Dreams about Flamingos

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What Does Dreaming About a Flamingo Mean?

WHEW… To see a flock of flamingos is a fantastic experience, even if you are only watching it on a National Geographic documentary! All that color as it practically matches up with the sunset (yes, those National Geographic camera people really know how to capture a gorgeous image!) And… speaking of a beautiful image, the Flamingo has popped up in your dream narrative, and you want to know what it means, right? Let’s explore that a bit below.

First, consider just how flashy, and proud the flamingo is; the bird stands tall, proud, and if we think about it, it is as if the bird shows off its tremendous balancing skills all the time. It is as if the bird wants to be seen and this, the idea of being seen, noticed, or acknowledged, might be the flamingo’s dream message. It can also serve as a warning to still be humble even when you are filled with pride.

A flamingo is considered an exotic bird and to dream of one suggests that you will encounter new enticing people, situations, or conditions in your waking hours. The color of the flamingo is pink, and this color is associated with the concept of compassion; in this light, your dream may be pointing to the fact that you need more kindness in your life or that you need to be more empathetic with others.

Like many animals, insects, and birds that have anything to do with the element of water, the Flamingo spends a lot of time standing around, wading through the waters as it looks for food. This makes the bird a representation of the between space or a being of both worlds – water and earth. Thus, the flamingo has water, earth, and air associations regarding its elemental correspondences, with each element offering a different tone to what the appearance of this lovely bird might mean when it shows up in a dream narrative.

For instance, Flamingos are of the Air element, and they are often seen standing on one leg … this kind of dream imagery may point to the need to balance the energies in your life. When standing on the earth nearby a body of water, it is here where the flamingo suggests it is time for you too, to ground. When standing in the water, the bird stands in the worlds of intuition, emotion, thought, the subconscious, and dreams. Thus, like many creatures that spend time in the water, they also point to the fact that you should continue paying attention to the messages you receive from your subconscious, whether they come to you through dreams, intuitive feelings, meditation, or some other sixth sense.

Consider that the flamingo stands in shallow water. The condition of that water is typically dark and dirty, but the flamingo stands in it anyway. This might convey the dream message of something buried within the subconscious threatens to emerge (or re-emerge) as it slowly (or abruptly) works its way into your conscious thoughts. If the pink flamingo is standing on one leg, that which is emerging from the subconscious may disrupt your emotional balance.

Now you have a clear understanding of what the compassionate and proud flamingo means as a dream messenger, but there are so many more animal messages you might receive! Find out which ones and what they mean at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

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