerology reference may provide additional insight, but right of the surface the willingness to lose its tail to protect itself is to present you with the lizard’s self-sacrificing dream message suggesting that “the needs of the many will outweigh the needs of the few,” or that you might have to make a small sacrifice for the greater good of all, but you won’t pay significant repercussions when you do. It will take about two months to recover from a financial decline.

In some circles, the lizard is viewed as if it is evil and is therefore associated with cruelty, trickery, and darkness. Thus, the lizard crawling into dreamtime might represent back-biting friends, miserable people, long distance enemies, or enemies at your door.

Now that you know about the dream meaning of lizard in a general sense, why not see what you can learn from the messages from other reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds, and fish at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

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