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Understanding Flies as a Dream Symbol

Flies … Yuk! As necessary as they might be for the balance of nature, nobody really likes flies! I mean seriously … they buzz around, annoy the heck out of you, and if you knew what they do when they land …eek! And now you are dreaming about flies too? Well, first ask yourself if you were watching TV and happened to fall asleep while watching Geena Davis fall to pieces as Jeff Goldblum turns into a nasty old human-sized insect in “The Fly.” (And if not, make sure you didn’t happen to sleep through the sequel), because dreams can, indeed, incorporate what is going on in the environment right into the dream narrative! So…..no fly movies? Good!

So, no flies in the room with you, right? Good, because if there were some flies in the room, they might have been irritating you when you sleep. Or this type of dream means you might have to deal with minor irritations in the future. Now let’s investigate what else the fly wants to share with you in a dream below.

Now, remember how Goldblum went from normal person to a jittery, anxious, up all the time insect in the film. Dreaming of the fly might foretell of a period where you kind of feel the same way: Unsettled, nervous, scared, crying, and the incident may even cause you to lose some sleep.

Flies are associated with the idea of persistence, will, determination, and pursuit, and if you’ve ever spent a moment of time chasing one with a fly swatter, you know why these keywords apply. Flies also present the notion of pestering, bothering, aggravating, and nagging at someone; if the fly in your dream is bothersome, it can certainly be sending the message to you through your dreams that you will fall victim to someone who is looking to aggravate or harass you. Dreams about flies can also warn you to lighten up on the nagging of another.

The presence of flies in a dream narrative may represent issues that you rather not deal with, but the flies can also stand for company or visitors you do not want to linger in your home as well. A bit of wordplay can help us assess additional meanings for the flies showing up in your dream narrative. For example, take a look at the following idioms for some potential dream meanings.

“A shut mouth catches no flies:” This idiom might align with a dream about flies, and suggest keeping quiet about something you know and not discussing it is the best solution for a situation. As an alternative, if you happen to have a really negative undertone to the dream and there is any concern of disease: Then the idiom people were “dropping like flies” might fit in with your interpretation and could be warning you of the potential for upcoming health issues. Or, maybe the dream is a “fly in the ointment” warning, suggesting you have people you need to worry about when you are awake.

Flies aren’t the only insect that can come buzzing into your nighttime narratives! Visit the other pages here on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com to learn what the insect world has to share with dreamers everywhere!

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