What Do Horse Dreams Mean?

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Horse as a Dream Symbol

So many people love horses, and so few people really get a chance to interact with them unless they own a farm and have horses, or they take riding lessons. Still, these incredible creatures are as much a part of our imaginings are a part of the physical world, and they have a ton of symbolic meaning, much of which can be shared with you directly as you dream.

Take for instance if you were to go to bed hungry … you might then dream about being “as hungry as a horse” and see yourself in the pasture eating alongside horses (and why not, after all, we are talking the dream world where anything can happen! That’s right, you could be eating timothy grass while a horse right next to you is chowing down a pepperoni pizza … and you would still get the same dream message, although a bit bizarrely!)

Now, if you dream you are riding on a horse, particularly if you are bareback and female, this dream has sexual connotations. The dream might be happening because you are going through some growing pains, or you long for a more youthful and vibrant time in your life. Or, you may have some sexually repressed feelings calling for your full attention during waking hours.

Since a horse sometimes connotes sexual encounters, if you are thrown or bucked off a horse, this is a dream message revealing your fear of rejection or that you fear losing your current mate. Otherwise, the dream might be coming you to remind you of past romantic pains and mishaps.

If you dream you are at the racetrack, and you are betting on horses, you might long for adventure during your waking hours, or you might hope to come into some additional unexpected funds. The dream also suggests a willingness to take risks, so consider this when you are entering into new ventures. If you dream of a horse being abused or beaten, your subconscious might be calling your attention to ventures involving some kind of activism, or you might be called to help out in a situation where volunteering is required.

If you dream of a wild horse running free, then this is a calling to your wild nature. The dream suggests you should take some time to be free and wild. Enjoy some downtime, playtime, time in nature … “ME TIME!” Don’t be afraid to do something wild and new! If you dream of a domesticated horse in full saddle and bridle, it is time to buckle down and get to work on a project that lies ahead. Keep in mind that you will have the strength of a horse behind you as you work through your obligations. The bridled horse might also be a sign that you would do well to delegate some of your responsibilities to others and lighten your workload.

The horse, if dead, might be a sign that you are trying to revive something that cannot be restored or you are wasting your effort on something that will come to naught. Finally, the sign of Sagittarius is in the Western Zodiac and has an icon of a centaur: A creature that is half man and half horse; thus, your horse dream many subtly connect with someone born under the Sagittarius Sun Sign. In Chinese astrology, there is also the Year of the Horse, so your dream may point to someone born under a year that fits under the sign.

Now that you know what horses convey when it prances into dreams, why not find about other dream messages from mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and insects, here on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

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  1. Keira says:

    I have dreams about horses almost every night. I am almost always on the beach, and the horse lets me stroke its mane. A couple of times, the horse leads me into this dark cave like it wants to show me something. But every time, I wake up before i get to see what the horse is showing me. Even if it is in the middle of the night. Please help me! I do not understand why I keep waking up in the middle of this dream. Not only do I want to see what the horse has for me, I can never fall back asleep. It is messing up my sleep schedule.

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