When You Dream About a Ladybug: Symbolism

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What Do Ladybug Dreams Mean?

Do you remember the days when you were outside playing (yes, we really did play outside instead of playing video games, Alas!) and you had a ladybug land on you. What did you do? Well, first you would watch the beautiful, harmless little creature crawl about. Then you might get all sing-songy in your heart, blow at the bug and chant out, “ladybug, ladybug, fly away home ….!” Unless, of course, you grew up in the United Kingdom because then you called it a ladybird instead!

Maybe you were a fan of the book “James and the Giant Peach,” where the ladybug played such a prominent role in the novel? Without a doubt, you remember the ladybug as being a gorgeous, deep red color too, but did you know that they can be orange, black, yellow, and even the compassionate color pink! The ladybug has long been associated with luck, but this lucky little bug can mean a lot of things when it shows up in the realm of dreams!

In addition to being an omen of luck, this beautiful insect is associated with the feminine, beauty, amiability, and it is considered a helpful insect, quite likely because it kills pests. If you dream of the ladybug, your dream message might show that you need to look for more beauty in your life or you need to focus on your feminine nature. If you have been in a miserable mood as of late, the ladybug invites you to embrace more positive vibes!

If you have been dreaming about achieving specific goals or you want to be successful at something, the time to pursue the dream or goal is now as you are assured success. Your waking life will prove more relaxed as you will experience far less stress and more joy and abundance! As happy as the ladybug is, so it brings that happiness straight into your dreams and into your life!

Do not feel rushed to complete things and going with the flow in a situation are suggested by the presence of the ladybug. The ladybug reminds us to be graceful, relaxed, poised, and calm. When it enters your dreams, it brings the message suggesting you stop stressing out, let go of anxious thoughts, and feel worry free. It is a time to embrace wholeheartedly!

Now, when you see the ladybug, pay attention to its coloring and the number of its spots. The coloring can give you more meaning, with red referencing love, passion, and the life force; black standing for the clearing of negative energy; orange standing for attraction; yellow representing happiness; and pink consummate love, empathy, and compassion. Compare the number of spots with numerology references for greater insight as well.

Now that you know what the delightful little ladybug means when it enters your dreams, why not explore the meaning of butterflies, dragonflies, lightning bugs, or other delightful creatures here at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

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